Tuesday, April 5, 2011

New Anime Series! Sekaiichi Hatsukoi OVA

The 2011 Spring Anime Season has started folks. Well it actually started Friday I think but it has official started in my house! WOOHOO!!!

I only have three shows lined up this time around so hopefully these three shows are awesome for me. XD Maybe I might pick up more when I read what other bloggers have to say about certain shows but for now it is three.


Actual boy on boy action this time? I AM SHOCKED!!

For now it is YAOI time. Spoilers for Sekaiichi Hatsukoi OVA. Also what is the correct spelling of this show? I have seen it three different ways. X__X Anyway on to the boy kissing boy action woohoo!!!!


Good thing he doesn't believe in love at first sight!

Episode Summary: Ritsu is trying to get a book off a shelf but fails since he is short (BECAUSE HE IS THE UKE!!). Saga comes along and easily takes the book off the shelf for him. Ritsu instantly falls in love and even yells at himself for falling in love so fast. But that doesn’t stop him from stalking Saga around the library and making it very obvious he is following Saga. He even goes as far to check out the same book Saga did and for three years thinks about Saga and his one sided love. Three years later they run into each other again in the library and despite being nervous Ritsu manages to confess. He tries to take it back but Saga is like okay I will go out with you. Ritsu follows Saga home but is acting like a walking zombie about the situation. Saga explains he lives alone with his cat and invites Ritsu to wait in his room. Ritsu has conflicting emotions but finally lives out his dream of flopping on Saga’s bed and smelling his pillow. Saga returns from getting them drinks and they watch a DVD. Saga apologizes for his messy room but Ritsu likes the room full of books. Saga then questions why Ritsu likes him so much if he doesn’t know him? Ritsu states he does know him as he has been stalking Saga for the past three years and gives Saga rescuing the kitten as an example. Saga is embarrassed at Ritsu watching that and Ritsu apologizes about 1456 million times.



While Ritsu explains why he likes Saga Saga is like oh okay and tries kissing him. Not turned off about Ritsu’s reluctance to kiss him Saga instructs him on how to kiss better. Saga keeps telling Ritsu what to do and eventually Ritsu responses enough and the boys have sex. Saga says his given name and states he loves Ritsu which causes Ritsu to cry. The next day Saga tries helping Ritsu with his math but Ritsu keeps thinking about the sex times and he can’t concentrate with Ritsu around. He tries to make an excuse and escape but he starts feeling loser like. Saga eventually finds him and asks why he is acting so weird. Saga also states that being at his home is lonely since his family is falling apart and he wants Ritsu to come home with him. Ritsu keeps being awkward and making mistakes in what he wants to say. Eventually Saga turns off all the lights and woohoo happy times in the library. Suddenly Ritsu is awoken by his boss Takano as he was sleeping on the floor. Everyone makes fun of Ritsu and Ritsu lashes out at Takano who looks a lot like Saga…….Ritsu is traumatized by having a sexual dream about his boss and dies all over his desk. Takano plays with Ritsu’s emotions a little and all the other co-workers think the newbie Ritsu is working out great. Going back to the “dream” Saga is seen also following and being interested in Ritsu in the three year period of time. THE END!


I think Ritsu needs to dream a little bigger next time..

Actual yaoi?! BE STILL MY HEART!!! After waiting and suffering through shows that were supposed to have a bit of boyXboy vibe to them I get boy kisses and boy sex and this isn’t even episode one yet! Thank you anonymous for telling me this wonderful OVA was out.


All just a dream...or is it?

I don’t even think I am that bummed that it was ALL A LIE. I really was thinking OH this is a side story about other characters and episode 1 will really be about the main characters. Really this episode should have been released on April 1st. XD

Should I even talk about this episode since it was all a dream? SURE XD Boy on boy action should always be talked about. And talk about vivid dreams folks. That and it will fun to see how different the boys are in real life verses the magical dream of high school love.


Dreams and nightmares are separated by a very thin line.

(However according to the summary of this series maybe it wasn’t all a dream…which kind of makes it romantic in a way? And we can see how this might have changed Ritsu personality. I am just going to type an entire paragraph in here okay?) Anyway time will tell and I will only blog on what I saw in THIS episode, not what we might learn later.


Well as long as everyone is having fun who cares? XD

XO Although…..sex on the first date. And I wouldn’t even call that a date!! XO Here is some tea time for sexy times? What skanks. Sexy skanks but still. Although it turns out that the boys had been in love with each other for three years and neither had acted on it so one could look at it that way. The romantic, non skanky type of way.


But he had some confidence which is nice.

Ritsu was the typical uke. Actually he might be worse than the typical uke as he could barely put a sentence together when around Saga. While his SORRYS did get annoying after a while they were at least genuine. And I can understand the idea of being nervous around you love. Ritsu has been stalking Saga for years but never thought they would actually speak. So it was cute to see him act all flustered and silly.


Comment for the future!

And I thought Saga SHOULD have acted a little more bugged out about being stalked. He did for a minute about the kitten thing but I think he was more worried that his image might be ruined than the actual stalking. But then at the end it turns out that Saga was aware of the stalking and probably took part in it himself.

That means Saga didn’t just randomly jump in bed with Ritsu and all is okay folks. ALL IS OKAY!


Damn you blanket!

There were no actual sex scene per say. But given the fact we didn’t get kisses for Akira and Luka and Yuki got a friendship handshake a sex scene covered up by a blanket is looking pretty good right now. Beside yaoi is also about the emotion and relationships too folks. It’s not all about the nakedness…although that helps. XD


Well at least one of them was acting awkward...

I liked the awkward day after feelings. Because it was an awkward situation. Being in love with someone for 3 years and being in an undefined relationship with them is another. Saga was acting too cool about the situation while Ritsu was reacting….pretty normally. But Saga accepts this clumsy person and woohoo library make out time.


Why were you dreaming about him indeed Ritsu.

Then BAM Ritsu wakes up in an office setting. Manga I am told from my learnings. Ritsu is the new guy and appears to have a bit of an attitude. He was dreaming about his office supervisor/boss Takano. HMMM does Takano look like someone though? Ritsu though has some anger issues and goes about his day trying to think about this DREAM.

The episode ends with the “dream” playing out from Saga’s point of view. After Ritsu is done being a stalker and goes home Saga does some stalking himself showing that he also was interested in Ritsu the whole time. Which is AWWWWW. AWWWW everyone.



Overall I think this episode was pretty good. It does a great job setting up what the actual anime is going to be about. Is it similar to Shungiku Nakamura‘s previous work Junjou Romantica? Yes and no. The characters are either cool/calm and spazzy/younger. And they are in the book publishing industry too. But the back story is different, there is no older brother connection. And it seems that Ritsu needs to do some remembering and Takano might come out of this looking like the victim.


Am I going to have wait weeks though for the next sex scene?! XO

But ya’ll…yay for yaoi XD


Anonymous said...

I love when you review BL... I think your snark and lulzfactor reaches epic levels XD

OVA was so cute. They did a great job. Chronologically, they took a chunk out of the middle of the manga which is why the dream of Saga Masamune makes no sense in connection with his boss Takano. But it will make sense soon!

The alternate couple in this series is the BEST! But unlike Junjou, where I didn't like the main characters, I enjoy the main couple in this one too. Can't wait for the anime!

Christina said...

Anonymous- Thank you so much for the kind words! I really do try to keep it real and speak what is on my mind. But life wouldn't be that interesting if everyone had polite things to say about everything. Sometimes the truth is best delivered in snark.

Without reading the manga I think this episode was great. But it also makes it look like Ritsu doesn't know Saga and Takano is the same person which might not be what is happening in the manga yes? Also people SPOILERS IN THE COMMENT XD

I enjoyed the side couple in Junjou, it is just I got confused time wise when things happened. As no one ages within this 5/7 year time skips.

Anonymous said...

holy crap, actual progress 0.o good job i was sitting down haha i would have been happy enough with the kiss but hey LOL putting this on my to watch/read list as well...it does seem similar to junjou, even the animation but i enjoyed that one so interesting to see how this one turns out.

and i second that first comment, great review xD

Anonymous said...

>But it also makes it look like Ritsu doesn't know Saga and Takano is the same person which might not be what is happening in the manga yes?

I re-watched it (for er... science), and Ritsu wakes up chastising himself for dreaming about Takano. So by then he has made the connection between his "stupid dreams" and "stupid Takano," which follows what happens in the manga

It was neat that they took an episode that comes up after a lot of back-story and put it in the OVA. I think that is a good way to make old fans squeal and new fans go BY JOVE! INTRIGUE; LET US SEE MORE.

Anonymous said...

where can I watch this anime ? of their realationship in high school I read the manga so I wanna watch the anime but I only found the first episode but it showed them now when their older and its not as cute ! D=

Christina said...

Anonymous 1- A lot of progress indeed. I think it will be a while until we see THAT much....progress again but at least we won't be waiting for the happy sexy times.

And thanks for taking one for the team and watching the episode again. It makes more sense on what exactly is going on. Now it will be fun to watch Ritsu slowly reach the realization on who Takano is.

Anonymous 2- The site I originally watched it on replaced it with episode 1 instead. X__X Here is a not safe for work link that now has the OVA.


But for the rest of the series the men will actually be men and not high school boys so enjoy the OVA while you can!