Monday, December 23, 2013

Duffy the Disney Bear Adventures: Merry Christmas Disney Trip Part Two

Greetings those who love Christmas, Disney, or Duffy. Hopefully all of the above. Hope you are having a Happy Holiday season. My mom keeps saying how far behind on everything she is. Um Christmas is weeks away, how can she be far behind? Now maybe if she celebrated Chanukah would be behind....
 photo ChristmasDisney2013093_zps6f5df427.jpg
Ready to blast off to fun!
Recently we went to Disney to celebrate all things Christmas. Part one had lots of pictures for your enjoyment. Originally mom was going to do a Christmas Tree post and the rest regular pictures but...there were a lot of Christmas Tree ones. So....she will just put them in order in which they were taken. Enjoy!!
 photo ChristmasDisney2013100_zps00377955.jpg
The first stop today was at Epcot. Mom was on a mission to see more Christmas trees.
 photo ChristmasDisney2013108_zpsda3f4854.jpg
But we got to ride a few rides too. Time to see Figment.
 photo ChristmasDisney2013115_zps163edea6.jpg
That doesn't look anything like me!
 photo ChristmasDisney2013116_zpsb5772107.jpg
Mom forgot my hat at home. :( Maybe I can wear the Figment one?
 photo ChristmasDisney2013117_zps126bc285.jpg
Mom has never seen this show before. After seeing it dad says we will never be seeing it again.
 photo ChristmasDisney2013131_zpsa89b9f71.jpg
Pluto is hiding in the bushes!
 photo ChristmasDisney2013133_zpsbaedae72.jpg
This is the biggest Christmas tree ever!
 photo ChristmasDisney2013137_zpsd6549759.jpg
Welcome to the Duffy store where the tree has Duffys on it!
 photo ChristmasDisney2013142_zps97101d92.jpg
Welcome to Mexico, have some candy.
 photo ChristmasDisney2013144_zps822d263a.jpg
Decorations way up high.
 photo ChristmasDisney2013145_zps93415407.jpg
All over Epcot there are places for people to talk about the different holiday traditions from their country. It said no sitting on the stage but that sign is not for Duffys yes?
 photo ChristmasDisney2013148_zpsf49503b9.jpg
China wasn't feeling the Christmas spirit.
 photo ChristmasDisney2013150_zpsb7b5716b.jpg
Why do people try to steal me when mom is standing RIGHT THERE? Maybe they are jealous of my new pin.
 photo ChristmasDisney2013153_zps3b9d0acb.jpg
Merry Christmas, have some beer!
 photo ChristmasDisney2013157_zps50919100.jpg
Snap and go mom, snap and go. There are tons more pictures left so stay tuned for the rest.

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