Thursday, April 28, 2011

Japan Trip 2011: ONE WEEK TO GO! Extra annoying Tenchi time!


This is me losing my mind.

Oh the royal wedding is in a few hours?........Sorry. XD Got other things on my mind. But really with all the hype I thought the wedding was ACTUALLY going to be watchable in the states. I mean I know there is a major time difference but from how people were talking I assumed the wedding was in the evening and we could watch it at a reasonable hour here (here the United States). But no folks starts at like 4 am here. So either everyone is a moron talking about watching the wedding or a lot of people aren’t going to work tomorrow.

BACK TO JAPAN!!! XO Also sorry for being annoying. XD Really I just can't contain myself much longer and I think if I talk about it anymore at work I might be the one murdered. XD

Time flies when you aren’t planning your trip right. There is so much to do and so little time to do it. Add in that people are trying to make me go to jail at work and everything is all X__X. But I will not give in to temptation. I will not murder people despite the fact that they suck. And maybe..just maybe my friend they will be fired/gone by the time I get back?


All this to do and I am just sitting in front of my computer! X__X I must be crazy.


Research the best exchange rate. I have heard going with our own personal debit cards/ATMs are the best bet but just want to make sure.

Call the bank and tell them we are going out of town. And that I have used my ATM card twice in my life and no longer know the password. Because I rock.

Call the pharmacy because when I asked for a 3 month prescription on something I thought it would fall in between the trip. Obviously not though.

Clean the entire house because 7 days after we get back from Japan the relatives are coming to town for the wedding of my DEAR brother and my house has been chosen as a meet point.

Find a power cable that is two prong. Everything in the house is 3 X__X

Slowly detach my cellphone from my hand as it has to stay home. 200 dollar data plan? Buying a calling plan that makes the minutes $1.12 each? NO THANKS!

Find a super detailed map of Tokyo as the iPhone will also be out of commission.

Buy a memory card for the new camera that we have used…once.

Finalize the calendar of events. MAKE THE HUSBAND PICK SOMETHING!

Find some way to get to the airport without it costing a million dollars.

Pack. And repack. And triple check.

Pry the little baby cats from my arms. XO MY POOR BABIES!!

Check the mail obsessively for our Ghibli museum vouchers. HURRY AND GET HERE!!!

Finish the last minute shopping. Will customs stop us for having 5 boxes of Froot Loops?

Blog one last week of anime shows so I am not TOO behind when I come back.

Reassure my mother…and everyone else that we are not going to die.

Is that it folks? Have I forgotten anything? XO Losing my mind, losing my mind.
But I am also excited beyond words. I don’t think it has really sunk in yet. My mind is too crazy to even think about the absolute fun of traveling for 23 hours straight weeeeee.

One week folks. Then no more driving, no more work, no more drama. Just having fun with the husband for 25 days straight. Hopefully we only spend half that time being absolutely lost without hope. XD

T-Minus 7 days!!!

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