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New AnimeSeries! Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya episode 1

4th anime post of the day! Go me. And in case anyone cared the tiramisu was pretty good. A bit too much coffee on the top but I took most of it all. Probably not a good idea to eat that so close to bedtime. XO I know, me going to bed at a semi reasonable time. All grown and saving China.
 photo illyaepisode110_zps1e49a790.jpg
Wants the lion!
But before I don't go to bed due to a caffeine more episode! Up next is another new anime for this season woohoo!!!! Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya episode 1! Spoilers for specialness and wands
 photo illyaepisode12_zps888d3747.jpg
Oh that crazy girl.....
Episode Summary: A happy, HAPPY song plays as a school is let out for the day. A few girls greet each other after class is dismissed but their mutual friend Illya takes off the moment she can. The girls smile as that is just Illya. Illya nearly runs into her teacher Taiga who changes from a sweet teacher to a scary one. Illya was running to get out of school so fast so she could meet her older “brother” (cousin) Shirou after his school let out. She seems super happy and Shirou is a nice older...figure. Illya suggests they race home together which will be interesting as Shirou has a bike. At an airport in Japan Rin is really pissed off that her study abroad has been cut short. She is of course talking to her magical girl wand Ruby. Ruby talks back to her and moves around in creepy ways implying it is Rin's fault she is being punished. Another girl named....we will go with Luvia is equally as upset at the circumstances but her magical girl wand Sapphire also says it is the girls' fault that they are being punished. The girls bicker and the wands want a stiff drink. Illya has made it home and is happy to hear she has a package from.....some lady watching them. Not her mom or Shirou's mom from the sound of it. Maybe she is Leysritt. Anyway Illya is mad that her sister started watching the magical girl DVDs without her. Leysritt starts to moan that anime is the devil and Illya has gone to the dark side. Eventually the sister is forgiven and the girls watch all of the episodes of fabulous costumes and fighting baddies. That night Rin and Luvia are transformed into their magical girl selves and have begun fighting in the sky. It is never explained but both girls were told to work together on a mission and they ended up hating each other instead. They battle on now as their wands are super pissed. The girls trade insults and say the other sucks as a magical girl. Both girls then pull out special cards that are supposed to power them up (Servant style) but both wands refuse. Ruby is the more colorful one of the wands but both basically say the same thing. You both suck as Masters and peace out. The girls are untransformed and fall to Earth.
 photo illyaepisode18_zpsc6a5d188.jpg
Or that awful hair....
Illya finishes watch all the DVDs and is told to bathe. So she does because skin is amazing. She thinks to herself about the show and how wonderful it would be if she was a magical girl. She thinks about all the things little kids do when having magic powers. Ruby hears this nonsense and starts flying to her house. Illya sees something in the sky (the wands) and turns off the lights in the bathroom to get a better view. Shirou assumes the bathroom is empty and of course Illya is naked. Before there is much screaming Ruby flies in and knocks Shirou unconscious. Illya is X____X as Ruby talks to her and asks her to become a magical girl. Illya decides that this talking wand is not for her and tries to escape the crazy. Ruby tries to paint being a magical girl as...well magical and tricks Illya into forming I guess...a contract. Illya transforms and finds herself outside. Rin (who fell in some water along with Luvia) sees the transformation light and heads in that direction. Illya is like um I am not down for this craziness when Ruby tries to explain what being a magical girl entails. Rin has made it to the house and demands that Ruby come with her. Illya is like take the crazy stick but apparently Rin can't take Ruby without Ruby's permission. Illya is like hommie none of this is me when Ruby starts calling Rin a washed up old hag and what not. Despite not being a magical girl Rin still has...magic and makes Illya pass out when she can't inflict actual damage because of Ruby. Illya then wakes up later and Rin seems to have calmed her crazy self down. Rin decides that she doesn't really want to be a magical girl anymore but feels the need to train Illya on how to be one. She takes the girl's hand and promises to show her the rooms while Illya thinks to herself...this is a crazy ass show. THE END!!!!
 photo illyaepisode17_zps51e98ce2.jpg
Watching anime makes you part of the rabble. Word.
Another new anime for the Summer 2013 season! How did this one fare against the other one? Um...interesting to say the least.
 photo illyaepisode13_zpsf2306b32.jpg
Not asking her what she feels about that....
I wonder how much interest this show would have on its own. As you can see many of the characters from Fate/Stay (Zero) had been pulled from their universe and thrown into this show. I think (hope really) that some of the other characters might be from other works under the same company/person. So this show has followers from this (these?) previous works. Fans like me. Would this show have much attention if it wasn't a spin-off/ alternate universe type deal?
 photo illyaepisode112_zps72f4ea16.jpg
I also hate the wands...wiggling!
Also can I add that I hate their ears? I am used to be big heads, tiny legs, huge boobs. But these ears. THESE EARS!!!! X___X It is almost too comical for me to take. Like everyone fell asleep on the job and woke up and had to finish this episode at the speed of fast and the thing that got left on the table was the ears. It is almost hard to look at these characters!!!!
 photo illyaepisode114_zps640bcd3a.jpg
Well not happy now.....
Our main character Illya seems to be happy. A far cry from her original source self yes? But yes life is lovely. She seems to have a great group of friends (well I say that and they all could be evil), has a nice family, and life is just great. Great for people named Illya who have weird ears and sometimes crazy eyes. If I could get passed the fact that is looking like a cracked version of Card Captor Sakura I could appreciate it. But yes it is nice to see a happy version of Illya.
 photo illyaepisode14_zps7d2581db.jpg
I love my "brother".
The family dynamic seems a bit odd. At least for me. Illya and Shirou seem to be real cousins this time around and not adopted son and real daughter. Not sure what the word is for that. They appear to not be living currently with either of their mothers but someone that is a trusted family person? Also it looks like Illya has a sister. So it seems. Do I have it right? And Illya might be in love with Shirou. Which of course is sorta icky to me, with the age difference and being related. Maybe they aren't really related. In any event those seem to be the players. The friends of Illya were not mentioned this episode.
 photo illyaepisode16_zps6e7ec10b.jpg
Don't you want to be like her?!
Illya watching an anime about magical girls and then wishing to become a magical girl. A bit of overkill. But isn't that how it usually is? You watch a show and dream about being Daryl's wife and shooting zombies together? Plus Illya is a young girl. Having magical powers sounds like fun. Except when it kills both of your parents and make your die a horrible and young death. Oh and maybe your Servant is insane. But sparkly magic is fun yes?
 photo illyaepisode15_zpsd5095219.jpg
Well that face looks familiar....
Well enter Rin and Luvia. Two magical girls who are not feeling the magic! Apparently Rin was studying overseas and didn't want to return. Both girls are being punished for...well something. Not working together. And their punishment is to go to Japan unsupervised until they take their mission seriously? Yeah that didn't work too well. Anyone else amused that there is no cute mascot this time around. Instead the wands talk. TALK! Have personalities. And creepy ways.
 photo illyaepisode19_zps34173350.jpg
Look how it wiggles!!!!
Yes the wands talk and move. And they aren't going to take this crap anymore. Yeah sending this girls halfway across the world really solved the problem. NOT! Maybe I am wrong, maybe there are adults that are supposed to be watching them. The typical anime absent adults. The wands take their orders from a higher person and apparently have had better magical girls in the past. Plus these wands got attitude. Ruby is their faces while Sapphire gets to the point but still says their peace. Yet maybe...just maybe leaving the girls to die was not the nicest thing ever. Leave them yes. Kill them no.
 photo illyaepisode111_zps7c372536.jpg
I see indeed.
It wouldn't be anime if there wasn't some random scene that was X___X. Illya is taking a bath, thinking about being a magical girl, and sees something interesting in the sky. She turns off the light to see it better and of course Shirou assumes no one is in the bathroom and walks in. Yay for underaged bodies! I am sure the fanboys will be lining up to buy the DVDs to see the unfuzzy version of that scene. Thank goodness Ruby arrived when she did to knock the boy out.
 photo illyaepisode113_zpsf5204919.jpg
You has been tricked!
Ruby is a very interesting kind of wand. Well it already is because it talks. But yes this show sorta reminds me of another anime, one that involved boys being magical girls and zombies and suchies. Ruby is like a magical girl...we have cookies. Want a love potion?!?! What do you want, being a magical girl will do it for you! Good on Illya for being nervous even if in the end it really didn't help her out at all. TRICKED!
 photo illyaepisode115_zps13e8665a.jpg
X___X Rin still has magic? Isn't she an ex-magical girl now? I thought the girls lived because they landed in the water but Rin is still magicy to an extent. And she is not happy. I am not sure what Ruby has been through but damn she has it out for Rin. Calling her washed up and old. Does that make me ancient? Where is my wheelchair?! But yeah Rin wants her wand back, Ruby is like um no, and Illya is like can I go back inside now, not loving this moment.
 photo illyaepisode116_zpsff50f33a.jpg
Probably. But this seems like a fluffy show so you might be fine.
The episode ends with Rin deciding that she doesn't want to be a magical girl anymore....but will help Illya out. That sounds....special. Illya at least thinks so. I mean....she wasn't even told of the rules. She was totally tricked. Take that Kuybey, that is how it is done! Don't even let the girls have a say in the contract. Now it sounds like the magical girls have to HMMM sounds familiar. And where did the other wand go off to? Illya better strap in and/or find some clothes....sounds like it is going to be a bumpy ride. Or at least a special one.


Christina said...

What the hell?! Where are all my posts going? I SEE YOU IN MY INBOX!

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "New AnimeSeries! Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya ep...":

Hello @Christina, Eternia, and/or anyone else reading this.

Question for all:

Is Gen Urobuchi writing this series? I have a Madoka feeling about this show. Yeah it's cute on the outside until we get to the despair, suicide and murder part. Because true "art" is dark, according to Gen.

My opinion, folks.

That's all.

Christina said...

Response to Anonymous- This show seems WAY fluffier than Madoka. Of course....that was brightly colored and a mascot too. But I feel as if this show is the flip side of Fate/Stay (Zero) and since that show is full of despair and dead bodies we might actually just get a show about...Card Captor Sakura 2013!

Eternia said...

Naah, among all Fate Stay NIght related titles, the only one which is written by Urobutcher Gen, is only Fate/Zero.

This one is taken from a manga (I haven't read the manga myself). But I can somehow tell that this is just a gag mahou shoujo story. Nope, there will be no bodies. There will be no people getting stabbed (probably). Instead we will be getting stupid parodies of existing mahou shoujo. Of course, this is nothing special, really, other than the fact that these are stolen characters...

I recommend watching Carnival Phantasm instead, if you haven't.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I didn't even see the ears before you mentioned it, and then I thought you meant the magical ears which I didn't mind, and THEN I saw the screengrab of Rin and was like, Good God! What is going on here.

Ears aside I liked the first ep and yeah the wand is annoying but so are magical girls in general so whatevs. I'll give it my usual three eps before I reach the keep or drop stage but unless it gets too boring/repetitive early, I'll watch. Anyway Saber Alter is in it. Probly this thing only exists to sell figures in the future. Such figures I will probly be buying.

Anonymous said...

On a different note, I suggest you watch Servant x Service. It is about a new girl/lady's work trouble when getting a new job + the office problem + co-worker's craziness. I think you can actually relate to that, in a way (at least for me).

Check it out, it is not bad.^^

Christina said...

Eternia- It seems like the only magical girl shows lately are gag ones. I grew up on Sailor Moon so I can appreciate the genre for what it is. But now it is all gag, gag, gag. So much so it would be refreshing to see an actual magical girl show!

I think the Ruby wand could get away with stabbing some people. Or being stabbed. XD

Anonymous 2- So many recommendations. Although co-worker troubles? I think I have had enough of that this year to last me a lifetime. Or might be humorous watching someone (nonexistent) suffer in humorous ways....

Sometimes there is just something about a show that sticks out and I can't focus on anything else but that. The big ears. DEAR LORD. Laziness. Or the style is just not my cup of tea.

I think magical girls is a very specific genre that really has a fine line from fun/amazing and cheesy. Of course the new trend seems to be shows that bash magical girls....