Sunday, March 27, 2011

More Japan Relief News

Yesterday I happily posted that Good Smile Company was donating 1/3rd of the proceeds with their new Support version of Miku Hatsune. Anyone who loves nendoroids and wants to help out Japan should check this out. Every little bit will help and you shall be rewarded for your generosity in the form of a happy cheer leading figurine.

But now two weeks after the disaster more and more companies are releasing products that will donate part or all of the proceeds to helping out Japan. Of course one can always donate directly to the Red Cross by texting to the correct number. But some people like to donate and get a bonus item. As long as the money reaches the cause either way is fine.

Most of these new donation methods were posted by HelloKittyJunkie. Probably the only girl in the world who loves Hello Kitty/cute things more than me. XD But yes thanks to her I became aware of these new method in helping out Japan and I am passing on the news.

Up first is Loungefly. As always they have a lovely selection of Hello Kitty. According to their website the net proceeds will go towards the Relief Effort up until the end of the month. So there is limited time to donate to this cause but if you enjoy (expensive) Hello Kitty products and cute stuff perhaps this is the cause for you.

Over at Mighty Fine they are trying to help Japan out as well. While it doesn't specifically say how much of the money will go towards Japan they do say which charity will receive the money. Which is a positive as some people like to know that information beforehand. The products they are offering are limited edition shirts although they all look like women's shirts.

Next up is Tokidoki. Now the company is helping Japan in two ways. One with products and another with a run. But since most of us can't make the run (which is in a few hours...) we can still donate online. While this company is only offering one shirt (in men's and women's sizes) and a tote 100 percent of the profit will go towards the Relief Effort. And given how expensive Tokidoki usually is the price for the shirt is rather reasonable. Oh Tokidoki are you so expensive because I can't afford another collection?

And lastly is one that is not fully up yet. Gwen Stefani (creator of the Harajuku Lover's Line and the source of my poorness) donated personal money to Japan earlier this week and has plans to create a limited edition Harajuku Lovers shirt. 100 percent of the proceeds will go to help Japan but no picture of the shirt are available. Their website says to stay tune and more details will be available next week. But I am sure it will be super cute since it is Harajuku Lovers.

Due to the fact that celebrities aren't rushing to the TV in support of Japan I am happy that those who love and respect the Japanese and their culture are doing what they can to support them during this disaster. Now my money is still on the Miku nendoroid but with all these new choices I might donate to a second cause. With all these choices I am sure everyone will find a cause to support now. Pass on the word!

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