Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Kore wa Zombie desu ka episode 12 FINAL EPISODE!

Can people stop talking about the train wreck that is Charlie Sheen and talk about Japan? Like I am super disappointed that there has been no major fundraiser for Japan like there was for Haiti. Granted Haiti was pretty messed up after their tsunami but stars were falling over themselves to donate and make it public. Now all I hear about in regards to Japan is how it is affecting us Americans. All I can hope is that people are donating, just not on as public a scale.

Putting aside that personal RARW moment it is time to finish up this Winter Anime Season as Madoka has been putting on hold for who knows how long. XO We need to finish up this season before the next one starts. So here we go Kore wa Zombie desu ka!!!


Everyone is made of Jell-O woohoo!!!

There are some major warning for this episode folks. Like…insanity times 100. Also girls in band aid bathing suits but we were already expecting that yes?


The true magic lies in the fact her armor never rusts.

Episode Summary: The episode starts off with our heroes skipping down the street because Haruna won tickets to an indoor pool. Upon arriving Haruna is pissed because Sera is wearing stamps over her nipples and men are obviously looking. Even Yuu and her school issued swimsuit is looking sexier than her. Ayumu doesn’t question why Yuu would own a school issued swimsuit and sets to staring at all the women. The women include Yuki and her friends as they show up too. They play nice with Yuu which makes Ayumu happy. And everyone has their boobies bouncing everywhere so that makes him happy. To escape punish from staring too hard Ayumu goes to get a drink. There he passes a random stage with an idol singing. The idol is Saras, the vampire ninja who wants Sera dead for betraying their clan. Ayumu’s perverted friend explains how Saras became an instant success and some random idol information. Ayumu is unimpressed but becomes concerned when Sera learns of this foolishness. Sera POOFS on stage and yells at Saras for exposing herself to people and not following the ninja vampire code. Saras then challenges her to an idol-off. Like is Sera can become more popular than her she will go back to being normal. I have no idea.


Poor Sera will never be normal again HOW SAD!!

Ayumu watches as the crowd goes wild over the two vampire ninja girls singing and eventually stripping. Haruna walks on by and is terrified that Sera will one day leave them for the light and sparkles of idol land. Haruna does the logical thing and decides to debut as an idol too. Some random manager back stage goes bonkers over the new girl on stage and Sera and Saras are reduced to being back up dancers. Ayumu contemplates killing himself over all the stupidity. Yuu walks up and expresses that she also wants to randomly start singing a song too. Ms. Magic Teacher shows up and transfers Yuu’s powers to Ayumu so Yuu will be able to sing without killing everyone. Yuu makes her debut on a pool high jump thing. The crowd also loves her despite the fact she is actually wearing clothes. When the power transfer fails after ten seconds Haruna helps Yuu in sharing magic power and with singing the song. Ayumu is happy that Yuu is happy. This happiness also lasts 10 seconds as Ayumu accidentally wishes all the women would dress sexy and POOF everyone is wearing bandaids over their nipples. Ayumu is punished and life moves on. But Ayumu is happy with his lot in life and pay no attention to the OBVIOUS MAGIC GIRL as he walks home from school to be with his harem. THE END!


Super practical swimsuits for all!!!

I was expecting this episode to have fan service and to be one of the stupidest things I have ever seen in my life. And I am here to say….my expectations were blown out of the water. Never could I have imagined such a train wreck. This episode was written by someone on crack, drunk, and possibly suffering from a concussion. Winning folks. WINNING!


Ayumu can grow boobies too if he just BELIEVES!!!

I was actually only expecting swimming pool shenanigans. Tops falling out, Sera busting out everywhere, and Ayumu falling into someone’s chest. And I am pretty surprised I only got busting out Sera. Well near the end it was busting out everyone but you know. The typical on let me fall on the naked girl moment didn’t happen. Instead everything else that is ridiculous in the world happened WOOHOO!


Why is she in the credits if she only had 3 lines the entire series?

12 episodes later and that brown hair girl is still not important though. She is so not important I forgot her name. I thought she was going to make a play for Ayumu after Yuki had a confession moment but nope. She is just too boring for words and in this episode she was just another pair of boobies.


This is totally normal folks. I believe this.

Also I expected Ayumu to get punished for his STARING more. Here is where I am a hypocrite. Like I wouldn’t want men looking at me like that. But when one is dressed SO provocatively it would be silly to be shocked when people do stare. But since Ayumu was staring at Yuu when he was punished it was funny. And I am pretty sure I am making no sense now as I should be on team DO NOT MAKE WOMEN IN MEAT but still think Sera was dressed ridiculously. I have let the women down. Bad Tenchi.


Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!

So while the swimming part was really low key the rest of the episode was a hot mess. But it was entertaining because it was so stupid I think. Like oh a random concert in the middle of an indoor swimming pool. This is super plausible. Oh and it is a vampire ninja! Because this makes sense. And suddenly the indoor swimming pool place can hold thousands of crazy fanboys that weren’t there before and couldn’t be heard before. YES FOLKS!


My Kira does not sparkle like that :(

When I think of Japanese idols I don’t really think of vampire ninjas named Saras. But since we the audience know of her true personality it was all the more ridiculous. Yes crazy fanboys cheer for the girl who is ACTUALLY telling you what thinks. Like die, I hate you all scum, ect. Maybe that is what some boys like. It is somewhat refreshing from the innocent AW I just want to lock her in a box and protect her type of girl.



I think I was on Sera’s side though. She got crap for not wanting to kill Yuu, that she betrayed her clan. But then this fool Saras is singing in front of some humans and bring attention to herself when she is supposed to be living in the shadows. Now granted if you want to yell at someone about living in the shadows perhaps you should do that in the shadows but Sera was too shocked to think straight.


It is amazing how Sera just KNOWS the lyrics to this random song.

Oh and I also liked that Ayumu thought that this was a hot mess. His perverted friend was bringing enough creepy fanboy to the party so I guess Ayumu had to be the voice of reason. But I think I would have been more disturbed if Ayumu was going along with this craziness.


A girl is singing? INSTANT IDOL!

This entire series has felt like satire on a great deal of topics. We got a magical girl who doesn’t care about human causalities. We got a vampire ninja who only has ONE ATTACK. And we got the most powerful person on Earth who can’t do anything because she is that powerful. So in this episode, as a last AHA moment they decided to make fun of idols and the people who get caught up in the idol frenzy. Because fame can be obtained instantly and forgotten the very next moment.


Apparently Yuu is from the internet.

Yuu singing I think was just an excuse for Ayumu to wear another stupid outfit. And the other girls were singing too so Yuu couldn’t be left out. It was nice that the crazy fanboys like a normal girl too, after all the drama of…well the entire episode.


Be amazed at Ayumu's dignity.

And that is about it for this special, special anime series. I was never watching because I thought it was going to be spectacular. I watched because it sounded like a train wreck. And since I am queen of Sci-Fi original movies I know a good train wreck when I see it. Overall this show was stupid, entertaining, and crazy. So overall I got out what I expected from this show. A nice anime that didn’t have little girls having their heads bitten off. But it probably won’t be winning any awards any time soon. Unless there is some kind of cross dressing award. Then WOOHOO you win Ayumu! WINNING!


Hints at season two?


Eternia said...

I liked this the instant I watched episode 1, and I have never regretted it, hehe. No, it's not a great anime at all, it's totally wrecked, it totally doesn't make any sense, but it's a good time killer compared to little girls massacre show. So... who's that pink haired girl? I wanna see season 2!

Christina said...

Eternia- I think since we went in with the attitude it would be a trainwreck everything was fine. Our expectations were low and we knew this was not going to be magical. Thus we were able to watch this and kill time without feeling robbed.

The pink hair girl acted like she knew him so I am wondering what is up too. How many women does Ayumu need?!