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To Aru Majutsu No Index Season Two episode 22

YAWN FOLKS! Daylight savings time does not seem to be my friend. Also apparently the husband knew but said he thought I knew and it didn’t matter since I had no work today. So it is both goober? My husband is a silly man.

But here I am awake and recharged. Things will get done this week. I shall not be a slacker. Also I plan on writing airline companies as their prices are too ridiculous for words!


Yeah I probably wouldn't stick around long enough to fight that....

For now it is blogging time! Up right now in To Aru Majutsu no Index episode 22! Spoilers for everyone punching everyone!


And you just lost. What a lovely face you made too.

Episode Summary: Accelerator is facing off against Kihara. He is talking to himself, about how he and Kihara should go to hell together. Kihara does a good job deflecting Accelerator’s blows. In the middle of the battle Accelerator’s power gives out and he collapses to the ground. Elsewhere Touma is facing off with Vento as she cackles about evil science and what not. Touma notices there are injured civilians nearby and asks Vento to stop. But the answer is NO. Hyōka then starts to make it rain sparkles and this somehow is a good thing to Touma? Kihara is busy gloating at his apparent victory when Accelerator gets up. He cannot use his powers or really his brain at all. He starts acting like a wild animal and keeps attacking Kihara even though he is punched in the face multiple times. Back at the fight Vento is hacking up blood and Touma is like MOG we shouldn’t be fighting at all. She is like eff you and gives her sad backstory on why she is fighting. She and her brother went to an amusement park and something went wrong. She and her brother were critically injured and the hospital only had enough blood for one kid. Her brother asked the doctors to save his sister and here we are today. Vento hates all science because of that.


Oh okay all of this makes sense. Got it.

Touma tells her that is real dumb for real and tries to reason with the crazy. When that doesn’t seem to work Touma promises to punch the dumb out of her. And he does VICTORY. Index shows up to the Kihara and Accelerator party but they are too busy punching each other in the face to notice her. She calls Misaka to ask all the details of AIM fields and the sister network. Once she has the information she decides the best way to fix things is to sing a song. Kihara seems to be winning the all out punch fest until Accelerator grows black wings and sends Kihara flying through the air. Touma wonders how to save Hyōka when bam some weird guy shows up to save Vento. He is another one of God’s Seats named Acqua but he does not want to fight Touma. He warns Touma not to attack him and that all the people Vento hurt will recover soon. THE END!!!


I think Touma lost his mind too.

Well then folks. Well then. See my face? X_____X Confusion folks. Confusion.


Wha.....WTF is this face?!?!

I guess the most WTF confusion was Accelerator. Like…I understand that his time ran out and he could no longer us his power. And that he was basically going to be useless in a fight. But then he got up and everything got weird. Like his mouth was moving and no words were coming out. And he was moving like a wild animal. Like all reason had left his body and he was just running on instincts. And it was crazy folks.

But then it got really weird folks. Kihara was kicking him and punching him and Accelerator just kept getting up. As if he could not register pain anymore. Which doesn’t matter as even if he can’t feel pain his body would still eventually give out yes? But for whatever reason Accelerator turned into Farfello and was like bring it on. Only it was more like …………………… since he actually said nothing.


Because people randomly grow black wings all the time!

Oh and then there was the grow black wings bit. Was that him reaching level 6? Because if so I think that should be avoid at all costs. Creepy things are super creepy. But hey at least he won the fight right? Only he will be recovering from that fight for a long time.


Goodbye insane little villain, you will not be missed.

Kihara is just insane so there is not much to say about him. I thought Accelerator pulled out the device that was causing Kihara to kick his ass but no. I think Accelerator just pulled out his hair. Now where Kihara fails as a villain was he did way too much talking. More shooty less talking.


How do phones work?

Index showing up to save the day was humorous. Like I am here to rescue you…but I have no idea what to do!!! Then Misaka has to tell Index the entire basics of Academy City. All the stuff that we learned in season one but perhaps Index was too busy eating to pick up on those major plot points. But I really thought Misaka was going to reveal to Index more…more I guess. Not something that Touma or maybe even myself could have explained.


Everything is better if you sing about it!!!

But since Index can just look at someone and tell what is wrong all is magical folks. What is more magical is that Index was able to locate Misaka Misaka. Like how did that even occur? But it’s all going to be okay folks because Index is singing a song. A song that will make it better. Okay maybe it is a song that will stop the virus in Misaka Misaka’s head. I just think it is funny how special the moment was or how Kihara didn’t pay Index any mind after she walked in.

Touma is just 15 kinds of special. He used an epic speech today but I am not sure if it really went with the mood. I mean respecting others is always an important message. But when someone is trying to kill your freak of an angel I am not sure that is the kind if speech Touma should have went with.


These are love punches folks!

I wasn’t really expecting that sad of a backstory with Vento. But since in this arc people are actually dying maybe it is not a shocker that people are fighting because of a death of a loved one. Once Touma knew the truth I was on his side of the epic speech. I mean I am sorry her brother died but to blame all of technology and wanting to kill more innocent people makes no sense to me. Maybe protest at some amusement parks but to go as far as to curse everything is weird.


I believe this, I truly do.

But in the end she should be pissed at the hospital. I mean unless she was in the middle of nowhere how did they not have enough blood for two people? Oh because that would have ruined the rest of the story? Well XP on them then. But either way one of the kids was going to die and if her brother was willing to die for her maybe she should have realized his wishes.


Obviously she didn't get the memo that Touma's speeches are epic and should be taken seriously.

It seems thought that Vento didn’t get it. Which is refreshing because one speech from Touma shouldn’t instantly change a person, even if Touma was right. But one of her people came to rescue her and since he is less violent than Vento Touma shall live to fight another day yay!


Now who do I have to fight?

This arc has been going on forever it seems. With Vento out of the picture and Index singing her song to save the crazy face angel where else can we go? Well there are two more God’s seats yes? So maybe there is plenty of time to try to kill Touma and much more time for Touma to give out epic speeches. Woohoo but it is looking like we are going to have a season three of this series in any event.

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Eternia said...

Kihara didn't believe you can actually heal virus infected person with a song / prayer. That's why he left Index alone~ But, nobody is going to miss him for true, because he is just a minor villain in the frist place. He doesn't have special ability, he's just an ex-researcher who trained 'pull-back punch' to deal with Accelerator's auto-reflect ability. :-P
The next week preview is weird... are they going to show the next arc? I thought there are only two episodes left! Oh please, they are squeezing things too much!