Monday, December 23, 2013

Duffy the Disney Bear Adventures: Merry Christmas Disney Trip Part One

Hello there!!! It is I, the bear with the most clothes ever Duffy. Well mom says there are other Duffys out there with more clothes than me. I have way more than mom does though. XD
 photo ChristmasDisney2013011_zpsbae5ab88.jpg
The day after Thanksgiving. Otherwise known as HAPPY SHOPPING DAY!
But yes Happy Holidays. I went on a super fun trip to Disney for a Christmas Holiday. Dad says Christmas can't be celebrated until after Thanksgiving. So....the day afterwards we packed the car up and went to Orlando to have lots of fun. Pack me a lot of cute outfits, it's time to see some decorations.
 photo ChristmasDisney2013003_zpsf32303e0.jpg
The day after Thanksgiving mom and dad packed the car all up and off we went to Orlando. Lots of people were out shopping. Our first stop was the giant mall in Orlando that has a cool Build a Bear.
 photo ChristmasDisney2013005_zps54a0cc98.jpg
Their store has stuff that ours doesn't. Open up your wallet mom.
 photo ChristmasDisney2013017_zps41d21f9a.jpg
After buying some nice things for me (see the hat?) it was on to Disney weee!
 photo ChristmasDisney2013022_zps6455dfc0.jpg
First stop is Downtown Disney. Mom likes trading pins...and shopping.
 photo ChristmasDisney2013024_zps5de16837.jpg
The theme of this trip was definitely Christmas Trees. Mom has 9 in our house right now. So every time she saw one it was picture time.
 photo ChristmasDisney2013027_zpscb080cd0.jpg
Happy Holidays all year long.
 photo ChristmasDisney2013030_zpsc5122104.jpg
Don't have a blue Christmas!
 photo ChristmasDisney2013031_zpsd34f0276.jpg
Look at Super Sized Duffy. He looks a Duffy that I know....
 photo ChristmasDisney2013043_zps0c8830dc.jpg
I think I am facing the wrong way for the picture.
 photo ChristmasDisney2013050_zps64ea3dee.jpg
Mom decided on this trip we would visit a lot of hotels to see their Christmas decorations. On the boat we go. I see you balloon.
 photo ChristmasDisney2013059_zps314c7965.jpg
The first couple of hotels were just okay. X__X That boat ride took forever and dad didn't have his jacket with him!
 photo ChristmasDisney2013063_zps8c1899f8.jpg
I think mom likes these trees because they have themes. XD Gotta have a theme.
 photo ChristmasDisney2013067_zps55a09319.jpg
Can this be my new study?
 photo ChristmasDisney2013076_zps82e2ee8e.jpg
A bit blurry on the spa.
 photo ChristmasDisney2013081_zps1889ba59.jpg
This tree is so skinny!
 photo ChristmasDisney2013082_zps100bf0ca.jpg
A lot of places to sit in hotels. XD
 photo ChristmasDisney2013084_zpse696e554.jpg
There is a super big Christmas tree. Yay for exploring.
 photo ChristmasDisney2013090_zpsdee1e9b5.jpg
After all that shopping and hotel hopping it was time for bed. Me and my fellow Duffys will get a good night sleep. Day 1 was lots of fun but tomorrow it will be time for theme parks!

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