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Nagi no Asukara episode 10

Merry Christmas Eve folks!!!!! If you celebrate any variation of Christmas that is. If you don't.....run away from any store. The husband and I did the grocery shopping yesterday as we had too much fun on Sunday and...it was a bad idea. XD Parking lot wars all over the place.
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Merry Christmas Eve ya'll!
My house still needs to be cleaned but all the decorations and presents are wrapped. So it is time to get last minute things done and post some anime posts that have been waiting. Now that I can breath again it is posting time! Up first is Nagi no Asukara episode 10. Spoilers for almost everyone being a jerk.
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.....Yeah there are some messed up people in this show.
Episode Summary: After Manaka rejects Hikari's hug he runs off. But he runs straight into his father so that stops his dramatic getaway pretty fast. Hikari and Manaka are ushered to Uroko who tells the saddest bedtime story ever. Long ago when some people left the sea it made the sea god sad and he went into hiding. This caused sea salt to snow and the world to be all grey. A girl went to visit the sea god after some time and asked for mercy. He was touched and all was well. Now something similar is happening, people are forgetting about the sea god and he is losing his powers due to lack of prayers. Thus it is getting cold and sea salt is snowing again. Eventually the world will freeze over and the only way to survive this is to hibernate. Luckily ena is magical and it will allow them to survive this endeavor. If they simply stop eating their ena will harden and they will eventually fall asleep. Poof all is okay. When Hikari points out the people on the surface do not have ena Dad is like um not our problem. When Hikari tries to talk to Manaka after this storytime she runs off all derpy like. Hikari returns home to find it in a messy state and tries to clean it up without thinking about Manaka and the impending doom. Dad comes in and tells Hikari that soon there will be a feast as they must be fasting soon to help the ena thicken. Hikari is once again upset at this bleh attitude about said impending doom. Manaka is seen crying in her room, saying she doesn't understand over and over again and rocking back and forth. The next day Hikari calls a meeting with his friends together despite being watched over by adults. He wants to go warn the surface people which Chisaki thinks is odd. Like it would be cruel to tell them because they have no chance. Hikari thinks they deserve to know and then starts by making a lot of sense. The god is only going to sleep because he has no power. So why not put on the best festival ever and revive the prayers that are sourced to him. Hikari runs off to Uroko to tell him his awesome plan. Uroko basically tells Hikari he doesn't think he can pull it off and brings up the Manaka love triangle for some reason.
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Yay for using your brain!
Hikari is like eff you and runs to the surface to start telling people. He starts with his sister and her new family. She basically is like don't scare Miuna, Miuna cries, and Boyfriend believes Hikari. Boyfriend agrees to start talking to the fishing people on his behalf. Hikari tries again with some school kids. A few care but the basic idea of this happening so far in the future makes it seem less urgent. Tsumugu weighs in and Hikari is like we need to put on the ceremony now! Saya is busy making a list of what to give to people and Miuna gets upset that Saya is not upset they are going to die. Saya starts to cry because she was pretending to be strong. Miuna is sad that Akari is going to die while the rest of the sea people sleep. That night Tsumugu asks his grandfather about all this tragic news and if it's true. His grandfather has a very...well okay attitude about it. The Earth is going through a change and it just so happens the change is bad for humans, that's all. Soon it is time for the feast and everyone is having a good time except for Manaka and Chisaki who are slaves. An old lady comes in and asks one of the girls to take care of her plants if they wake up before her. This leads to girls to question um aren't we all waking up at the same time. Then the old lady starts mumbling she is so old she might not even wake up at all. Manaka then runs to take a break because she is so overwhelmed. An old dude comes up and starts perving on Manaka, saying she needs to eat and rest well because when the freeze is over the kids are going to get married and pop out little babies. Manaka freaks out and Hikari steps in to distract the man as Manaka runs away. She goes outside and Kaname follows her with food. They talk about how none of this seems real and by the time Chisaki makes her way outside Manaka is a crying mess. She doesn't want to go to sleep and she is worried they won't wake up together and will never see each other again. After the party Manaka goes home and starts to think about Hikari and what he means to her. She finds a red belly slug (the secret kind) and is amused it has come now. She still whispers something to it. The next day Kaname goes to pick Chisaki up from school and decides to announce he is in love with her. THE END!
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Um probably not.
This is 15 kinds of messed up. I guess a show doesn't have to have Queerats in it to take it to some weird level. In case it isn't obvious I am still traumatized over Shin Sekai Yori.
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Shot through the heart folks!
So where to begin? I guess I will start with Manaka since I hate it and rather get it over with. Okay maybe not hate but you know...she's not on my happy list. Hikari had his tiny little heart broken and he didn't eve confess! Now I am not saying Manaka has to be in love with Hikari. You can't help who you fall in love with. I would like to point out Manaka “likes” Tsumugu because how kind he seems when Hikari has been kinder to Manaka. Well helpful and protective. But if Manaka doesn't like him okay. But she should not have pushed him away. No. Perhaps the hug made her feel things as Hikari didn't confess so how could she be overwhelmed? Still not happy with her and I certainly don't want Hikari to “win” by default. Wrong. So you keep crying and trying to figure this out silly girl.
 photo nagiepisode109_zps426eba5b.jpg
So...we are sea bears?
Hikari's dad must have a reserve on words because off they went to get a detailed explanation on what was going on. Oh great Uroko. Explain to us why things are super bad. Well....to put it shortly the sea god gets its power from prayers. What with people living on the land and people not respecting his authority (no festival) the sea god will have to take a break from being all powerful. The world will gradually freeze over. 50 to 100 years this will take and land people will either need to adapt or die. The sea people with their ena can hibernate until the calamity is over. All will be well and the sea will rule again. End bedtime story from hell.
 photo nagiepisode107_zps9e5959e3.jpg
Why would I care about the land people being frozen?
I think the most messed up thing about this episode was...the reactions! Like what the hell why weren't more people sobbing? Can't believe I was hating on Manaka and now I am going to say she was acting the most normal. Crying, worrying about not waking up, and generally being a mess. I think Chisaki was the most chill. Like whatevs, who cares if I never see those land people again. But that is how most of the people under the sea were acting. Like woohoo party everything is going to be okay...for us. Not them and we won't warn because this is what they deserve lalala.
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Why would we warn them? I mean that would totally be mean and stuff.
I mean...it was bizarre to watch. Have the land and sea people had problems? Yes. But does that mean everyone hates everyone else? No. Akari was shown going to the surface before she fell in love with Boyfriend. I am sure no one besides Uroko stays in the sea full time. Perhaps these 4 kids have had the most exposure recently but surely everyone under the sea cares somewhat for the land people. Especially former sea people!!! So all this WHELP what good will it be to tell them and party on was odd. This is the end of most humanity, where is your....humanity?!
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....So messed up.
Not that the reactions from the land people were any better. I mean this show is insane. The only ones crying were Miuna and Saya and Saya had to be coaxed into showing her real feelings. I am not sure why the sea parents let the kids attend school. I know Uroko let them (to help Hikari) but one would think if they weren't going to tell the land people they would...you know not tell them at all. Because the sea people are going to sleep NOW and it might take a long time for the freezing. What if the land people got pissed and bombed the hell out of them? Like suck on this!! Akari has no intentions of leaving her new family and the other kids in the class were like MOG# don't care. Because it probably won't happen to them. Of if it does they will be old and grey. So why would they care about something in the far off future that might not affect them? Sounds like an argument that might be used against humanity today.....Still generally concerned that people were not concerned enough about the maybe end of the world. Poor Miuna is going to run out of tears.
 photo nagiepisode1012_zps34b7c515.jpg
Well we got to do something!
The only one with any brains this episode was Hikari and maybe me. Because I kept thinking why wouldn't they TRY to make the festival the best one ever?! Like look at all of this support Mr. Sea god, we respect you so much!! Lots of prayers for you. Because really if the sea god gets his strength from prayers and the land people aren't respecting his authority.....why would he want the sea people to go to sleep? Does that make any sense? How is he going to regain his strength if the people who need and pray to him the most are gone? No sense making. Hikari has the right frame of mind. We will prevent this disaster from happening rather than going to sleep.
 photo nagiepisode1016_zps1f326522.jpg
Have we thought this plan through?!
How is this plan going to work? Hard to tell as everyone on the surface is being....odd. Yeah this isn't happening for a while but still. All the sea people will be sleeping for a long time and most of the people alive today will be dead. Either from old age or the upcoming storm. Like perhaps this hasn't made the super big bad news yet. But it sounds like the Earth will slowly freeze. And last time I checked Pandorum only had like 1,000 survivors so that is not such a great future either. Maybe there should be some panicking or asking the sea people for help. Anything other than the nothing they are currently doing. I just see this ending badly. Weill had it not been for Hikari's attempt. Sea people getting bombed and the land people dying out.
 photo nagiepisode10_zps7bbcf74c.jpg
Clearly this couldn't get any worse.
The feast was rather odd too. Again way too many happy faces. We are going to sleep through the disaster and everyone else will die. I know there are problems between the land people and sea people but can everyone really be that happy? No worries about waking up at different times and not waking up at all? Also it was said 50 to 100 years. What if all their stuff is decayed? What if a storm comes through and kills people in their sleep? Stuff crashes on their houses. Sharks eat them. These people are going to be completely vulnerable and it is all lalala time. Well how much lalala is there going to be when they only have half their resources because the surface people are gone? Eat your eggrolls or sushi roll things. Convince yourself all will be okay with your world. Because Chisaki, Manaka, and the 5 other girls I saw are going to repopulate the entire village!! Are there more sea people? Do they know they need to go to sleep? Someone needs to send out a memo.
 photo nagiepisode106_zps1c9292a5.jpg
So we will all go to sleep and make him have no prayers at all. I totally get this.
I feel as if more happened this episode yet I can only focus on a few things. Like everyone's dumb reactions. More must have happened but I am blinded by the level of not caringness. Like Akari get in the ocean and try to help. Manaka....keep crying because that is how everyone should be. Chisaki is uncaring as well as most of the ocean and land. Hikari is trying to save everyone despite it not being his battle. And to round up the not serious feelings of the day...Kaname confessed to Chisaki. I mean Manaka was thinking about Hikari and her relationship with him but since I am mad at her I am putting that aside. No no, it's Kaname and his smiles. I love you Chisaki. Now lets go to sleep for 100 years so you can dream about Hikari. Well until next time!!!

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