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Nagi no Asukara episode 13

Post number 2 for today! In my mind I was going to get 6 posts done but that might have been a lofty goal. I did have an Alien marathon to help me out. Kept me on track. Like oh crap this movie is almost done, I need to focus on this post. The only thing that was a distraction was the new Lake Placid movie. XO Had to watch that and do chores at the same time. That and I sorta ran out of episodes. I should have downloaded more when I was sick....
 photo naginoepisode13_zpsf184fc17.jpg
Have you not been paying attention this whole time Tsumugu?
But anyway here is post number 2. Nagi no Asukara episode 13. Spoilers for the ceremony actually taking place and taking an interesting turn.
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If the kids aren't back at a certain time will they not fall asleep? Why are they all so worried? Uroko is staying awake right? Oh goodness how lonely is that....
Episode Summary: Manaka looks surprised as Tsumugu once again has caught her in a net. He lowers her into the ship and offers her some food. The act of kindness makes her cry. Not understanding girls Tsumugu asks what is wrong. Manaka says the sun is making her cry. She explains when she was younger she couldn't go to the surface alone. All she could see was the sun shining down and how she wanted to be part of that world. Cue the music. Something Manaka couldn't reach. So bright and beautiful. And now Tsumugu reminds Manaka of the sun. He sorta sits there with his soup nodding. In the ocean Hikari is sitting outside his house, talking to himself how quiet it is. Then he has a walk down memory lane, about how his life has been in turmoil since the school closed down and he went to the surface. How he cares for Manaka but she went to Tsumugu and eventually everything turned into one big love triangle/square/octagon. He compares everyone's life to being on the rough ocean, being tossed to and fro because of love differences and feelings not being returned. Everybody hurts and everybody needs somebody sometime kinda deal. He decides that he is going to find Manaka and talk to her about...a lot of things. Manaka has just returned from her Tsumugu trip and is surprised to see Hikari. They walk off and have a very loud and echoy conversation. They both go to talk at once but Manaka lets Hikari go first. He decides to confess properly to Manaka, that he really does love her. But he goes on to list that he cares for a great number of people and that he just wants to protect the ones who matter to him. No matter what Manaka decides he will always consider her special. He then asks Manaka what she wanted to say. She says she will tell him after the boat ceremony and to wave that flag proudly.
 photo naginoepisode139_zpsa61888f3.jpg
Hikari needs a fashion intervention!
The next morning the kids start to gather to go up to the surface. Hikari wakes up to an empty house, ready to face the day. Manaka's parents were passed out so she bid them goodbye. Chisaki's parents weren't the happiest but told her to be careful and back before it got too late. Chisaki meets up with Kaname whose parents were very not happy. Yet there he is, being the supportive member of the group if only to spend more time with Chisaki. He points out that in all the excitement Chisaki might have forgotten that he confessed to her too. Chisaki gets all blushy and says she hasn't forgotten, she is just thinking. Kaname says no matter what happens he will love her. Manaka is the last to arrive and of course the three other kids tease her. They go to see Uroko and Hikari's Dad. They want their approval of the situation and Uroko is like...maybe you guys can pull this off...Dad tells Hikari to tell Akari to have a good life. Off to the surface they go. Some of their classmates kidnap Hikari so he can get the land's version of a sea uniform. Manaka catches Miuna in the hallway practicing saying Mom. Manaka thinks it will be a lovely gesture. They go in the room and Akari is a pretty bride which makes the boyfriend worry that the sea god will really marry her. He runs out crying and Miuna chases him, promising to tell Akari the important thing later.
 photo naginoepisode1311_zps17624f0e.jpg
Also no one told me how lovely I looked!
Everyone finishes getting Akari dressed and the ships get into place. The entire thing looks lovely and there is a great turn out. Hikari and his new outfit lead the way as all the ships go out to sea. Akari is dressed as the sacrifice as the other ships flank her. Hikari waves his little flag as a guide. Under the sea Uroko turns out all the sacred fire (which might put people to sleep) and gathers it in one place, lighting the way to where Hikari and Akari need to go. Everyone is touched by this gesture and off they keep going. Everyone has their own personal thoughts going on in their heads, about how they hope the sea god sees and hears this and lets everyone live together. The ceremony seems to be going fine and lovely until these giant....whirlpools form in the water. At first everyone is like the sea god hears us this is great. But then things start to get dangerous. Akari and Tsumugu are knocked from their boats. Manaka and Hikari go after Akari as Chisaki and later Kaname go after Tsumugu. Tsumugu is unable to rescue himself and seems okay with dying as he got to see the underwater city. Chisaki and Kaname get him to the surface and back on the boat. Kaname pauses before he boards the boat as he sees Chisaki cradling Tsumugu's head. The waves cause part of the bridge to collapse and when the boat tries to escape Kaname is thrown back into the ocean. Hikari's Dad wants to help but Uroko makes him pass out and does something else unseen or unknown. Manaka reaches Akari first and tries to get her to safety. At first Manaka begs the sea god to stop, that Akari has so many people that love and care about her. Then Manaka decides to give herself up instead. She pushes Akari out of the way and gets sucked in instead. Hikari arrives too late to save Manaka and tries to help Akari. Everyone on the surface is watching and waiting except Chisaki who is already upset about Kaname. In the end Akari is the only one who surfaces. What will happen next?! THE END!
 photo naginoepisode1314_zps86fcf853.jpg
I got to see the city under the sea before I died...
X___X Well then. That did not go the way I was expecting it to. I thought it was going to be rainbows and unicorn feathers and sprinkles on cupcakes. Instead we might have a disaster on our hands here folks. I have faith that it will still work out but for now things are doom and gloom.
 photo naginoepisode132_zps59539fab.jpg
You are out of my I will aim for Hikari instead.
The episode didn't start out that way though. At the beginning of the episode we had to...focus on other things that might be doom and gloom, on a mini level though. Manaka had just been caught up in a fishing net. Again. By Tsumugu. Again. Just as she was going to find Hikari and maybe confess her feelings to him. Not that she should have, given how confused she is now. If her resolve was to confess to Hikari she got swayed back to Tsumugu pretty fast. So.....if she had confessed that would have hurt Hikari in the long run. Nope now she has to listen to Tsumugu's side of the story. Really he said nothing. He just sat there with his soup and listened to Manaka talk about the sun and compare him to it. It makes sense, being the Little Mermaid and wanted to be closer to the sun. The sun representing a place she was not allowed to just yet. And for some reason Manaka has decided that Tsumugu is like the sun. Given that Tsumugu isn't a moron I wonder if he picked up on what Manaka was saying. Hello I love you?
 photo naginoepisode134_zpsd557f5d5.jpg
Hikari is all grown up and not overreacting anymore sniff sniff.
On the flip side Hikari was chill in the ocean listening to the quietness. It was kinda creepy how still everything was. Like the worse is coming folks. Almost like a peaceful town in New England, covered in snow before a giant monster comes and destroys the town. Only this is the ocean so it is covered in sea salt and the sea god is...taking a nap, not destroying anyone (yet). Still when it is quiet like that a lot of thinking takes place. Thinking thinking. About how Kaname opened his mouth and started things in snowball effect. But since Hikari has matured quite a bit he knows this really started before Kaname went BAM with the truth. It started when the school was closed down and to the surface they went. I thought this entire episode was going to be an entire recap but nope. Just Hikari thinking of Tsumugu and everyone on the surface getting mixed up in this craziness. Everyone is drifting alone on the ocean, looking for love.
 photo naginoepisode135_zpsd84ab923.jpg
I love you so much I will let you go and fly away.
Hikari and his mature self have decided to take his act on the road and find Manaka. Good thing she came back from Tsumugu's or that might have hurt his little feelings. Now I don't know what Manaka was going to say. Probably something like I love you Hikari. Because she seems to think Tsumugu is unattainable and that picking Hikari will make him happy. In her mind that is the best solution despite it being hurtful to Hikari. But Manaka never had a chance to talk. Hikari took over and was really....nice about it. Almost like a Hallmark commercial. Everyone needs someone. Everyone loves someone. People care about each other despite feelings not being romantically returned. But despite all this mess Hikari cares for everyone. And while he confesses to Manaka properly he tells her that no matter what he will care for her. Almost giving her the freedom to be turn him down. That takes a lot of love to say that. I don't know if I could be that mature. Like love me and no one else. But Hikari had graduated to I am happy if the other person is happy. So are precious to me.
 photo naginoepisode137_zpsc4ca03aa.jpg
Oh also Kaname wants his feelings recognized. In case none of this works out.
Manaka has decided to tell Hikari how she feels after the ceremony. Because Hikari doesn't have enough on his mind with this coming up. Cue the morning and the day of everything. Manaka's parents are passed out so she doesn't have to hurt them by leaving. Chisaki's parents aren't too happy but are willing to let Chisaki go. Just don't stay out too late dear. I any of the adults care about the surface people at all? No well then....Kaname's parents weren't too happy with this news. Like it was a surprise to them? The kids have been working on this project almost since the minute they got to the surface. Why not blame Uroko and his ability to pick the worst day ever to have this ceremony? Oh it is easier to blame your kids because they are trying to do the right thing? Carry on then...
 photo naginoepisode138_zps6e2de79c.jpg
That's not what you were saying the other day!
Uroko and Hikari's Dad were on hand for maybe some words of encouragement. I thought they were being a little cryptic with the follow through with the ceremony no matter what. But then Dad followed it up with the whole tell Akari to be happy bit so I thought nothing of it. Clearly I was wrong. I like how Uroko was singing a different tune. Before it was like nothing that you can do will change this. Now it is all well I can't do anything but maybe you can. Either don't hand out the false hope or be quiet. Wait that might be the same thing. Uroko you confuse me.
 photo naginoepisode1310_zps16959457.jpg
I ready to save the day AND get married.
On to the surface, the day of the ceremony. Lots of people were nervous. Chisaki was probably thinking about her love troubles because that is how she rolls. Hikari was leading the entire thing and didn't think to dress up. I kinda support his new school friends making him look part of the team. Miuna was...well being nervous. I like how she was acting. I am not sure how Boyfriend will feel about the word mom though. Hopefully it was discussed beforehand because that is a big step. Manaka of course had to add her two cents into the conversation. Yes Miuna that is a great idea. Boyfriend was rather special though with his I can't look at Akari, what if the sea god really marries her. Turns out he was RIGHT but at the time he seemed silly. Like some comic relief during this X__X time.
 photo naginoepisode1313_zps98b98d4c.jpg
I love you too Dad. *tears*
Finally everything was ready to go. And despite me complaining that it was taking forever to put came together rather nicely. Probably because everyone came together like they were supposed to. Stupid adults making things difficult. There was no way that the kids would have been able to put that on by themselves. Given how things turned out it is good that no one was watching from the pier but that seemed like the best place to watch. In any event it looked really nice. Yay traditions.
 photo naginoepisode1312_zps4821147e.jpg
Please let us all live in the same time period oh great sea god.
A lot of the ceremony was focused on what people's inner thoughts were at the time. Probably because there wasn't going to be much to the ceremony. An elaborate yet simple affair. I wonder if Akari was really going to be thrown into the ocean. But yes everyone was saying prayers to the sea god, please let this work. We are sorry for being losers all this time, don't kill us please. Even Uroko started to help out (I think) making Akari think that things were going to be alright. The prayers reached him. Santa has enough cheer to fly the ship yay!!!
 photo naginoepisode1315_zps73dcc709.jpg
....X__X What the heck was this?!
Then things went instantly bad. Turns out the whirlpools were not the sea gods way of saying good job. Or maybe it was. Perhaps in years past the ceremony was less and less pleasing to the sea god and nothing happened. Only when something horrible like this happens have the prayers been heard. Akari and Tsumugu were thrown overboard. I am not sure why Akari was knocked unconscious as Tsumugu was not. Akari can swim and lives in the ocean so....Tsumugu was rescued though at a dramatic price. I mean Kaname must have jumped in after Chisaki and just got to the group later. Tsumugu seemed okay with the dying process since he got to be in the ocean like he always wanted to be. However....what the hell happened to Kaname? Tsumugu nearly died so of course Chisaki was boo hooing on him. It was a scary situation. Plus she did treat the kid like crap so maybe she was feeling guilty. But Kaname took it as Chisaki now loves Tsumugu and if Hikari ends up with Manaka there is no one for him. So he hesitated and back into the water he goes. Or crushed under the pier legs. Whatever. More crying.
 photo naginoepisode1316_zpscbb47f90.jpg
How will that make anything better?!
When Akari went into the water Hikari and Manaka went dramatically after her. I think Dad would have helped too had Uroko not interfered. We probably won't find out right away what he was doing but I am sure he didn't mean to hurt anyone. That if this is what the kids wanted he was going to help. Just one of them had to die for everyone else to be okay. Perhaps that bit of truth could have been told beforehand but then it wouldn't be as sad. Manaka got to Akari first and did her little let us all live in peace. This sea god is a tough cookie. Unless he is a softie and everyone is okay, things just got out of control for a minute. But then Manaka decided that Akari should be the one to live because she has people waiting for her. Um so do you Manaka.........
 photo naginoepisode1317_zpsa93b8937.jpg
I see one sea kid....where are the others?
In the end though...Manaka was the one sucked to the bottom of the ocean. When we last saw Hikari he was reaching for Manaka but was near Akari. Akari made it to the surface but no Hikari. Kaname was thrown into the ocean but might have been crushed by the pillar. And something happened. The sea god responded in some way, blowing away the sea salt it seems. Prayers answered? At the fate of Manaka? HMMMMM what will happen next? Is Chisaki the only sea kid left? Oh lord what a scary thought. Run Tsumugu run! I kid I not really. Is everyone going to be okay? I hope so. X__x Until next time...

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