Wednesday, March 23, 2011

K-On!! episode 27 SURPRISE!

I would like to start off this post by thanking the wonderful blogger Blindability over at Bokutachi no BLOG. Without their episode 27 post I would have totally missed K-On!! episode 27. Or at least not have realized there was enough an episode until much later. XO So thank you Blindability! In a time where anime episodes are being (understandably) delayed this really brightened my week.

K-On!! is the kind of anime that you can pick up after not watching it for a while. Like it didn’t feel like months since I last saw our Light Music Club girls. It was easy to get back into the world of silliness and ice cream snacks. I see that as a positive with this show but I am not sure how well that would work with more plot driven shows.


Exactly folks. Rejoice that K-On!! is back.

In any event spoilers for crazy travel antics and how one should not a plan a graduation trip before actually passing your final exams.


Everyone say AWWWW!

Episode Summary: It is summer time in K-On!! land. Mugi is back from her vacation and is handing the senior girls beautiful and wonderful souvenirs from her trip. Ui tries to remind Yui that they too went out of the country once when they were younger but Yui can only remember ice cream. But this sparkles the girls interest in going on a post-graduation trip. Azusa questions why the girls are talking about travel plans when they should be studying for their exams but that is set aside as silly talk. The girls go to a travel place and discuss where they want to go on vacation. As the girls apparently won the lottery places like New York, Hawaii, and London are mentioned. But any place with ice cream will do. Trying to narrow down the ideas Azusa goes to a book store where she runs into Nodoka. She too is planning a trip for the student council but they are going to go to Kyoto. Azusa embarrasses herself in a speculator way and Nodoka is polite about it. Later that night Ui decides that her sister in a foreign place might not be a good idea and also goes to the book store.


Did you bring a check? BECAUSE MONEY IS FORBIDDEN!!!

Azusa is called the park where the older girls are practicing being mugged and beating up the intruder. Azusa is very impressed with all the nonsense. The girls then decide to practice their English which goes as well as can be expected. Also Yui might have a career in performance art. Then Mugi is like oh you all have passports right? Seeing how the answer is NO for all the girls Mio researches what they need for their passports and texts the girls the information. On the way to get her passport picture taken Yui and Nodoka run into Sawako who is trying to join a gym. She is all XO at the thought of her girls going on a foreign trip before her old self does. She turns down Yui’s invitation to join them. Instead she will hope for a romantic trip overseas on her honeymoon. Passport day arrives and it is plagued with issues. Ritsu forgets some of her documents and Mio’s picture isn’t right for the passport. Yui tries to make the situation better by messing up all of Mio’s redo photos. The girls laugh about their adventures over ice cream. They also go to a luggage store and excitedly talk about their trip. In Japan things are magical and the girls get their passports within a week. They still don’t know where they are going but are excited to go there together. Also Yui plans on going on a trip when Azusa graduates too. THE END!!!

XD See folks? K-On!! is amazing. It can make any task, no matter how mundane, into an adventure.


Too ugly for words folks.

But Mugi. Mugi. You are my home girl and all but really. What were you thinking with those ugly souvenirs? I bet you could have found something less tacky and gross at the airport or something. Just no. I mean I don’t care about the Christmas in July thing you had going on but no. Just say no to ugly snowglobes. But maybe since you are so rich you find the cute things tacky or something. I think there is a Host Club out there that might have some guys thinking the same way you do.


Dude how does Ash afford to go around the entire world?! HOW DOES HE AFFORD FOOD?!

The girl planning a graduation trip was sweet. Makes me wish that our crew did something like that after we graduated. Oh wait we didn’t have Ms. Mugi money bags funding our fun. XD Even though the girls never mentioned anything about money…..But anyway yes. I fully support the girls going as a unit to celebrate their graduation. I like how these girls are actually all friends too. Sometimes in a club with many members you are not friends with everyone. So while everyone is AW no one for Azusa next year the tight knit group means everyone ended up liking everyone.

Of course it could have turned out the exact opposite and you could like no one with only 4 people to pick from. But we will overlook that for now. And forever.


Denial is a fun place to live!

But the girls planning their graduation trip five seconds after their summer vacation was special. And very K-On!! like. Even Mio got in on this not studying vacation planning. Of course when one is planning a trip overseas the sooner you plan it the better. Just I found it amusing that when most people are freaking out about their entrance exams these girls are trying to decide from Hawaii and England.


Time to find your mom!!!!

Oh and the girls are so silly. That or they really are into music and all the crazy that goes on in the show covers up their true love of the art. But yes when I think New York I don’t automatically think musical meccas. I don’t think Broadway counts. And then London is known for its rock bands? Maybe it is but that is not the first thing that would to my mind. Also Hawaii and ice cream? Ah my Light Music club girls are silly indeed.


Believe in future!!!

Poor Sawako. Never being out of the country and she is SO OLD. SO OLD FOLKS!!!! I am pretty sure being out of the country when you are an infant and on a military base doesn’t count so WOOHOO. I am worse off than Sawako. XD But I got your back Sawako. I wouldn’t want my first time out of the country to be with my former students either. And hello traveling is expensive and you don’t have a Ms. Money Bags Mugi funding your fun. You barely got a car!!!


You don't look that sorry!

The entire passport portion of the show was true folks. Actually the girls probably got off easier with the photo booth being IN the passport turning in place thingy. Getting a passport sucks and I wish it on no one. NO ONE! You basically have to produce a million forms of ID, fill out a questionnaire with super personal information, and you get to shell out tons of money to experience all this torture.


Even Mio laughed about this later. What good sports.

But the girls laughed through all the drama. I certainly did not when my own passport drama happened but you know I am not a character in a moe show. Probably because things were a little easier and they weren’t the ones paying for the experience of having to go to the office THREE DIFFERENT TIMES because heaven forbid people tell you the first time you go get your passport that they do not accept YOUR OWN COUNTRY’S CURRENCY!!! XD See folks, K-On!! makes getting your passport a fun experience with friends and doesn’t bring up recent disastrous memories at all.


Air guitars would fit better on the plane anyway.

After the crazy adventures in passport land the girls got ice cream and generally had a good time complaining about the day. But they did it in a manner which made us laugh with them. Usually when I complain about things there is less laughing and more 4 letter words.

Of course the best part of the episode was the girls practicing self defense/English in the park. Ui might be a little overprotective of her sister in most cases but in this one she is right on. A group of young girls traveling alone to a foreign place need to take precautions. And maybe watch Hostel 2 so they can really freak out and never leave home again.


Can Mugi be my best friend?!

But practicing in the park was insane. Especially since Mio was down for this craziness and Azusa was the one all X__X about the issue. Hopefully that book has a chapter about kicking men in the balls and running away. That is my plan anyway.


Most important phrase ever.

I could make fun of the girls practicing English…but I won’t. English is apparently one of the hardest languages to learn, especially coming from a language like Japanese where word placement isn’t exactly that important. Besides I might be having my own communication issues soon so I really can’t laugh that much. But I will laugh a little. XD Because Yui is a silly little goober. Hopefully Mugi will always be around to save the day. Now let me go learn how to say “where is the bathroom” in Japanese. Oh and learn what basic directions they might give.


Obviously studying was always important to these girls.

In the end the girls get their passports…and we don’t know where they are going. Could this be the plot for the K-On!! the movie? Hopefully because where else does the series have to go? XD Bu I think the writers did a good job milking more out of this series without making it boring or trying too hard. In any event this episode got me interested in the K-On!! movie…even if I was already excited about more Mugi. XD


blindability said...

Yay! I'm so happy now, haha.

Yeah those snow globes were hideous, but maybe they're really popular in Finland? And Mugi "mugging" Azu-nyan was so funny; Mugi can mug me anytime - although she's probably got more money than me...

I'm telling you: Aim for the joints in the legs. You're more likely to incapacitate an attacker by taking out a knee or ankle.

I don't know what the movie's going to be about, but there'd better be some music. And while I'm making demands, more Mugi singing too!

Christina said...

blindability- When Yui went on and on about how cute they were I thought every single girl was on crack. But at least they were gracious about the gifts. My friend got a singing Kesha monkey for Christmas and that still might be the ugly snowglobes of doom.

XO My zombie training has taught me to aim for the head! Kidding kidding. It was good though the girls were at least trying to be proactive on their own safety. That being said Yui would go off with anyone who has candy.

Given the fact the girls were talking about musical aspects of their trip I can see them having a random song in the park and blushing when people stop to listen. But I don't think the movie will have more than one song because that would just be silly. Music in a music based anime? CRAZY TALK!