Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Kore wa Zombie desu ka episode 9

XO It is hard to tear myself away from Pokemon White/Black. XO I am trying to hunt down the cute ones and run away from the ugly ones. I am caught up in the brand new graphics and how crazy the new “enemies” look. And I am trying hard not to get too far ahead of my husband even though he done past me when I was sleeping in Monday. Taco head.

But I have put down my game after reaching the 4th badge city. I got the two cuties in the surrounding routes that I wanted. Because we go with cute folks, not moves and strength. I figured it was a good stopping point. That and the desert of doom was getting to me. Very dizzy that desert. Who needs to use a guide book when getting lost is so much more fun?


Appreciation at it's finest folks.

Anyway time for Kore wa Zombie desu ka episode 9! Spoiler for really bad screenies for half the post because my internet started to suck and would only load slow pages. X___X


What does that even mean?

Episode Summary: The episode opens up with Yuu being on a roof top with the evil baddie King of the Night. Yuu stabs King Night but her face is full of sadness and apprehension. He taunts her a little bit about her confusion. Yuu writes down her thoughts, asking why King Night is there. He seems bitter about the past, that he thought he and Yuu would be together forever. But since he killed SOMEONE Yuu told him to disappear and that put a rift between them. As you know Yuu saying stuff makes it happen and sparkle. But obviously he didn’t disappear for long because here he is. And he obviously is not happy that she has taken up residence with this new happy family. Speaking of happy family before the group can go look for Yuu Sera admits that her vampire ninja people gave her orders to kill Yuu. Ayumu flips out over the fact that Yuki and Sera follow orders blinding from their groups and demands to know how Sera feels about the situation. After much aggravation Sera admits she doesn’t want Yuu dead. The group goes to look for Yuu…but a Ferris Wheel falls on Ayumu’s body. He is okay but everyone is like oh. Then a huge plushie falls on Haruna and everyone is like MOG WTF! Yuu watches all XO but Ms. Teacher Lady comes and blasts the plushie off Haruna.


Why? Because you are vampire ninjas.

Unfortunately the plushie gets knocked onto Yuki which injures her and activates some fail safe switch in her. Whatever the case is a huge monster robot thing emerges from her back and tries to squish the crap. Teacher Lady makes the chainsaw of awesome appear and Ayumu morphs. He tells Sera to stand back as he is going to save Yuki. Yuki begs Ayumu to stay back as she doesn’t want him to blow up too. Ayumu hugs her and manages to save Yuki with the power of love or something. King Night leaves but not before telling Yuu this is all her fault since she is the bringer of death. The group is reunited and all is well despite the fact everyone almost died. Yuki breaks off from the group first as she lives in a different place. She thanks Ayumu for the day and runs off. Yuu then decides she wants to go get something to eat and tells the group to go on ahead. When they arrive home Ayumu discovers Yuu’s notebook in his pocket with a goodbye message from Yuu. He runs back to the store realizing that is where he first met her. She is no longer there and he is all sadface. He goes home and reads their wishes for the festival and cries that he wished for them not to come true. Haruna comes outside and basically kicks Ayumu into not sobbing anymore and that they will find Yuu. THE END!!!

X___X I think this show is on crack.


Yuu says hello in weird and wonderful ways. XD

I understood the first half of the episode. Pretty cut and dry. The King of the Night kidnapped Yuu and was torturing her with the images of her friends being squished by giant stuffed animals. He needs a nickname, this King of the Night dude. I am just not feeling his name. Way too long to type out and he doesn’t look very King like to me.


We can heal his wounds with my Hello Kitty bandaids. XD

But I love that Yuu tried to kill King Night right off the bat and then she is all crying about it five seconds later. That is probably not nice to pick on Yuu. Mr. King Night was probably very important to Yuu at one point, the Ayumu of a previous era. So in her head she knew she wasn’t going to kill King Night with her stabbing but she was letting out some frustration. And letting him know he hasn’t been forgiven for what he has done.


Psht are you still mad because that one time I tried to kill someone? Silly goose.

Which is another crazy plot point. Seems kind of late in the season to bring up another important issue. But apparently Yuu and King Night’s relationship was broken when he killed a Seventh Abyss. Not THE Seventh Abyss mind you. A Seventh Abyss.

Because in this world of monsters, magical girls, ninja vampires, and zombies I need to worry about Abyss people. Or maybe I don’t need to worry about them since King Night killed them? I wonder if Seventh Abyss person/thing was going to kill Yuu and he really did this to protect her and AW isn’t it all tragic and such? Yeah that is probably the case and King Night has probably gone insane from all this misunderstanding and such.

People need to learn to COMMUNICATE. Communication is the key! Of course if people communicated in animes the episodes would be you know…really short. Like oh Yuu this guy is trying to kill you let’s runaway together. Oh okay. End of series. Or the series never happens. XD


A wish for him to stop existing?

Of course I could be wrong and maybe he was bitter Yuu brought him back to life or gave someone else attention. Dude why am I speculating on a person that I don’t even know? Clearly I am crazy. Perhaps watching Richard Hatch being a jerk on Celebrity Apprentice has warped my mind. So either King Night is misunderstood or evil. Knowing how special this show is maybe I shouldn’t be going all deep right now.


I am sure no one will notice that is missing.

The Ferris Wheel squishing Ayumu was the best part of the episode hands down WOOHOO!!!


Plushies are for love. :(

King Night sending Yuu’s stuffed animal to squish Haruna was cruel and unnecessary. Stuffed animals are symbols of love and happiness. Not creatures of…..well I am not sure how evil it was being when it was just standing there but still. How cruel!


Haruna how much fighting have you really done in this series?

Then the second half of the episode made no damn sense to me. Like King Night didn’t do that right? Yuki had a built in…monster to blow her up if she was injured right? Because that makes sense. If I get slightly injured a monster should come from my back and self destruct me. Because that HELPS me somehow. Granted the monster thing did try to destroy….what it perceived to be enemies before trying to kill Yuki but you know. I was unaware that Yuki was so important that instead of being captured my enemies her people rather her blow up.


Believe in the power of love!!!!

It doesn’t matter though what happened to Yuki. Because Ayumu saved her. Because his real name is Touma or something. His real job in life is not that of a zombie magical boy. It is to find crazy girls and save them from impossible situations. WOOHOO Ayumu, you is amazing.


Ayumu probably should have realized what was going on......

After witnessing all this crazy Yuu puts on a strong face and pretends everything is all right with her make shift family. But she disappears in front of the store she met Ayumu at. Instead of staying with the group she has decides it is safer if she leaves them. I can understand her thinking but I think she is wrong. Like if this guy is crazy enough to hurt your friends with you watching he is crazy enough to hurt them later. And if you are the strongest person on the planet it will probably be better to stay with them and protect them. But it is more dramatic if she leaves and protects them right?


Missions are more important that people, got it. XD

That and she done HEARD Sera saying that the ninja vampire nation of loyalty and pride wants her dead. Maybe I wouldn’t want to stick around for that either. That and Yuu, being the innocent girl she is, doesn’t want to put Sera in that hard spot of picking between her and her family duty. Still…I would be all X__X.


This moment was so perfect.....and then it got ruined by Haruna. RARW!

And when Ayumu was trying to have his crying moment of despair and woe, which I LIKED…it got interrupted. This show is so silly. *sigh*

So next week the team will look for Yuu at all convenience stores, Sera will fall in love with Ayumu, and maybe some of Yuu’s past will be revealed? Or aliens from an alternate dimension will come for Yuu and Ayumu will save the day by riding a dinosaur. I predict it folks!


Eternia said...

that last moment was touching, until...
seriously, who would kick a crying person? Haruna, you cruel bastard!

Christina said...

Eternia- Haruna is too special for words. But part of her wanted to cheer Ayumu up and the other part of her was jealous. Poor Haruna she runs around half naked and still doesn't get that much attention. XD

Anonymous said...

Thank you for explaining the giant wood monster. Now it ... still makes no sense, but I know I'm not the only one that thought that was way WTF confusing.