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New Anime Series! Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko episode 1

Dear Sonja Morgan. You and Tyra Banks can take a rocket ship to the sun and no one would care. Really Sonja. Really. My hate for Tyra Banks is deep but after seeing you go on and on about how a marriage equality march was about YOU all respect went out the window and you can join 5 finger forehead in the shame corner. This is my disappointed face. Love people who watch too much reality TV.

In other news I went to work today and no one hit my car. That might not sound like a big deal but since two of my co-workers were involved in hit and runs this week I thought my turn might be next. But since last year someone ran into my car in the parking lot and ran I might have already paid my dues. Still yay for being alive.


Behold every school in Japan has beautiful cherry blossoms around it!

Bringing up the rear on Tenchi’s Spring Anime List is the crazy anime Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko. And if people thought the synopsis was weird they really need to watch the episode. Spoilers for pizza eating aliens that don’t grant wishes!


Um what about the sparkles?

Episode Summary: The opening scene has a young girl walking weird though a city and she is talking about aliens. Point of interest is a dog barking at her. Elsewhere Makoto boards a train to start his new life in the city. He is being sent to live with his Aunt Meme whom he thinks lives alone and works all the time. He thinks this will set up his life to be cushy and shojo manga like. He calculates his interactions and events in life in terms of points. He gets to the city and it is apparent he has never met said Aunt Meme. She is a bit crazy and Makoto tries to take everything in, even when Meme talks about how the city is guarded by aliens. When arriving home Makoto can’t help but notice a person laying in a huge mattress on the floor. He is uncomfortable that his Aunt says nothing so he says nothing as well. But he can only ignore the crazy mattress monster for so long and at dinner questions his Aunt on who THIS is. Meme is like oh just ignore that and later claims that thing is her daughter. Meme only pays attention to the mattress creature when she ruins dinner.


And meet her you did...

After that brief drama runs away and goes back to his normal life in the country. Or not since the series would end. Instead he goes to school, but not before seeing mattress monster’s room. At school there are a few girls he thinks are hot but nothing major happens. When returning home from school Makoto tries to talk to his mattress cousin Erio. She mumbles about frequencies and such while Makoto thinks she is just crazy. He thinks there is a glimmer of hope that she might be normal when she orders pizza but reconsiders when Erio eats the pizza in her mattress. Meme calls and says she will not be home for dinner and advises Makoto to ignore Erio. Instead he takes Erio out on his bike to get some dinner as he did eat her pizza. He refuses to take her into the store with the mattress and Erio decides she will take it off as she is an official research of aliens or something. ON WITH THE SPARKLES! Yes as Erio sparkles she explains Earth is being watched and she is one of the observes. And Makoto is like yes take me to your leader. THE END!!

I…..what? I…I don’t even know folks. I will blog this episode while rewatching Survivor. Because nothing else is on TV and I enjoy Boston Rob running the show.


Alien indeed.

So I have come to the conclusion that Makoto is the actual alien. Not the aunt and not the girl wearing the mattress over her body. Makoto. And here is my thinking.



He talks a lot. Yes we know people/anime characters (Touma) that talk a lot. Maybe too much. And sometimes these people don’t many any sense. But Makoto has decided he wants to be an anime character. Granted he IS one and that is part of the HAHAHA about him. But the fact he lives his life with points, like he is trying to make achievements in a game and thinks life will be perfect due to shojo manga like scenarios that are coming this way. Maybe he should have researched things more as things NEVER going perfectly in shojo mangas. So Makoto is an alien for thinking a fantasy world (anime) could become his reality.


Do I know you?

Makoto has never met his aunt before moving to town. Oh okay. I really believe this scenario. Especially since there was a picture of them together. Unless that is a picture of Makoto’s father who looks exactly like him….but in any event oh okay. Do I see my Aunts or Uncles often? No but I have met them. I understand in Japan land even living a few hours apart spells the end of most relationships but COME ON. Surely a wedding or a funeral brought the families together at one point. So Makoto and his formalness with his Aunt is weird. Perhaps more understandable in the Japanese culture but the interaction between Makoto and his aunt were X__x to me.


Apparently they already took your brain.

Makoto not saying anything for hours about the mattress monster was the strongest evidence that Makoto is the alien. Like what normal human being would walk by a twitching monster on the floor and say nothing? Obviously something was going on and Makoto relying on Meme for answers is a cop out. Like I am not going to wait for someone to bring up the insanity that is the mattress monster. I am going to bring it up myself!


It is time to run away from the mattress monster.

Makoto interacting with said mattress monster Erio cements my thought that Makoto is completely off his rocker and has decided to worship his alien queen. He decides to eat and interact with someone who consumes food via the top of a mattress. He allowed Erio to bypass the question of HEY are you my cousin? question because…he is insane. And instead of running away from her sparkly self after her alien speech…he is like yep you are an alien. I believe you. Fo sho.

In conclusion Makoto is probably an alien.


Oh NOW everything makes sense. My bad.

Or or….Makoto is a crazy person but given the other two people in this series he will be painted as the AWW poor boy living with the insane people. But since I have seen the Real Housewives of Every Single City Ever I know when I see crazy. Makoto is just less of a crazy than everyone else.


That being your daughter....

Since Makoto is probably not an alien, just a disturbed boy living with crazy people what do I think about everyone else? Aunt Fountain of Youth was…special. Perhaps she has a reason for ignoring her precious mattress daughter. Maybe Meme should have told Makoto that reason so she wasn’t painted as a crazy child abuser. Or maybe Meme thinks her real daughter was abducted by aliens and this replacement is not worth talking to. Or maybe she really isn’t the mother. Again Makoto is amazing for not knowing he even had a cousin. I think Makoto’s parents need to spend more time with the family.

I think I might get a headache though if Meme talks in riddles too. Makoto is keeping track of youth points and Erio thinks she is an alien. I can’t handle Meme…..well doing what she does. Maybe the school people can provide real conversations? That is if Makoto doesn’t scare them all away with his rating system.


You gave her too much credit...

This now leads us to the person who actually thinks they are an alien. Erio. I am not sure how much I can say about a person who spent 95 percent of the episode wrapped up like a sushi roll. We are supposed to think she is weird and well…she is. Anyone who spends their entire day wrapped up like a pastry might have a few screws loose. So yes Eiro is weird.


Type two people. TYPE TWO!!

More information is needed before I can fully access the weirdness of Eiro. What are her reasons for believing she is an alien set to observe Earth? The very few details Eiro gave Makoto today were very elaborate. Not saying I believe them but it wasn’t some random piece of fluff. I am not sure how the mind of a crazy person works but she put some effort into her story so I admire that. However I will take away points for her not coming up with a better way of shielding her outward appearance.

I am not quite sure what to make of this….weird show. I do think Eiro’s voice will take some getting used to. But I guess if Makoto was totally against the alienness that would be boring as many male protagonists are portrayed as Debbie downers when it comes to the weird.

I shall blog this crazy show for now. But next Thursday will be all about magical girls dying all over the place WOOHOO!!!

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