Thursday, December 19, 2013

Tenchi the Living Dead

In case anyone was wondering if I had fallen off the face of the planet...I have not. I might have fallen in and out of consciousness but not the planet. Although living on the moon away from morons sounds good right about now...
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I hate everything.
It's been almost (over? I don't know, math is hard right now) a week since I posted anything. I was already for my posting marathon Sunday night but then I got a little tired. Went to bed thinking I will post it all Monday night. Then BAM. SICKNESS! Can you catch my cooties over the internet?
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Um when you are done throwing up could you maybe ring some customers up?
Now....I know if I have any energy I should get to posting all those posts that are mostly/half way done in my little folder. But I need to rant. See I thought this job would be different than Mike's Pizzeria. Let's just say it hasn't been a lot of cupcakes and rainbows. But at least at Mike's Pizzeria if I threw up THREE TIMES at work I would be allowed to go home and die in peace. But not at my lovely new job. No no I was told if I wanted to go home early I would need to bring a doctor's note....THE NEXT DAY. No exceptions. Is this real life?
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Who needs sleep?! GET TO WORK!
Clearly it was real life as I am typing this Thursday and barely awake to spell the words. I have worked every single day this week and hated every single second. I still have to work tomorrow and Saturday although I am doing a bit better considering the minute I have gotten off work it has been meds, sleep, and soup. But yeah folks. Yeah. I work for heartless people who think leaving someone who can't STAND for more than 5 minutes ALONE for 3 hours a day is an amazing way to run a business. And same people are shocked when everyday I still look the same. Like really, people don't recover fast when they are told to work or else? SURPRISING! My co-worker pretended to be supportive but then I found out she complained to the manager I was sitting around doing nothing. In reality land I was doing all of one task in which I could sit down and she was doing all of another that requires standing instead of us doing a bit of both but reality does not exist at my job. Just suffering. Woe is the Tenchi. Let me get some more sleep and I will try posting up a storm. Is it Sunday yet? Is Santa bringing me a gun for Christmas? Again I apologize for not posting AT ALL for a long time but...for the most part I don't even remember this week.


Eternia said...

Please let Santa grant your wish, so you can start gunning down all those people.

Anonymous said...

Hello @Christina

I'm sorry to hear that you had a rough week.

At least Christmas and New Year are around the corner.

Hey, maybe there are some shows that you would enjoy from the new season.

Here's the list:

I hope you have a wonderful holiday.

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