Friday, April 1, 2011

Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica episode 11: HOLY CRAP


Maybe if you made a contract with me episode 11 would appear?

XD Was that too much? After working 11.5 hours today with only a 5 minute mind broke and I wanted to share the evil?

Of course there is no bigger April Fool's going on that can beat Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica itself. From the HAHA Mami loses her head moment to the creator "apologizing" for misleading viewers this show has had tons of drama connected to it. And now that we are into week three with no episode 11 in sight the joke may be on all of us.


The happiness was a lie.

Of course I do realize and acknowledge that many animes were delayed due to the tragedy in Japan. But almost all shows are back on the air and trying to finish out the season before the Spring Anime Season starts. So at this point one of the most watched and X__X shows of the season is being delayed just to toy with us. Or make us suffer.

This probably would have been funnier earlier in the day. But I was aiming on only being 5 minutes late to work today. XD APRIL FOOLS! However this show is punking us more than any other prank today so truly it is the winner. Its winning folks.


Anonymous said...

The show hasn't been canceled, calm down. Urobuchi (i don't think that is spelled right :P) has said that he put the show on hiatus for a short time after the earthquake, and that he is glad he had the chance to do so because now he is working to make the last two episodes as good as possible. we should see the last two episodes come out some time in April. Personally, id prefer everything be made as good as possible and as in line with the creators views as possible. can't wait to see how it ends.

Anyway, thats just what i heard from other sources.

Christina said...

Anonymous- I just hope sooner rather than later the episodes do come out. There is a new rumor (forgot where I read it) that the episodes might not air AT ALL and it will be released straight to DVD.