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Hakuouki Hekketsuroku episode 9

My thoughts and prayers are still with Japan and the tragedy that has hit them. However I am thankfull things don’t seem as grim as the media paints it to be. People living in Tokyo have been blogging about how life really is in Japan. Granted Tokyo wasn’t hit hard or is suffering as ground zero of the tsunami it is reassuring to know that not all of Japan is in total chaos and suffering.

With the recent events programing in Japan has been a bit hit or miss. Anime of course is probably the first thing to get sent to the bottom of the pile so it should come to no surprise that many shows have been postponed, at least for now. While I am all X___X about waiting any long for Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica episode 11 I understand. Just hope the content stays the same and things don’t got X/1999 hiatus on us.


Oh yes. So happy.

Anime makes my day happier though. Without anything new to blog I will catch up on shows that I had previously fallen behind on. Although I am not sure how happy I will be blogging Hakuouki Hekketsuroku episode 9. We are running out of hot guys folks. That means Chizuru is going to talk more. Help me Lord.


There are only a few of us left, don't kill the rest of my red shirt army!!!

Episode Summary: Hijikata and his new right hand man with the mustache go to Ezo (I believe) and actually WIN a battle. They throw out the new people and declare it the Republic of Oh Crap We are in Trouble. Hijikata thinks back to how their fighting style had to change since the beginning of this craziness. Chizuru is back wherever Hijikata left her and she is going up a hill to tend to the fallen comrades. While trying to pay her respects Chikage comes around and acts like an asshole. He says she is a loser, that Hijikata left her, and says it would be against oni code to fight Hijikata anymore. But then he says he is going to fight him more. OKAY!


The Ghost of Tea Times past.

Hijikata has no time to celebrate as they lose their best ships in a very stupid way. He is also not having fun dealing with being a zombie oni and not having blood to feed on. He even starts to miss Chizuru which obviously means he is crazy. But people start coming to this new land and maybe there is hope for them. Keisuke was worried about Hijikata so he sent for Chizuru. Chizuru gets there and Hijikata is mad for 5 seconds…and then hugs her. He now has a reason to live or something. Chizuru promises to help him in this situation and Hijikata is like woohoo one of my friends is still alive. Then there is some weird scene where Keisuke pretends that Chizuru would make an excellent wife and Hijikata is like no she is MINE!!! Chizuru yells at Hijikata for not taking care of himself and Hijikata LISTENS to her. There is a plan to capture an enemy boat by ramming into it and taking it by force. This ends well. But at least Hijikata is alive folks and Chizuru is there when he arrives back home. Hugs for all. THE END!!!!!


I don't even know what this crazy crap is folks X__X.

…..This show kinda loses its spark when it only has Hijikata being all emo like. I was only in this for the hot guys and right now Hijikata is looking like a broken old man. Go me.


Hijikata can't even win against the rocks and water.

However now that I know what is (sorta) going on history wise I can stop being optimistic that things will end well. Instead I can just go X__X over how many times Hijikata is going to lose. Seriously I would be giving up at this point. How many people you have left from the original crew dude? Does anyone even want you fighting for them?


Behold his full and bright future.

In though things are looking pretty grim and Hijikata is the poster boy of emoness…it would be nice if he showed some lingering sadness over his dead friends. Like all of them. We got Shinpachi who maybe died when I wasn’t looking and that creepy eyebrow dude. THAT IS IT! But he is too busy wearing new clothes and strategizing with people who are taking the Western culture thing too far to mourn over his dead friends properly.


Tired old man face.

Or maybe he is just being a boy. Maybe men can get over the deaths of all their friends faster than women. That seems like it would be necessary in a time of war. Or maybe I am just too sensitive. I can see getting over all the nameless nobodies but…I don’t know. Maybe he is too busy throwing himself in his work and is forcing himself not to think about everything. It’s hard trying to think like a boy.

I want to know whose graves Chizuru was tending to. Not that I am bashing her for that. I just want to know is Okita was considered in the area of sad. HE BETTER BE! If her father, the main problem for half of this show, gets a grave then all my hotties (and not so hottie) deserve graves for their sand bodies.


Congrads Chizuru. You are too pathetic to kidnap yay!!!

Chikage was pretty useless this episode. More like OH HI you didn’t forget about me did ya?! Why yes, yes we did. Because this was not the show I was promised. It was way more history and way less on the zombie oni demon side. But Chikage came and told Chizuru she was basically a loser for liking Hijikata and not leaving to have sex with Chikage. Chikage promises an epic battle folks! Because I am sure what is what Hijikata is in the mood for right after all this fail, to battle a full oni on his own. YAY!


Sorry the position of tea giver outer has already been filled.

I do think Chizuru being all dramatic about being Hijikata’s attendant is comical. Like when has she ever used that sword? When has she done anything other than serve him tea? She should just serve him up a nice cup of her blood and call it a day.


What is this touching thing going on?!?!

However Hijikata hugging Chizuru and being all free with his emotions is a bit creepy to watch. Yes I want him to cry over his dead people but the thought of him hugging Chizuru is weird. But since the last episode is around the corner I guess he has to bring the romance to the show. It’s not like he spent the first 15 episodes treating her like crap or anything.


Orlando Bloom he is not.

The battles are painful to watch. Like fail after fail. Our people (when there was more of them) slice through the enemies like they are nothing and everyone else dies. The enemy wins and our main hotties leave defeated. Just…sadness.

Well folks. I have nearly caught up! One more episode to go. Weird that this season only had 10 episodes but they ran out of hotties to kill I guess. So next week Hijikata will finally lose the war, Chikage will kill him in battle, and Chizuru will cry. I love happy endings.

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