Friday, March 11, 2011

Sending prayer and love to Japan

As most of you have heard by now parts of Japan have been devastated by a tsunami following the aftermath of the most powerful earthquake to hit the area to date. Images flood our screen as more and more reports come pouring and death count increases every hour. And with the threat of nuclear power plants having a meltdown the people of Japan have a lot to contend with right now.

With all that is going on in Japan it felt disrespectful to blog a happy little post about anime or a new bag or whatever I had planned today. Instead I think today should be focused on praying/sending positive thoughts to the Japanese people. It is amazing how one can wake up in the morning and a few hours later a wave can wash away your entire town/village. Events like this should teach everyone how precious life is and how quickly it can be taken away from you.

On a personal note this event has at least brought to my mind that I am not really aware of what to DO during an earthquake. Which is dangerous and I shall rectify that immediately. However I do feel a littler safer seeing that Tokyo has humongous buildings designed to withstand such a force.

Of course there are other horrible events going on in the world today and should not be forgotten. Hawaii and California were also hit by the same tsunami. Saudi Arabia had what seems to be mostly peaceful and planned protests but still things could change in an instance. And the constant fighting in Libya remains as one of the hot topics in the world.

Still I think the event in Japan is one of the more sobering events. It is something no one can plan for. There is no conflict in this country and there was no way to stop such a disaster. And Japan is one of the leading countries when it comes to disaster preparedness so it hits home. If Japan can be thrown off guard like this what does that say about the rest of the world?

Right now hundreds of lives have been lost and countless more are missing. Millions are homeless and without clean water and food. My heart goes out to these people and I hope that my country will be quick with the rescue and rebuilding effort.


Anonymous said...

I'm joining you in sending positive thoughts and prayers to Japan's people. Since I've never been there, it's funny how much Japan's culture and spirit enriches my life literally on a daily basis. Thank you for this post!

Christina said...

Anonymous- I know what you mean. So much of my hobbies and interests center around stuff that comes out of Japan. Now it is like WOW things can get serious in a minute. I just hope other countries around the world ban together like they did for Haiti and the tsunami of 2004.