Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Kore wa Zombie desu ka episode 11


That has been my face for the past couple of weeks. Now normally when things hit the fan at work I think to myself what a wonderful world. No no, I really think XX days to Japan. And unless you have been living under a rock that might not be happening and if it does it would feel wrong of me to feel excited. So basically it is hard for me to get through the day at work when my reward is not in sight.


Behold the magic.

That being said at least anime is starting to roll out of Japan in an attempt to catch up before the Spring Anime Season. Not that anyone cares about 99 percent of the shows. It is just that ONE SHOW that is keeping us wondering about what will happen. But this is a Kore wa Zombie desu ka post. So on with the dead people!


Hide and seek with body parts!

Episode Summary: Yuki, Haruna, and Sera search the city looking for Ayumu parts. Once all the parts are placed in the same area they slither back together. They call the process gross but also spend a lot of time staring at his glowing penis. When Ayumu doesn’t wake up Haruna and Yuki want to kiss Ayumu back to life while Sera gives him poison. Ayumu still doesn’t wake up and Sera thinks Ayumu doesn’t want to wake up. In Ayumu’s mind his dreams are driving him to sadness. All the girls are calling him a loser and that they are better off without him. Woe is depressed Ayumu. Ms. Magic Teacher comes by and Haruna cries about how Ayumu being unconscious is her fault. Magic Teacher says that Haruna still has magic in her and puts Haruna to sleep. Haruna arrives in Ayumu’s dream just in time to save him from dream versions of Haruna. She smashes them away and basically calls Ayumu a loser for not waking up and people need him. Ayumu sees through the anger and wakes up as Haruna cries over him.


Aw aren't they so cute when they aren't awake!

Sera gets a present from her former clan person. Only Sera can use this item as she has had Yuu’s blood before. Ayumu and his naked self look outside and trouble is afoot. King Night has taken Yuu to Tokyo Tower and is like bybye city time! Ayumu and Haruna go to the tower while Sera waits outside. Yuu is forced to summon a huge monster that allows ghosts and whale monsters to float around in the sky. Sera’s new item is a special violin that can apparently destroy these creatures. When they become too much for her Sera’s old clan and Yuki’s clan show up (all wearing maid uniforms) and play an orchestra of fail. But it protects the city. Inside King Night says he just wants to die. Ayumu is pissed about how King Night is talking and tries punching him. When that doesn’t work Haruna and Ayumu both transform.


Second time she has transformed this season folks!

Before anyone can really cheer Haruna is blasted off at the speed of light. But they did manage to put some damage in on King Night before that happened. Then King Night and Ayumu take turns beating each other to a pulp why Yuu cries. King Night just wants to die and Ayumu starts screaming that King Night doesn’t understand Yuu. King Night says that Ayumu will change his mind once he has lived forever. Ayumu then punches King Night in the face and Yuu pulls him back. Once King Night’s face regenerates he asks Ayumu not to hate Yuu when he does grow tired of life. Then Yuu decides that she is going to kill King Night. He asks to be a penguin when he dies and poof he goes. After Yuu has her sad second Ayumu demands that Yuu stay with him forever. Yuu then SPEAKS and says Ayumu will be sad if she stays with him. Ayumu is like that’s okay, my life is weird and OH you talked. Then Haruna comes back from being zapped across the world. Everyone goes home and discussion of the beach happens. Magical. THE END!

Well folks…at least Sera didn’t become a magical girl too right?

Next week’s episode looks to be a throw away episode. WOOHOO the beach fun type of deal. So this is the end of the plot and things that make “sense”. I do not think sadness fills my heart.

And while everything ended on a positive note it was……unnecessary drama. King Night wanted to die and Yuu ended up killing him. But instead of doing that right away she acted all SAD AND SPECIAL and basically put the entire city at risk for no reason. Good job folks. Good job Yuu.


Just staring at the naked man....

Putting Ayumu back together was fun. His penis scares me a bit. Not sure I would want to have relations with that sparkly mess. STDS are serious business folks. I was also impressed the girls were all looking at the sparkly penis and were more grossed out by his limbs being put back together than his general nakedness. Priorities folks.


Necessary nudity folks!

This falls under necessary nudity. Not that I am being a hypocrite or anything. If a girl got her self blown up I would expect the pieces to be naked. So while the sparkles were special Ayumu being naked makes sense. As much sense as his limbs crawling back together can make anyway.


Um what about Yuu? The girl who left?

Ayumu being trapped in a sad little dream was a bit hard to swallow. Haruna and Sera say crappy thing about him every day. Had the dream just been about Yuu leaving Ayumu and various forms of that it would have been more believable. Might have been rather quiet with Yuu not talking and all but it would have been better than Haruna and Sera beating on Ayumu. That shouldn’t get to Ayumu at this point.


One must really look for the maturity people.

I think Haruna matured a bit in this episode. As much as Haruna can mature anyway. She has feelings for Ayumu as seen with her and Yuki trying to kiss Ayumu back to life. But it appears that she has accepted the fact that Ayumu has stronger feelings for Yuu. And instead of being overly selfish about the situation she helped Ayumu out of the dream world and aided him in battle with my King Night. I am not saying she isn’t going to have feelings for him still or won’t flirt with him. But I think she knows her chances with Ayumu are pretty slim and just wants to be around him at this point.


Ninja vampires...playing musical instruments...okay then...

I don’t really want to talk about Sera and her violin playing ways. But like I said earlier at least she didn’t turn into a magical girl too. Just after an entire season of seeing her using flying and sword skills her picking up a violin to slay the hundreds of ghost and whale monster wasn’t happening. They tried shoving this violin crap last episode with it RANDOMLY being mailed to Sera but I am not feeling it. It took forever for our heroes to destroy the last giant whale when actively fighting it. I am not believing all the vampire ninjas coming together like 12th grade band class to soothe away the evil.


Yuu is super impressed with the entire situation.

Oh and when playing their instruments of fail it was apparently necessary to don the ugliest maid outfits ever. It helped the magical ya’ll.


Maybe this show is also making fun of Touma?

Ayumu had a Touma moment this week with the epic speeches. And Ayumu really took lessons from Touma with maybe slightly missing the point. Yuu might not want her friends to suffer but King Night was right. Yuu saving him and making him “immortal” has been a curse. You will watch all your friends and family die….if they stick around because you are never aging and that might be hard to explain. Watching things constantly changing and people being at war all the time can drain a person. Yes there is plenty of things to enjoy in this world and we all think we would love immortality. But until we are in King Night’s shoes it is hard to yell and scream at him.


Maybe you can kill me now?

Well maybe for trying to kill the entire city. Kidnapping Yuu is understandable as she is the only one who could kill him. And maybe killing her friends wasn’t the best way to make an audience like him. But it took all that and more for Yuu to finally kill him. So I am wondering if that is why he killed that random, unexplained person before. Had he told Yuu he really wanted to die and Yuu was too selfish to grant him that wish? If so it is easy to see why he descended into madness.


This show was very serious. More proof right here.

In the end Yuu FINALLY killed King Night. Which is what she should have done the first time he asked but then we wouldn’t have a show. I understand he was her homeboy and maybe she was looking for someone to spend eternity with. But if you love something you should let it go. Or something like that. Point is he was suffering with her “gift” and she should have done the hard task of saying DISAPPEAR.



Oh and this is bull based on zombie rules. It appears that Ayumu put his fist through King Night’s face. The main zombie rule of them all is AIM FOR THE HEAD. You put your fist through the brain and the zombie goes down. LIES! This show is all lies.


And bath time right? Time for bath time older brother?

Of course no one cares about any of this because Yuu TALKED! And while she doesn’t sound like the crazy 10 other girls Ayumu thought she sounded like….she talked. A LOT actually. Like 4 sentences. Not “yes” and “no” but complete sentences. I wonder why she felt it safe to talk now. She still has her talking powers of doom. But it was nice for Ayumu to hear Yuu and her sad self. Also apparently it is selfish to make someone else happy.

After Haruna comes flying through the air everyone goes home and it is cute and lovely. TO THE BEACH ya’ll, like this entire plot didn’t happen. Just……it was very special to me. But if people did things the easy way we wouldn’t have a lot of shows/animes/movies would we?



Eternia said...

That glowing penis is dangerous! And infectious! Hahaha. It's kind of weird why they were able to look at it calmly. Also, Haruna acted like it was nothing when Ayumu came out of the blanket butt-naked. Haruna is more experienced with man than me! Even though she's just a brat with teddy bear panties.
I think... the reason Yuu didn't talk is because her heart was still burdened with all sort of problems.
It should be safe to talk in the first place, as long as she choose her words carefully.

Christina said...

I guess after seeing the inside of his body his glowing penis wasn't the grossest thing about him. But whoa random butt shot there. X__X

You are probably right about the talking thing. She was probably being dramatic about it instead of just being careful. But I guess when you have the ability to say one word and kill someone you don't want to risk slipping up.