Friday, December 20, 2013

Little Busters Refrain episode 11: Goodbye

 photo littlebustersepisode117_zps09de9bd0.jpg
Um because you told him the truth?
Post number 2 weeee. Hopefully I will be almost all caught up due to work being closed for a few days. XD Of course that is because of Christmas and Christmas time is full of Christmas things. Shocking I know. But here is another post that has been waiting so patiently to be posted. Little Busters Refrain episode 11. Almost the end of this series! Spoilers for....well the end of the world!
 photo littlebustersepisode1111_zps028bff60.jpg
Thanks for bringing us together Riki. For 15 whole minutes woohoo!
Episode Summary: Riki and the gang arrive at Kyousuke's door. It appears that he was waiting for them. Riki offers up his hand, saying that he has put the Little Busters back together and now it is time to for Kyousuke to come back. Kyousuke smiles and simply takes his hand, no questions asked. Riki smiles and says things will be as they should be forever now. Kyousuke smiles and says that it will soon all come to an end. Kyousuke tells the viewers the school is now void of people and cats other than the core 5 Little Busters. Riki does look around for 5 seconds but just assumes it is quiet. Masato and Kengo ask Riki what they will do next and he smiles and says baseball. They smile back at him like that is the best idea in the world. They get to the field and Kyousuke is already there sorting out the equipment and thinking how this will be a fitting end. Rin hesitates when she gets on the field as she hears Komari talking to her. Something about someone needing to figure out a wish....Riki feels as if she has forgotten something but goes along with the fun anyway. Kyousuke thinks to himself how everything is turning out amazing and it will be okay when he is gone. He thinks about how Kengo has always been the real crybaby of the bunch and just wanted to be happy. He thinks about how Masato knew the entire truth and kept up his stupid act so everyone could stick together. He cares for those two so much and thank them for their sorta help. He thinks about how Rin has grown so much in this world despite his screw up. He thinks about Riki and how he has taken all the tasks and surpassed Kyousuke. Kyousuke nods to Masato and Kengo, letting them know their time was almost up. One more pitch for everyone. Riki hits the ball and Masato goes out of his way to catch it. When he crashes Riki runs to make sure Masato is okay. Masato starts saying goodbye to Riki, making sure the boy enjoyed their time together. That they had a lot of fun being roommates and what not. Riki is distraught as he has no idea what Masato is talking about. Masato then says goodbye and disappears. Riki is like what the heck and Kyousuke is like play ball.
 photo littlebustersepisode114_zpsc338e150.jpg
Kengo....well he was a bit confused about a lot of things but I guess he has a good heart.
When Riki tries to point out HELLO Masato is gone Kyousuke then tells Riki the condensed truth. The bus that crashed was not a school from another town, it was theirs. Everyone on board will die except Riki and Rin as they were protected by Masato and Kengo. That Kyousuke's dying wish was to protect Riki and Rin too and all the lost souls of the bus came together to create a world for Riki and Rin to grow in. Despite only receiving this condense version Riki seems to believe Kyousuke and remember the others. He starts to cry and thinks how horrible it will be but Kyousuke is like you have been through so much and now you must be here for Rin, to take care of her. No more crying. Rin apparently isn't listening to any of this conversation and Kengo nods that he is ready for his turn. Riki is up to back and manages to pelt Kengo in the stomach. He made no effort to catch the ball and starts to cry as he lost so much time being happy with his friends. He asks if his life was happy. Kyousuke replies that it is up to him to answer that. Kengo decides that it was since he had so many people around him to care for him. Kengo smiles through his tears, shakes hands with Riki, and disappears. Rin is still lalala and wants to know how this game can possibly continue. Kyousuke says that they have to keep going. Riki hits the ball once more but this time Kyousuke couldn't possibly catch it. He laughs, saying Riki has surpassed him. He tells Riki to take Rin to the school gates. Riki almost loses his resolve, asking if anything can be done. Kyousuke starts crying, saying he loves Riki and Rin the most and of course he wishes things could be different. But he can't be with Riki and Rin anymore and he knows they can pull through life. Riki tries to stop crying and pulls Rin towards the school gate. She still has no idea what is going on but Riki vows to keep everyone's wishes for them to be happy in his heart and push through. They exit the gate and look back to see no Kyousuke. Kyousuke has decided to spend his last few seconds looking around the school and seeing where they all had fun. Kyousuke sits in a desk (Riki's I think) and looks out the window one last time. The rest of the Little Busters appear and I guess say goodbye before Kyousuke poofs as well. THE END!!!
 photo littlebustersepisode1113_zps5eea07d0.jpg
In those short minutes we had time to see this scene again though. How fortunate for me.
This will be an incredibly fast episode to blog. Well this is me we are talking about and I tend to make everything and anything wordy. But felt like not much happened in all those minutes. Sorta like the new Hobbit movie. XD
 photo littlebustersepisode116_zps5b81284a.jpg
Riki took this news a lot better than I thought he would. Last episode I was like X___X Riki will fall to pieces.
So the episode starts off where the last one stopped. I thought there was going to be more interaction between Riki and Kyousuke. Like more of an effort to make Kyousuke rejoin the Little Busters. We know that Kyousuke never really stopped helping, that he had a slight moment of sadness but then was just stuck in one spot to help Riki. But to Riki Kyousuke had given up and I thought he would question how easy that all was. Like why is everyone being so weird. But Kyousuke just took Riki's hand. He must be tired too. All this work and repeating timelines has gotten to him. One could say this whole time the story was about Kyousuke but I don't think Riki officially healed him. If that makes sense. The world is falling apart so Kyousuke doesn't have time to let Riki “work” on him. Riki is ready. Or better be.
 photo littlebustersepisode1110_zpsc7e76ff6.jpg
Oh so observant.
Riki and his lala self are like WOOHOO we are all back together now. No questions asked. No real begging for forgiveness for leaving him with crying Rin. Masato, Kengo, and Kyousuke have been forgiven. It is time to play ball! Riki did have a moment of saying up it is rather quiet...but then skipped to the field. That is because there are no other people in this world but you 5. Riki has always seemed sorta...disconnected from things. I am sure this is a result of being in such a crazy world. He cares about the people he can see but if he can't see them I guess out of sight out of mind.
 photo littlebustersepisode1112_zps7be5732c.jpg
Does this mean something super important?
Rin had a moment of HMMMM too. Half of this world's effort was to help Rin as well yet I feel as if I know less about her than I do Riki. Still she is important and has a few moments to shine. Like she is having moments of remembering her friends. She doesn't have as strong of feelings as Riki and doesn't seem to pick up on the fact that people are disappearing right before her eyes but still she is there...a small part anyway. Komari seems to be her most important friend thus she can hear her near the end of the world. Wish? There is a wish to be made? Someone hasn't picked their wish?! Well there is the way to save everyone folks, show over.
 photo littlebustersepisode119_zps0aaca763.jpg
Kyousuke saying his first of many goodbyes.
Still the last ballgame must go on. Riki and Rin think things are all still fun and games. Kyousuke knows that they just have minutes left until KA-BOOM!!!! Which I guess I was wrong about. Rin and Riki are on the bus too. Just that Masato and Kengo protected them from the impact and they are still alive. So....if the bus blows up are they going to? Guess not since Kyousuke is convinced they will be okay. So as the balls were being thrown Kyousuke was thinking about how everyone has taken to this world that has been built. Kengo being described as being the weak and crybaby one is interesting but I guess it makes sense when you think about it. Masato was really the rock of the group and no one knew it. Rin....well she has bounced back from her moments of sadness and Riki has become a man. Cue the Mulan music.
 photo littlebustersepisode118_zps210ae84a.jpg
:( Poor Masato. Doing his best...and having one small (but massive) crazy moment.
One by one everyone had to leave this world. Masato was the first to go. Riki was trying to put things together while Masato was trying to make things right despite the context being temporarily lost to Riki. Despite his brief meltdown Masato did a good job no? Goodbye Riki, be brave! Since Riki has brains enough to ask (not Rin) Kyousuke gave Riki the rundown of this world that took about 30 episodes to explain the first time. X__X I was surprised that Riki was able to accept this so fast. I thought there would be crying or demanding to know more details. Nope just....this sucks and it can't be. Maybe he knew it was the truth the whole time. So when it came to Kengo and his tear faced self it was a BAWWW fest. Like don't go! As much as these kids wanted to help Riki and Rin it doesn't change the fact that they are kids and they are the dead ones trying to help out the living ones. It makes sense that they have regrets and sadness about leaving. Who is there to help them? Well it turns out that was Riki, giving them extended lives some meaning and peace. Cry on Kengo. :(
 photo littlebustersepisode11_zps4af37a2a.jpg
So much BAWWWW!
So by the time it got to Kyousuke it was a BAWWWW fest right? Rin still had no idea what was going on but Riki and Kyousuke knew this would be their last few moments together. I think Rin should have been told the truth so she could say goodbye to her brother but maybe if there is happy ending that won't be necessary. Still Kyousuke crying like that. BAWWW! Trying so hard to make himself look like the bad guy despite doing all of this for his sister and best friend. He was just a kid himself who had to grow up too fast and used whatever time he had been magically given to try and make sure they could manage through life. Of course he wants to live and have this all be a bad dream but it's not. More tears. More crying. Kyousuke was good at being brave all this time so him breaking down and actually having a real moment was necessary.
 photo littlebustersepisode113_zpsb117a534.jpg
Goodbye everyone!
This is how the episode ends. Riki takes Rin and runs to the gate, signifying they have left this world and will move on to the living. I am not sure how Rin will handle all this sadness but Riki seems to be ready to take on the burden of taking care of her. By honoring his friends he will live on. Kyousuke took the last few moments of the episode to rub in how sad everything is going to be very soon. Places they had fun, moments they shared. All were false as they were supposed to be dead and gone. Still they matter to Kyousuke and the rest of the Little Busters came to say goodbye to Kyousuke. Thanks for helping us as well as Riki. Thanks for giving it your all Kyousuke. Now it is your time to rest now. You have done enough. Rest in peace. BAWWWW!


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