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To Aru Majutsu No Index Season Two Episode 24: FINAL EPISODE

Rejoice folks because I survived the night at pizza hell. Had we had a normal Saturday night I might not be so okay. We got lucky folks. But if someone who was deemed almost unfireable was sent on a bus to unemployment land my number might be next. XD I laugh through the fear folks.

But we should also rejoice that the Spring Anime Season is upon us. X__X That means
I need to hurry up and finish the Winter Season yes? It just seems like yesterday it was January. But tD


Index is so helpeful! XD

Here is the last episode of To Aru Majutsu no Index Season Two. This won’t be a goodbye forever though since things ended in an OH season three type? Deal. But we will have to wait probably a year for that so let’s enjoy this episode for now. Touma punching people in the face and actual people dying type moments of course.


Spoiler alert! Touma punches people!

Episode Summary: Awaki is looking for the leader of the SkillOut. His name is Ritoku and he finds her rather quickly. Awaki is rather cocky at the start of the fight thinking he would be an easy kill. But Ritoku is wearing a device stolen from Academy City that gives him super strength and speed. Ritoku is able to dodge Awaki throwing stuff at him and he thinks he kills Awaki in the alley. Accelerator then runs into him in a different dirty alley. Ritoku acts like he has great reasons for leading SkillOut and Accelerator decides he will kick his ass quickly. Much like with Awaki Ritoku has an object that will stop Accelerator’s abilities and he ends up eating the dirt. But after some simple moves and gun work Ritoku is the one laying on the ground. Ritoku reveals that he was doing this all to protect someone and Accelerator starts feeling bad for him. Well sorta, as Accelerator says Ritoku is giving Level 0’s bad names and shoots him. But Accelerator takes Ritoku’s cellphone that has a picture of a little girl and says he is going to work some free overtime. While walking home from this task Accelerator runs into a drunky drunk Misaka’s momma. He is nearly assaulted by her but manages to get away. Touma is not so lucky as Misaka momma basically throws herself on him. Index is upset at the situation because I guess she doesn’t remember momma. But Touma gets Misaka momma back in the taxi and on to the destination she wanted to go.


You mean people who kill your leader CAN'T be trusted? I am shocked!!

Accelerator gets a call from Mitsuki and is ordered to come home. When Accelerator is like um no his power gets turned off. Mitsuki also tells Accelerator that Misaka’s momma is in town to help evacuate all the student from Academy City before the war breaks out. Accelerator decides the best way to make Aleister unhappy is to safe Momma. Touma gets a call from Misaka Momma as she is being attacked by SkillOut. After killing their leader they were told to go kill Misaka’s Momma or the rest of them would be toast. Aleister thinks the students leaving the city would be bad or something. Touma runs to help and Accelerator sees him but decides to help rescue Momma from the sidelines instead. After some drama Touma gets Momma away from most of the SkillOut people. One still remains and he gives a speech on why they are doing this all. Touma is like stop giving us Level 0’s a bad name and they proceed to punch each other’s faces in. At the end of the day Touma wins. Momma says she is not going to take Misaka out of the city now because Touma is there to protect her thus the hit on her life is called off. Instead of being pissed at GROUP Accelerator learns they hate Aleister too so he is like count me in too. AS the season comes to an end everyone is shown doing peaceful things except Touma. He is punished by Index for some random reason or another! THE END!

Well folks that episode was ten kinds of special. Sorta like the writers/creators woke up one day and realized OH CRAP this is episode 24 and we need to finish now?!!! Rushed and special really sum up this episode well.


I would be like um bye now!

I am not sure why Awaki was in the picture. Like did Aleister look through the yellow pages and decided to pick the most uncontrollable and unpredictable people? Why yes crazy girl who randomly steals suitcase and blame others for her problems, come be a part of my new organization to protect the city. Oh and crazy level 5 (or 4 now?) boy that was tortured under my watch. Yes please come and do my bidding as I know you love authority figures and such.


Can't catch a break can she?

But yes Awaki being there was special. She hasn’t been redeemed at all like some people so her popping back up was slightly random for me. But her getting her ass kicked by a Level 0 person was hilarious. Accelerator and Kuroko pretty much had her eating dirt in her last appearance and she can’t even beat one Level 0. Of course that Level 0 was wearing that technically gave him powers……XD Still. It amused me.


Wee everyone is getting their asses kicked yay!!!

Ritoku didn’t have enough screen time for me to care about him. If he was fighting for some greater cause I didn’t see it. Just the same old crap, people have powers (or better powers) and we hate them so we are going to beat them up so they don’t use their power for evil. Not sure how they are proving the point about NOT using powers for evil when they go about that in an equally evil way. But since Ritoku was holding a cellphone with a picture of a little girl his intentions are OBVIOUSLY pure and he is misunderstood and crap.


Targets being...everyone?

Which makes me a little RARW. It is clear that we spent way too much time of previous arcs and this one got really shafted. Mhhh shafted. I think Ritoku had more of a story to tell. I think he and Accelerator did have more in common and that could have been shown more. Yes they both have tiny people to protect but both are a product of the ugly side of Academy City and both were being used by crazy adults in their lives.

Also I thought Ritoku killed himself but according to the ultimate source that is Wiki Accelerator killed him? I mean either way home slice is dead and Accelerator has been running around and killing tons of people in the last 24 hours but I thought he and Accelerator were having a moment. That Ritoku knew he was going to lose anyway and decided to have some HONOR and kill himself. I don’t know, I guess if Accelerator did kill Ritoku he probably didn’t want to as his hand was forced.


Wait what girl?

But the entire 5 seconds Accelerator spent helping Ritoku’s sister was wasted. Of course I assume it was his sister as NOTHING WAS EXPLAINED. Not who this girl is, why Ritoku felt the need to go against the City for her, and what Accelerator did for/to her. Because we got a deadline to keep and saving tiny children is not a part of it guys.


Wasn't this punishment enough?

No Accelerator rescuing this random girl was only used as a punishment by Mitsuki. Things weren’t making 100 percent sense as SkillOut, the people Accelerator was sent to attack, were also recruited by GROUP to go kill someone else. I guess it just depends when the hiring was done but it seems like crazy talk to me. Like okay so I just got done killing your leader and fellow people so if you do me this favor I will spare the rest of you? Okay I believe you evil floating man in a tube!


I am here to save you kids. Don't you feel safe?!?!?!

Drunk moms are not funny to me. Well most of the time drunk people are X__X but when an adult is drunk and a child/teenager has to take care of them it makes me roll my eyes. Also why was Misaka’s mom getting drunk when she had a very important task at hand? She wanted to get kids out of Academy City, moreso her own daughter, and she is walking around the town drunk and lost. Maybe the pressures of the impending war got to her but getting drunk is not the answer.


Why would that be a problem...?

It was explained by Eternia that some major plot points were left on the side of the road. Mainly why the students last week were referring to a war when um…what war? What was not explained in the episode last week was the Vatican broadcasted to the world the “angel” in Academy City and other Christian nations were outraged by the crazy. Thus there is tension between the rest of the world and Academy City and some parents want to rescue their kids before they become splat cakes. See how things make sense folks?


Glad to see Accelerator has priorities people. XD

I am glad that Accelerator finally saw Touma again. Almost like a crazy game of cat and mouse. I am sure it pleased him to no end that ended up helping Touma AND Misaka at the same time. XD But it was nice that Accelerator was able to put aside his revenge against Touma so he could get revenge against Aleister by saving someone. Kids grow up so fast these days.


Yay for making sense this time!

This week I thought Touma’s epic speech was on point and necessary. I don’t say that often Touma so rejoice. But punching in Mr. Level 0’s face was on a level playing field and made sense. People with awesome powers eventually getting beaten by a single punch can be…special at times. But Touma was just the same as his opponent this time and normal people tend to get taken down by blows to the head. And Touma had the right to say everything he said to that dude. SkillOut does bring down every level 0 out there. Instead of helping the cause SkillOut just makes things worse for all thus it is time for punching.


Accelerator has friends now AWWW!

This season ended on a rather weird note. It felt very rushed but they needed to finish this SkillOut/Misaka’s mom drama AND show everyone before the episode ended. We got Accelerator wanting to be a part of GROUP now because they actually want to get revenge on Aleister too and this is all just smoke and mirrors. We got washing machine shenanigans and Misaka Misaka recovering in the hospital. Basically we had a small slice of every character who was shown this season doing something ending with Index eating Touma’s head. Everyone say AWWW!


Such a happy ending.

As a whole I think season one was slightly better than season two. But I think the rushed ending of this season is really weighing that opinion. I don’t mind the show having a darker turn and science and magic having a war. Just….perhaps MENTIONING why they were going to war would have been helpful. That being said I am on board for season three. Hopefully it doesn’t take a full year to get that season and maybe things won’t be so mushed? Just maybe anyway.


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Christina... I am sooo sorry for hijacking your post, but I didn't know if you knew: the Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi OVA came out (prelude to the anime which starts on April 8th) and it was too wonderful not to share:

Part 1

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Anonymous- Thank you so much for the heads up! I enjoy hijacking, especially when it brings such good news. Episode post is now up. YAY FOR YAOI!

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