Friday, July 5, 2013

Karneval episode 13 FINAL EPISODE!

Hello there my lovely readers! Two posts in one day woohoo! I am not sure if I said this yet but I apologize for the bandwidth crappy out last month. Not sure what happened as I make sure to use both accounts so this problem doesn't happen. Maybe I need three? Kira?! Do you want a photobucket account?!?!
 photo karnvaelepisode1315_zps9cb4bc75.jpg
Gareki. The most buff 15 year old in the universe.
But here is another post today as tomorrow I work...again! Yay money for future Disney trip. The Spring season has wrapped up and I need to hurry and catch up as the Summer season is upon us. So here is the last episode for Karneval. Episode 13. The show of many tears and hugs.
 photo karnvaelepisode138_zpse2367a58.jpg
I think the caption writes itself....
Episode Summary: Everyone who is important looks on at this rainbow...thing in the sky. Nai asks Jiki to take him there as it might be Karoku. Jiki agrees with this assessment and off they try to go. Jiki fights little bat Vaguars along the way. Gareki is having a hard time keeping up with Yogi as they fight the huge Vagura and Yogi ends up protecting Gareki again. Yogi wants to take Gareki back to the ship to keep him safe. Gareki starts to cry, saying he knows he is a burden but still wants to go to the rainbow and help Nai. Yogi is all flustered and there is probably a moment. Akari on the other hand is having another type of moment with Azana. Azana is all over the place, saying the Vaguras as the right way to go to pulling a gun on Akari to make him come with Azana to crying all over the place because Akari is so perfect. Hirato comes to handle Azana but Akari stops him from shooting. Azana gets away but is quickly followed by another member of Circus. Kiichi is still battling Kiharu and Kagiri while the mansion slowly burns to the ground. Tsukitachi was searching the secret areas but decides to save Kiichi before it falls on their heads. Since Hirato ran off to rescue his Akari Tsukumo and Iva were left to watch Uro.
 photo karnvaelepisode1312_zps7ddaec24.jpg
Who got pregnant?
Without Hirato watching over his banshee spell Uro is able to escape. He summons up a huge Vagura and the girls are worried they actually might have to work a bit. Jiki and Nai meet up with Yogi and Gareki. Another Vagura appears and Jiki offers to stay behind to fight it. Yogi tries to get Nai and Gareki to the rainbow portal because apparently it has a time limit...when Uro appears. Iva, Tsukumo, and Yogi stay behind to fight Uro and the creature as Gareki races Nai to the rainbow portal. After taking a crazy ride through insanity Gareki and Nai find themselves on a field staring at Karoku. Nai goes to hug Karoku while Gareki can't move or talk. He notices that something is off and struggles to tell Nai there is someone on the ground. Nai and eventually Gareki move to that person to see it is also Karoku. Nai decides that is the right Karoku and won't go with the talking Karoku. Karoku doesn't get too upset, even when injured. He says he will give Nai more time to play with his friends. Gareki and Nai appear back where the rainbow portal was with the injured Karoku. Hirato is swiftly punished by the higher ups. Hirato and Tsukitachi are quick to point out that Uro and his people ARE Vaguras and they did rescue the innocent Karoku even if he is unconscious. Of course the higher ups are quick to point out all the mistakes they made, including that said Karoku is not doing well. Nai watches over his...friend while Tsukumo watches over Nai. Gareki has confronted Hirato as he wants to enter school without a family registry. Gareki has been doing as much studying as he can on his own but still wants to go to school. He wanted revenge against all these baddies but realizes that being with Circus isn't enough. He wants to contribute. Hirato plays with Gareki a bit but then agrees to help the boy get in school. Yogi, Nai, and Tsukumo are still under the impression that Gareki is going far away and are sad pandas.
 photo karnvaelepisode1313_zps96149747.jpg
So I can totally join you guys again in the future and make stuffed animals with everyone!
I need a dentist ya'll. That was so sweet and sugary all of my teeth have fallen out. But I hate the dentist. Well everyone does so I'm not that special. Still sugar sugar sugar all over the place. How will we all survive?
 photo karnvaelepisode136_zpsb1ea3942.jpg
Hurry we have to go to the rainbow sparkle that Karoku apparently made.
First off I was wrong. I think I say that a lot on my blog. That and sorry for being this late on this post blah blah. XD But yes....Nai did not make a magical rainbow. My bad. In my defense...the damn rainbow portal was NEVER explained. Clearly this show is going to have another season so the rainbow portal of doom can be explained way over there. I just thought Nai did a dramatic scream that only dogs can hear and that activated the rainbow portal. Obviously that is not what happened and I apologize for the confusion. Because us anime only watchers don't need any more confusion right?!
 photo karnvaelepisode13_zps6df56e73.jpg
Or it could be something REALLY BAD!
I would like to know how Jiki, Nai, and whoever else just knew the sparkles were Karoku. How does Circus know Karoku is special? I mean we only know about Karoku making Nai from an animal. That doesn't mean Karoku necessarily has special powers. He could be just super smart. Or using that special cell the gang saw at UnicornRUs. That doesn't mean Karoku is special or a Vagura. So why are we assuming it's Karoku? Head towards the light Nai. You say Marco and this is apparently Polo!
 photo karnvaelepisode133_zps72a169f2.jpg
My brain has melted from all of this!
Did...did....the tears. The yaoi. My eyes. MY EYES! Forget my damn teeth. My eyes!!!! Gareki...was crying. It's like this show is dangling the yaoi in front of me. Like see Tenchi? See how obvious it is but haha nothing will ever be said and it is up to everyone else to draw conclusions. X_____X Gareki has many sides to him, not just this tough kid who pretends to have no feelings. And despite being overly friendly with people Yogi is not all about hugs and kisses when things get tough. Sometimes things are awkward and uncomfortable and natural. Now you will excuse me as surely someone has written a steamy fanfiction about that scene.
 photo karnvaelepisode132_zps894822fa.jpg
I will always protect you Gareki!
But yes. Gareki really was feeling down about himself. No confidence at all. Yogi had to save Gareki again. As much as Yogi wants Gareki around it would be safer if Gareki was in the ship. Or maybe given a different weapon. Like Yogi wants his new friend but can't keep putting him in danger. Gareki wants to help out but knows even if Yogi COULD fight to his fullest he can't with him there. But Gareki has unconsciously realized these are his people and he doesn't want to leave them or allow them to get hurt. He wants a family and wants to feel useful. Only Gareki has blocked emotions out for so long he got confused about all of this and his emotions escaped from his eyes in the form of tears. TIME FOR HUGS!!!
 photo karnvaelepisode135_zpsb3663d11.jpg
I can't let you hurt him bro.
So....while Gareki is crying Azana is cackling. And crying too. Akari...well his reaction to the situation was odd. He is usually the cool and calm one but he sorta fell apart. He let his connection with Azana cloud what needed to be done. He didn't want to believe what was going on or what Azana was saying. I don't think that Azana will be a super baddie though. He seems more like the type who will be forgiven later, that he saw Circus as a losing battle and maybe he could help the baddies a slightly less evil way? I don't know. Azana has cracked into a million pieces, Akari doesn't want to believe it, and Hirato is there to protect what is his. Akari I mean.
 photo karnvaelepisode137_zpsd0bacf68.jpg
Hirato had to go protect his precious Akari!
Hirato has left to rescue Akari. Because he has sensed a disturbance in the force. That means that the spell Hirato has placed on Uro has been left unguarded. The banshees can only do what they were doing. If Uro changed something he could get away. And since Tsukumo and Iva are dumb they sit around and do nothing to stop it. I know that Hirato is the captain but can Tsukumo go back to her ass kicking ways we saw back in episode 1? Please?
 photo karnvaelepisode139_zps3b865e9d.jpg
We are in this together Nai!
Everyone who is important makes it to the rainbow portal while slightly less important characters stay back to fight the baddies. Soon it came down to Gareki and Nai running towards this thing. Again no one really knows what the hell it is but apparently some people knew it was closing. Amazing. But this whole journey has been about Gareki and Nai. Two kids who met under weird circumstances. While I am sure Yogi and Tsukumo who have loved to venture into...the thing that was not explained this was for the two boys to do.
 photo karnvaelepisode1310_zps790ff5db.jpg
Gareki is jealous and concerned. Not confused like he should be.
Speaking of things that were not know...besides the rainbow portal and the space inside it? Why the heck are their two Karokus? I know last episode one Karoku was talking to another but I thought that was a delusion inside of Karoku's head. Like look at me I got injured when I was kidnapped. Or maybe he was crazy from the start. The point being there are TWO Karokus. Both injured and only one conscious. And yet Gareki accepted this all.
 photo karnvaelepisode1311_zpsfaf4c868.jpg
Clearly we are going to wait for an explanation too....
So what is going on? Well we don't know! Nor was it really mentioned in this episode. More for next season I assume. No Nai just looked at the conscious Karoku and was like no beuno and went to the one on the ground. I am going to assume that the awake Karoku is a clone, that the other one was always in super bad shape so it was easier to make one from scratch. Just that they weren't all that good at the process thus this Karoku is “dying”. This could also explain why Karoku Not the kind person Nai remembers.
 photo karnvaelepisode1314_zps4230a96e.jpg
Don't leave us Gareki!
After all the main characters finish their battle and Bad Karoku lets Nai take off with Good Karoku....well Nai has to cry over him for a bit. But Nai puts aside his crying over Karoku to cry over Gareki. With Yogi. Tsukumo was there too but she wasn't as broken hearted. More like confused on how to deal with this situation. I think I am beyond mentioning that these people haven't know each other for that long and this level of tears isn't comparable to the level of friendship. Well I guess I did just mention it. But since this is how Nai and Yogi have been since Day 1 it makes sense for the situation. It just felt sad. Surely Yogi knew that Gareki couldn't stay there. It was mentioned that only special people could be members of Circus. Nai himself is special enough for the special club. But Gareki …..unless they could use him as the cook he surely would be leaving soon. Maybe Yogi was putting that aside since the alternative was sad. Gareki had no where to go.
 photo karnvaelepisode1317_zps7d1de386.jpg
What?! Misunderstandings?! In animes? Lies!
All of this was leading to Gareki leaving and Tsukumo, Nai, and Yogi not understanding the situation. Gareki had his talk with Hirato so he could leave and go to school. The trip thought Gareki was talking to Hirato about leaving forever. Thus the dramatic we will never seen you again moments. Both were correct in their reactions. Although I don't know if Hirato is to blame for their confusion. It's not like he knew they were going to be dramatic nor did he not know that Gareki did not explain his school situation. People, open your mouths and talk!
 photo karnvaelepisode1318_zpsfda0885a.jpg
Those crazy kids, going off and saving the world with their sparkle tears.
As Gareki pretends these people aren't his friends and family and Yogi and Nai hand Gareki cute plushies (the thought counts!!!!) Hirato and all the other slightly important characters watch on. Like oh Hirato did this because Gareki was on that slave ship you sank all those years ago. Fate or destiny. A way of saying goodbye to all the semi important people. To look on as Gareki is embraced by his new friends. I guess they did work rather hard and deserve a break.
 photo karnvaelepisode1319_zpscd85b325.jpg
Is there room for me in your heart? Since you love Yogi so much?!
It's just....this is it. Episode 13! No mas more. Well until next season if there is one. Everything just ended on such a happy note. Besides Hirato being yelled at. Everyone keeps worrying about that but nothing ever seems to happen. Like oh no Hirato is going to get in trouble. Um where is the trouble?! Because I didn't see it. Basically everything ended on a fluffy note. Besides one dead twin no one else died. All the baddies, goodies, and two Karokus are accounted for. This show didn't get very deep, like I don't feel as if I know the characters well. Like Yogi being a Vagura? I mean leave some mystery for season two but don't make it all cupcakes and rainbows. And if it is cupcakes and rainbows....well I want to know more about these characters. Really this show was about Gareki and Yogi...falling in love. Guess I don't that much to complain about after all. XD


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