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Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko episode 2

Today may or may not have been momagers birthday. Today may or may not have been spent at the mall spending money I should be saving for Japan and stuffing ourselves silly on food. And since no one got in a fight today was deemed a success. Go us.

In other news XO Single Digits folks! Soon I will be making crazy updates that consist of MOG I AM IN JAPAN WOOHOO!!! Prepare for the posts and or annoying behavior.


Just a normal after school scene, nothing to see here...

In anime news it is time for episode 2 of everyone is an alien. Otherwise known as Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko. Spoilers for a lot of conversation that makes no sense and Makoto needing to get a job.



Episode Summary: Eiro starts explaining to Makoto what the aliens in town are all about. Or what her job is. Something about dead people, fake heaven, and investigations. Makoto passes out the food and basically calls Eiro crazy. Eiro is not pleased as Makoto just said he believed her. But there is a scene with sparkles and Makoto cleaning pizza off her face. After the first day of school meets a new classmate named Ryuko. She seems very…..outgoing and people seem to avoid her as she looks weird wearing a kindergarten hat while riding a bike. Makoto seems excited to be gaining more youth points and pedals fast to keep up with his new friend. Makoto ignores Eiro when he arrives home from school despite the fact she wants him to go on a mission. The next day Makoto arrives early to school and is introduced to another classmate Maekawa. She really isn’t interested in learning his name and is content in calling him transfer student. Makoto thinks strange things about Maekawa too so it works out. Makoto has lunch with Ryuko. Another student refers to Ryuko as a different name which pisses her off. Ryuko explains that a crazy girl claiming to be an alien gave her that weird nickname. Maekawa is like oh..I see.


Seems as if Eiro makes friends wherever she goes...

After school Makoto ends up with Maekawa who demonstrates her ability to almost pass out when raising her arms above her head. What a strange condition in a town rumored to be watched by aliens! Makoto arrives home to Eiro acting weird. Only this time Makoto agrees to do what Eiro wants. And what she wants is Eiro to bike two hours away from the house to a beach. At first Makoto is like WEE what a fun time. But then Eiro tries to drown herself in the ocean so she can fly. Fun times stop there and Makoto takes them back home. Only he runs into Maekawa wearing a fast food costume. Pretending she is not weird Maekawa is like oh I know your cousin. She disappeared for 6 months and when she came back she was changing her story about where she was and eventually dropped out of school. So says the hotdog girl or whatever. Makoto arrives home to see his aunt eating pizza. She does confirm that Eiro went missing for 6 months and when she came back weird things happened. Like Eiro trying to “fly” but really she broke her leg and nearly drowned. Thus her wearing a futon around her body. Meme explains this all like Oh no big deal here and it is weird. The end!


Very strange indeed.

Oh hi there weird anime. How are you today? Oh still insane? That’s good, keep up the good work.

Once again this week I think most of the cast are a bunch of aliens. I might have bumped Makoto off that list which means he probably will be the actual alien in the end. If this show is about aliens and not weird people of course. But Ryuko and Maekawa are pretty alien like themselves.


Maybe if I heard all that I would be taking back my statements too...

I am not sure why Makoto is taking back his statement from last week. He seemed pretty on board with the alien idea. Maybe sparkles got in his eye or something. But for him to say it was just a figure of speech makes no sense. It would be better for him to say he got caught up in the moment and sparkles. But either way Eiro should be pretty pissed because for a moment she had a believer and then all her hopes were smashed on the ground.


Thank you for summing up my thoughts.

I think I understood 10 percent of what Eiro was saying. You know the part where she said the, and, cousin, and is. Everything else was WHOOSH!!!!!! Alien investigator, chosen by aliens to be an investigator, and dead people. The dead people thing made me raise a few eyebrows. Was that Eiro just being weird again or was that a bit of truth slide in with all the crazy? If so consider me interested. Aliens making a “heaven” like place for us to further study humans? Potential zombies running around this place? Woohoo indeed.

But other than that Eiro made no sense. But I do prefer her not wearing the futon. Not because I need to see her glittering, just that her marble mouth talking is annoying.


Very broken up I see...

Meme acknowledging her daughter was a bit weird. Last week she was all oh what daughter? What person in the futon? But now she is like oh yeah, she went missing and then tried to fly off a bridge. I mean I might have liked her ignoring her daughter better. She talked so casually about her daughter being missing for 6 months and then being found floating in the ocean. I am not a mother but maybe some lingering sadness should be in her voice? I’m just saying.


I am TRYING to die here dude. HOW RUDE!!!

Eiro wanting to go to the ocean was a bit weird. Was she trying to go back to the spot where the aliens dropped her off? Was she trying to prove to Makoto that she was speaking the truth? Does she really think she can fly if she almost drowns? If so maybe she could pick a closer place to almost drown (the bridge she rode her bike off of?). Also maybe if she wanted to prove to Makoto she was an alien perhaps she should have picked something easier to make up.

But it will make sense about the mattress thing. Maybe Eiro was embarrassed that the entire town was talking about her and she dropped out of school to hide her face in a futon. It makes sense people. It makes sense.


I don't know if she has much brain to be protecting...

Moving on to the other weirdos of this show. They are both girls of course because a male moving to town and making male friends would be silly folks. Silly!!! Ryuko was the first to talk to Makoto so we will start with her. She starts off perky, gets stared at for wearing a weird helmet, and ends with a tantrum about her nickname. She earns alien points in my mind because of just how eager she was to be Makoto’s friend.


Is he calling her ugly?

But then Maekawa showed up and really proved to be the insane one. Like okay Ryuko I guess you ain’t that crazy. If I fainted or got light headed because I raised my arms for a certain amount of time…..I would stop doing it. I would TELL people about my problem. I would not demonstrate the condition. And really there aren’t any clubs that would want Maekawa as a member. There are plenty of nonathletic clubs…and jobs out there. So that was weird, especially the fact she wanted to tell Makoto this right after meeting him.


Let's gossip about strange people WOOHOO!!!

But then Maekawa decided to up the crazy factor and walked around the town in a fast food outfit. Because I really am focused on Eiro being crazy when you are wearing that ugly outfit for fun. But then I decided that Maekawa really does think aliens are in town and is trying to mess with their data by being a crazy person. It makes perfect sense folks! She ain’t crazy, she is on Eiro and her plans to eat all the pizza in the world.


Or you are the strange one...

Or Maekawa is the craziest person yet in this show.

In conclusion everyone in this town is crazy. If it is because of aliens that has yet to be determined. But everyone and their distant mommas are crazy.

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