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Shingeki no Kyojin episode 14: Attack on Liney Face

Hello there my lovely readers!!!! I got up early today to slowly put my house back together. My husband has turned into a shopaholic lately, what with this Disneybounding stuff. Shop shop shop! That is where we went last night after I got off work. Between the job and shopping my house needed to be put back together and blogging needed to be done.
 photo titanepisode148_zps59bf97b1.jpg
The Savior to all!
Now that every piece of laundry in the house is done it is time to sit down and get all these episodes blogged. My computer has been downloading episodes fast lately which makes this easier. Up first is Shingeki no Kyojin episode 14. Spoilers for this episode include everyone but Eren being in charge of Eren and an unlikely hero stepping up. Also here is the link to the spoiler thread to talk about anything super interesting. Really the opening and closing theme song changing up.
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And me, King of the Eyebrow People.
Episode Summary: Inside both walls civilians and soldiers are talking about Eren being a Titan. Some take it as a positive sign, some wall religious people are upset as some want to seal the walls up forever, thus ruining their....god so to speak. A lot of inner wall people, especially soldiers, think this is all a trick by the second wall people to steal what they have. Nile, in charge of the Police Military, wants custody of Eren so they can kill him. Eren wakes up in the prison and thinks to himself how long he has been here. He tries asking the guards for favors but they keep referring to him as a monster. Eren thinks of all he did and maybe he is a monster. But his two friends Mikasa and Armin aren't scared of him so maybe there is some hope. Especially since Levi seems to believe he can be in the Scouting Legion. Pixie is “taking a walk” with Erwin to talk about the Eren situation. Erwin doesn't think they should be talking since Pixie is the head of the Garrison and he is head of the Scouting Legion. Pixie knows he won't have much say in the matter but he wants Eren in the Scouting Legion. The head of all the factions, Darius, will decide Eren's fate on whether or not it ill be worth the risk, how much benefit Eren can give. Erwin is going to go in blind for the hearing, to feel the mood. Eren is finally taken out of his cell, for his trial. He is not told of the charges. Instead he worries about Mike, who is smelling him, and Hange, some crazy soldier who probably wants Titan Sex. They throw him in the courtroom and wish him luck. Eren is confused but manhandled to be chained down. Eren calms down slightly when he sees Mikasa and Armin , who were forced to be in court. Darius arrives and explains since this matter is unique things have to be handled differently. Darius has to make the decision as the whole population knows of Eren. The military police start off by explaining they will cut Eren into tiny pieces to learn all of his secrets, then will dispose of him. Nile in interrupted by the head of THE WALL church because the wall lovers want Eren totally dead now as....well they are crazy?
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For everyone being scared?
This goes on for a bit, with bother calling out of turn, saying the Colossal Titan can only destroy the gates, not the walls and Blah Blah. Erwin is finally allowed to speak and all he says is they want Eren so they can retake the 3rd Wall thank you.....nothing else? Mikasa is then asked if Eren in Titan form attacked her. After Rico is nearly killed by Mikasa's eyeball lazers Mikasa says Eren did swing but also protected her two times. Nile says Mikasa shouldn't be allowed to testify as she was taken in by Eren's family. Nile and his own submitted evidence tells the court about how Eren and Mikasa killed three...well killers at a young age, painting Mikasa and Eren as crazy. People get upset and start screaming that Mikasa is a Titan too. Eren gets mad at this and starts screaming that Mikasa is innocent. Eren realizes he should shut his mouth but he keeps on talking, that Eren will stand up for all those too scared to fight for themselves. Eren gets a little heated so Nile pulls out a gun. Suddenly Levi and his tiny eyes knock out one of Eren's teeth. Levi explains that people learn from he continues to beat the shit out of Eren. Mikasa stops glaring at Rico as she wants to kill Levi. Levi continues to show the crowd how easy it is to beat Eren's face in and as the best Titan killer ever he stands the best chance of taking Eren down if things go wrong. Erwin also explains how they plan on retaking Wall Maria. Darius has heard enough. With Levi's promise of one mission to see how things go Darius gives custody of Eren to the Scouting Legion. Hange patches up Eren, saying Levi was too harsh. Erwin apologizes but explains they had to go with the moment. Levi also joins Eren which scares the boy. But Eren says he understands and has no hard feelings. Hange ends the episode with being super excited Eren has already regrew his tooth. THE END!
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What you need is no more recap episodes!
Feels like forever since I watched this show. With the new job stupid recap episode Titan was falling behind. That or it was hiding in the shadows since the release of the full opening 1 SUCKED SO BAD! Seriously what was the shit? AWFUL!
 photo titanepisode142_zpse7301992.jpg
Maybe we can finally beat the Titans woohoo!
First things first. No matter how....technologically challenged a civilization is gossip spreads fast. I mean it spreads super fast NOW. Sorta happy I am not in high school, what with Twitter and Facebook easy ways to post embarrassing shit. But since this is big news, Titan news, of course it would travel fast. We don't really know how long Eren was trapped down in the dungeon anyway....Spread the news. Jesus is alive and Titans are coming to eat your kids. Or be your kids.
 photo titanepisode143_zps43fe7f33.jpg
Rebellion? I sense some more Hunger Games.
It was sort of interesting, all the different things people were saying their solution to the problem. We the viewers have seen all of Eren's point of view. Anything not seen by Eren was filled in by Mikasa and Armin. So we know he isn't out to get anyway and that he hates Titans. Now we don't know his past or the true nature of Titan so it is hard to categorize Eren as human or Titan. other character in this show has the full information. Most don't have any information, the little filler people/citizens. So of course their minds are going to go crazy. People who want to see an end of this Titan nightmare will see this as a good thing. People who think this is the end of the world will view Eren as the nail in the coffin. And the wall people...well the wall people are friggin crazy. IT IS A WALL! So lets ignore them for now.
 photo titanepisode1416_zps21f63419.jpg
And killers. Parent killers remember?
Do I think Nile was....well over the top? At some points yes. I didn't really like how Nile brought up Mikasa and Eren killing those men. Hello those men killed Mikasa's parents and were going to sell the mom and possibly Mikasa as sex slaves. Eren was nearly killed himself. So why paint these kids as crazy murderers? It is not like he saw....their faces during the crime. It was just fodder to make Eren look bad, which made Mikasa look bad. Information to plant more seeds of doubt in the minds of already upset citizens. Sensationalize everything.
 photo titanepisode1411_zps8d27e254.jpg
He just wants what is best for people. It might benefit him more but still. He has legit concerns.
However.....I don't think Nile is really an awful person. Sure bringing up that past stuff was shitty. I acknowledge that. But Nile bringing up that Eren Titan attacked Mikasa was necessary. Even if Rico might get her ass kicked later by Mikasa. Even if Rico felt as if lying would eventually come back to hurt Eren and his Titan self. While it might hurt Eren NOW covering this up and finding out all the truth later will give people more ammo to hate Eren. And since so many people hate Eren now that might be enough to put the public pressure over the edge. But back to Nile. Is he a bad person? No. He is in a position of power, the power over a lot of people, and he seems to be taking that responsibility seriously. No Titan has ever turned into a human before nor has a human turned into a Titan. So much is in the dark about what Titans are everything is viewed as suspicious. Instead of banking on a maybe Eren Titan he wants to chop Eren into tiny pieces, learn what he can, and have the public sleep easy.
 photo titanepisode145_zpscd5aff4a.jpg
It all comes down to...well the most important man in the military. A number's game at this point.
Erwin and Pixie want Eren to live. But even though they want the same thing it is hard for them to communicate with each other because of politics. I think Pixie wants Eren to live more as a person than Erwin. Although I think they both value his life and see how utterly he confused he is about all of this crap. But Erwin and Pixie also see the value that this might provide mankind. Moreso into the future. That the other non derpy Titans might be humans and Eren might be the key to figuring out their identity/motive/whatever. Or at least his dad yes? And since Eren hates Titans THE MOST and he can kill them the easiest why not use him?
 photo titanepisode1412_zps33fa0c95.jpg
Um...maybe you could say a little more....
Perhaps this is harsh but maybe that is what saved Eren. The cold facts and logic of the situation. Putting emotion aside keeping Eren alive might benefit mankind in the long run. A number's game. However for Eren it is personal. He has no idea what is going on either. Yet no one is going to believe him. No one can afford to believe him. But we got to give Eren a lot of credit. He could...lose his mind and cause a great deal of destruction at the treatment he has been given yet he hasn't. He really is a soldier, wanting to do the best for mankind. Eren really kept it together despite all the odds being against him. I know I have defended the behavior so long but if people really thought Eren was a danger they might have dialed it back, especially when it came to Mikasa and Armin.
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Can I go back to my cell please?
We were introduced to two new characters in this episode. I guess to replace some of the other characters that got eaten. Poor Eren. He is worried for the rest of his friends as he know his entire squad minus Eren was munched. No one told him that Jean's boyfriend Marco died. But now there are new people to torture Eren yay! Mike is just creepy. I am positive Eren did not smell good from the dungeon. I am guessing with all the death in the air and this being....a time before (or after?) deodorant no one is smelling like sunshine and bubble gum. Plus that look when he was done smelling Eren....gross. Hange.....well she looks creepy. And acts creepy. She had a few lines earlier with Levi to show that point off. But now she has taken her obsession with Titans to a whole new level. She is a great fighter though. She seems to have no fear of the Titans, just wants to know more about them? And I guess having no fear of something helps make you a better fighter? Still she might want to tone it down with Eren, the dazzed and confused. She seems to care about Eren though...even if only because he is a Titan. Maybe.
 photo titanepisode1417_zps7cf88210.jpg
Release the secret weapon!
All of this is leading up to Levi and how he handled the situation. I have already stated how everyone's actions are understandable and if I had to....I suppose....Levi did what he had to do. Ere started to get angry that Mikasa was put in danger and people were fearing him again. Levi has managed to show how vulnerable Eren is. By bashing his head in 1,729 times. Seriously I think it was more violent than the manga (for once). All the while Levi had this calm expression and way of talking. Like it was a matter of fact, a normal thing going on and if I were to be honest and not biased....this did work. Levi showed how strong he is and that if anything goes wrong he can handle it. Plan worked, checkmate.
 photo titanepisode1414_zpsd6199207.jpg
Err? God was wearing a hard hat and made the wall? Back to Eren and his teeth please.
But come on!!! How much is Eren supposed to take?! All these people keep pushing Eren and are doing horrible things to him. If he is so dangerous why would you risk angering him. Have this hearing somewhere else then tell Eren your decision. Crazies. If they think Eren is a Titan why should law apply to him? Eren will obviously say anything to protect himself, lies or not. If I am afraid of a dog I wouldn't poke it with a stick.
 photo titanepisode1418_zps435e815a.jpg
What? This is a typical Saturday night for me bitches.
So Levi....thanks for saving Eren. I am sure he appreciates all that hard work and trouble. I would be smiling to Levi's face and then plotting my revenge later. Like I hate Titans but I hate you people too. But Tenchi didn't you just go on and on about how these people were scared and did what they thought was right? Well....I did. But Levi didn't have to beat Eren that much. I guess that is better than threatening Eren by using his friends as meat shields. That would be too cruel and might have put Eren over the edge.
 photo titanepisode1413_zpsa342f8fb.jpg
This guy might have the right idea...
In conclusion....I believe people need to think more carefully about what Eren means to humans and Titans. Hopefully some are seeing the bigger picture, beyond regrowing teeth. Some have, with the mention that the Colossal Titan can only destroy the gates and not the wall itself. But I guess what everyone really needs to do is go to the drug store and buy some anti-aging cream. LINEY FACE!!!!!


Eternia said...

The full opening song sucks indeed! I was hyped when I was downloading it, but it was only until I actually listened to it. Bleh! The first 1,5 minutes, which is used for the anime, is only the good part of the song. The rest of it can't even be called a song, it's just some crazy mumbling in Engrish and/or German. How ridiculous!

Oh, did you notice the word prologue? It seems that there will another part 1 to part 10 incoming. So, 25 episodes only cover 2 arcs? Greaaaat.

Christina said...

Eternia- The word suck is not strong enough for this full version. was like the anime opening was done by some amazing singer, no limits on anything. Then that singer/writer died and their super less talent cousin was like dudes I got this and smoked 10 pounds of pot and created the second part of the song, which had almost NOTHING to do with the first part at all. Halfway through that everyone got drunk and they repeated the first part's lyrics and went home, ready to spend the money off the song. I think it is super beyond ridiculous, especially considering how long it took to release!!!!

I saw that. And I cringed. Super cringed. I was hoping we would at least make shall I word the "capital" portion of the series, after the woods. But at this I mean seriously thinking the manga will actually be DONE by the time the anime catches up which would be the saddest thing ever, given how slow THAT is.

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