Sunday, April 24, 2011

A Channel episode 3

So after the much anticipated wait of Madoka….I am not sure how I will look at anime for a while. After all that things seem kind of normal right? Which really isn’t fair to the other animes of the world right now but that is how I feel. Sorry Spring 2011 Anime season. There is no way to can live up to the hype of the Torturing Homura for 12 Episodes anime.


And then later that night MOG DEAD BODY!!!! *doink doink*

Of course I don’t think that A Channel is an amazing anime anyway. XD What a way to start off this post right? But I think even if I wasn’t on the MOG MADOKA high right now A Channel would still just be okay. Not bad, not amazing. Just a show to watch and waste a little time on.

With that said on to the spoilers of mediocre!


Oh hi I am here to steal your kids. Pay no attention to me.

Episode Summary: Tooru picks up Run as she goes to school. This time Run is wearing panties but accidentally steals a kindergartener. At school Run is very impressed with the new invention of coffee. Rumor has it that coffee has the ability to wake people up in the morning. After this amazing discussion the girls go to Tooru who is doing early morning duties in her own classroom. Tooru is embarrassed when a new side of her is shown, one that is…..normal and respectful. Later Tooru is rewarded when she shares a book with her classmate. Said classmate is naked Yukata and is apparently a huge fan of Tooru’s. Yukata tries to spend time with Tooru and buy her drinks but Tooru is scared of the girl. Later Run runs into the suspicious looking dude from the last episode. Turns out he is either the new health teacher or nurse, not sure. But he is in love with Run’s forehead and Nagi is put off by his weirdness. Later Run shows off her new music players (Probably an Ipod 15 or something) and Nagi goes postal when Run knows nothing about it.

While trying to run away from Yukata Tooru goes to the old girl’s room to find out they are in gym. The random song plays and once again we feel bad for Tooru. In the locker room Nagi is outraged that bloomers are just like underwear. Gym is boring though so who really cares. Despite the fact Yukata creeps put Tooru she continues to help the girl. Miho, another girl in class, ends up trying to keep Yukata away from Tooru. Nagi receives a quite deadly scrape to the knee and Yuko insists they go to the infirmary. There they find creepy heath teacher dude passed out. He wakes up and acts perverted. After once again being bothered by Yukata Tooru runs to her older friends and hugs them all. THE END!


Coffee...wakes people up? ALERT THE MEDIA!!!!

-Those who stalk others are very uncomfortable with being stalked themselves.

-Wearing gym bloomers are exactly the same as wearing underwear and yet it took until 2011 for an anime character to voice her concern over this fact.

-It is more naughty to cover up your bloomers with your T-shirt than showing your bloomers and your butt.

-Big shiny foreheads are the new sexy fetish.

-When some creepy teacher acts creepy towards your friend keep this information inside your group and do not inform another adult.

-Anime can make everything fun, even stretching in gym class.

-Sweaters are capable of stretching over ten feet and showing little to no damage.

-People are stupid enough to buy the latest technology without the slightest idea how to use it just because it is cool.

-Coffee is made for waking people up! XO Shocker.

-Being a freshmen is a distant memory for most people, especially those in their second years.

-Watching your friend turn in papers is a super cool way to spend your free time!

-100’s of zeros of people die each year from scrapes on the knee.


If you are not wearing your contacts how can you see where you are running?


Um I don't think sweaters are supposed to do that...


Oh this expensive piece of equipment? I just wanted to see what it looked like on the inside.


Time to get an adult!!! One that doesn't like shiny foreheads of course.


She is lucky to be alive folks.


I know this might shock you but bikini tops are just like bras!!! XO

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