Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Kore wa Zombie desu ka episode 10

ANIME!!!! It is back in my life! Surely a sign that things are getting better in Japan and it is not the wasteland Nancy Grace is making it out to be. Oh yes folks do not watch Nancy Grace if you want reliable reporting. Only if you are bored and want to make fun of someone being hysterical and inappropriate about a natural disaster. Like really worrying about what REPORTERS have to eat over in Japan? Not high on my priority list folks.

But yes ANIME! Not the anime I was looking forward to but I will take whatever I can get at this point. The idea of waiting 2 more weeks AT LEAST for Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica is enough to drive me bonkers. But we have our daily dose of zombie ninja magical girls to keep us company no?


Such a lonely little plushie!

Spoilers for Ayumu getting torn up emotionally and physically.


This isn't random at all folks.

Episode Summary: Several months have passed since Yuu left the little family. The group continues to look for her but things aren’t looking great. Ayumu is pouting all over the place but he hasn’t given up hope. Haruna is busy eating winter treats but says she has not found anything out about Yuu either. They were going to have a nice night of picking on each other but Sera arrives all torn up. After being cleaned and bandaged up Sera explains that she went to her people to search for Yuu clues and instead she got drop kicked to the face. Which is to be expected from a traitor and Sera is okay with it. Then Sera threatens to destroy Ayumu and all is well with the world. Then there is a random scene where Haruna’s spaghetti delivery arrives but it is a violin instead. Sera plays them a random tune and the random scene is over. Ayumu goes back to the convivence store he last saw Yuu at and eats a rice ball. There he sees King Night talking vet stuff with a lady. Then the two exchange words. Once King Night learns Yuu has left he decides he will kill Ayumu get to Yuu back on Earth. During this Sera and Haruna show up and Ayumu gets his legs chopped off by trying to protect the girls.


Sure he's okay! He only got his legs chopped off. Tis a flesh wound.

When King Night tries to attack Sera and Haruna Yuki and Sera’s ninja people show up and scare King Night off. One ninja threatens Sera a bit while Yuki and Haruna put Ayumu’s legs back on wrong. Haruna carries Ayumu home while King Night looks all sad and stuff. Yuki later calls Ayumu and says she knows where King Night is. Haruna and Ayumu bicker a bit about the situation while Yuu is outside listening in. Sera goes to greet Yuu but King Night attacks her. Afraid someone else might get hurt Yuu quickly “heals” Sera and goes with King Night. After rescuing Sera Ayumu and Haruna race off to King Night’s house. But when they get there he is making dinner for Yuu and invites Haruna and Ayumu to join them. Haruna agrees while Ayumu glares. King Night tries to talk about being immortal but the vampire ninjas show up. King Night takes Yuu hostage and Yuu denies Ayumu’s hand as he reaches out for her. Inside the apartment Haruna and Yuki are trying to defuse a random bomb that appeared on Haruna’s head. When all fails Ayumu puts the bomb on his head and flies out the window. Only he doesn’t care about the bomb. He is still upset that Yuu didn’t take his hand. THE END!


Truly a genius.

Well it wasn’t the end of the world but it entertained me for 22 minutes. And since that was 22 minutes I didn’t spend shopping and looking at more lovely Harajuku Lover bags I consider this episode a success.


Months people. MONTHS!

I am a bit surprised that months went by in their universe and still no Yuu. I don’t think the characters were acting very realistic if Yuu was really gone that long. I would expect Ayumu to be more mopey and maybe Sera to be a little more depressed. Haruna is obviously not in tune with human emotions (which is funny as she is probably the most human person left on the show) so she doesn’t count. But I was expecting Ayumu to be more realistic about the situation.


Surprise the branch is in such good shape.

I mean at least he is still looking for her. But it didn’t feel like months had passed and Ayumu was feeling like things were looking grim. One goes through the hope phase, the denial phase, the crazy phase, and the slow acceptance that the person you are looking for has been dragged into the underworld. Really he is not dealing with the grieving process well.


Oh hi welcome home. Would you like some tea?

Another thing that didn’t paint the few months picture very well was Sera was now being attacked by her peoples for failing a mission. A mission that ended….a few months ago. Are the vampire ninjas working on Mexican time or something? Even I am not that late folks. Surely if Sera failed to complete a mission as important as that Sera would have gotten her ass kicked sooner. Of course there is always the possibility the vampire ninjas THOUGHT Sera completed her job as Yuu was no longer hanging out at casa de Ayumu and Sera’s questioning where Yuu was made the vampires go um you failed? I guess that could have happened.

Dude I am having such a hard time concentrating on this post. I keep looking up more information about the douche that is Victoria Jackson. Between her and Nancy Grace I has a lot of anger in me. I shall finish blogging this episode tomorrow when maybe my brain is not full of rage.


Too many stupid people Haruna. Way too many stupids.

Okay I has returned and with a better attitude. Funny how throwing stuff away makes me happy but I am special like that. So what was I talking about again? Ah yes several months have passed and people are acting weird. Let’s move on from that issue.


I'm in your neighborhood healing your pets.

Mr. King Night living so close to Ayumu is weird. Why didn’t he notice that Yuu was gone sooner and try to kill Ayumu? Is he too busy helping animals he didn’t notice the other zombie in the neighborhood? Truly he is weird.


Just a tiny bit crazy.

However maybe all the years have driven him crazy. His intentions with Yuu don’t seem as evil now. He simply wants to die and since Yuu is the one who made him into a zombie she is the one who can finally kill him yes? Granted him trying to kill Yuu’s friends might not be the best way to go about things but he is desperate at this point. He is all alone in his eternal lifeness and the person he thought he was going to spend it with hates him. But obviously he isn’t THAT evil since he works with animals. He just has to kill people to get Yuu to do what he wants.

It’s not like he is trying to turn girls into witches OKAY!


In 1000 years come back to me and we will see who is the crazy one.

The fact that Night King went out of his way to warn Ayumu about the dangers of eternal life leads me to believe he isn’t really THAT bad. Of course he did kill that one person that caused Yuu to turn against him. But we don’t know the reason behind that yet. Oh and he made his captive and her friends dinner. How bad can he be?


Haruna is just....amazing. Also who the hell is delivering all these packages wrong?

But Haruna is still a moron for thinking all is well with this scenario. Or at least accepting the food without a second thought. Ayumu and Yuu were looking depressed and she is sitting there chowing down. Crazy face.


I am pretty sure my cat is smarter than Haruna.

Ayumu suffered great damage in this episode but since he was doing it for all his womens it was okay. It wasn’t very comical him flying through the air with the bomb on his head because he was too sad about Yuu. But I figured his legs were going to get put on the wrong way so that was slightly amusing. But aw poor Ayumu. He didn’t even get a chance to complain about the bomb since he was busy pouting.


Come with me if you want to live.

Next week will probably be more of the same, moping and sad Ayumu. No more fun times for this make shift family I suppose.


blindability said...

Sorry to interrupt with an unrelated comment to your review, but are you NOT going to review the 27th Episode of K-On!! ??

I'm waiting to read it...

Christina said...

blindability- XD Thanks for having my back! Sorry to have kept you waiting though. But really I need to thank you for keeping me in the loop!

Also some of the best comments come from unrelated stuff. Like most of my Amagami SS comments had nothing to do with the series. XD