Monday, March 28, 2011

To Aru Majutsu No Index Season Two episode 23

This past week has been really hard at work and today, my day off, did not start off well. Can’t seem to catch a break here people. Frustrating week was frustrating. Here’s to hoping that this new week will be better.

On a brighter note my house did get cleaner. Anger does a wonder for my house. XD So be constructive with your anger folks!

Photobucket one knows what is going on. Just go with the flow.

Moving on it is time to blog some anime folks! I have gotten out of the blogging rhythm lately so hopefully I will get back in the swing on things. For now it is time for confusion! Spoilers for…I don’t even know folks.



Episode Summary: Touma runs down to help Hyōka out. And by help I mean look at her since only using one hand would make sense. Hyōka wakes up and is distraught why all the destruction around her. She decides it is her fault and asks Touma to kill her. Touma smiles and talks about his hand for a little bit and how Hyōka really is human if she wants to protect others instead of herelf. Touma is like let’s go home and see Index before you disappear. Misaka is trying to get a hold of Index but Index is too busy freaking out because Accelerator just had black wings out of his back. Accelerator wakes up and Aleister is talking in his head. Basically the ultimatum is Accelerator joins them or he dies. Someone is in the shadows threatening Accelerator and he basically says EFF YOU to the entire situation. The Seats of God people briefly talk on the phone. Basically they are to pull back and regroup. Frog Doctor Dude calls Aleister to say back off these kids or else. Aleister is like um no but thanks for playing.


So much explanation....

Moving on it is another school day for Touma. There are antics with snapped bras, bentos, and going out with the entire class after school. But the overall mood is low key as WAR is rumored to be happening soon in Academy City. Motoharu pulls Touma aside to tell him this war is not his fault but things are going to get serious really soon. Touma decides the best thing he can do is learn English. Elsewhere Accelerator is trying out guns since he is Aleister’s new Kihara. He is being trained by some random dude looking kid but is generally unhappy with the situation. Despite the fact that the major religion of the series is out to kill them all Aleister sends Accelerator to stop SkillOut because they are making bombs and putting trash in sewers. Really important stuff folks. Before the mission Motoharu calls Accelerator to warn him that THEIR organization should not be trusted. But Accelerator just wants to bash some heads in so he is happy. THE END!!!

Like…..what the hell was that? Did I miss a really important episode? Or has it just been so long since I have seen Touma and the gang I am lost and confused?


Don't worry, be happy.

NOPE FOLKS! In the last episode Accelerator grew wings and destroyed something. And Index saved Misaka Misaka which stopped Hyōka from looking like a drugged out angel. But now we got the entire city aware of a war, Accelerator is working with Motoharu, and now the main baddies in town are the losers over at SkillOut? What the hell am I watching?!?!?!


Obviously Mr. Frog man is a more important person than I thought.

First of all Mr. Frog Doctor calling Aleister to yell at him was….weird. Brave but probably not good for his long term health. Because Aleister lives in a building that can survive another building being thrown into it. A man with that much power cannot be trusted. But if Mr. Doctor is the one who saved Aleister he must be know when to push the limits. I think it was nice that Mr. Doctor was willing to put his nonexistent neck out for Accelerator and other crazy kids. Just I think nothing will come from that.


Um I am crying over my very existence and you are relieved? Okay then.

Second…I am just wondering how lame this build-up of Hyōka really was. I mean I hate her/her storyline already so I might be looking at this all from hate colored glasses. But her crying that this was all her fault was dumb. Touma trying to convince her to keep on living because she is human was special. This girl is all sobbing and losing her mind and Touma is really not talking about the same issues. I would be like dude this is not your fault but don’t worry. I got your back. But Touma has to be weird about the whole issue.

AND THEN INDEX DIDN’T EVEN SEE HYOKA! Just….things are going really fast here folks. Maybe instead of watching el big boobs carry a cross for 3 episodes last arc we could have used the time to make stuff in this arc make sense.


Jealous Misaka time?

There were some school antics but they didn’t flow well. Or really they seemed weird to me. What was wrong with the potato? Are high school kids that stupid in they need someone to pick a restaurant for them? And why is everyone such a greed pot when it comes to meat with shared meals? Oh and when someone is choking rubbing their bra strap loose is really the best way to fix the situation.


Yes but why does everyone else know it is starting?

No what I thought was telling about the entire high school situation was everyone is aware of a WAR going on. Um….how do they know that? Granted there were a few messed up buildings and people were randomly unconscious on the ground. But Academy City is no stranger to weird events happening around every corner. So why now are the “normal citizens” allowed to know the truth? I don’t understand what I missed or how they were informed. MISSING SOMETHING HERE FOLKS!!!

Oh and Accelerator lost his mind. Moreso than last week when he wasn’t able to communicate at all.


What happened this Accelerator?!

See last episode he was bashing in Kihara’s face with his new wings of doom. Aleister SENT Kihara to take out Accelerator to get Misaka Misaka. So….why is Accelerator working for Aleister NOW?! Was Misaka Misaka threatened again? I don’t know as she was not in this episode at all. It looked like Accelerator was threaten by Mr. New Cute Boy. But since I am still confused about the wings I didn’t question Accelerator being able to talk again.


A gun...really? I don't even know what this is all about...

But then Accelerator suits up and decides to work with GROUP. Which was never explained in great detail. Just they are a group that replaced Kihara and his people. Since Accelerator destroyed them all Aleister is like HAHA now it is your job. And the first order of business is to get him a gun people. Sure they increased his power time to 30 minutes but guns? GUNS?! HE THREW A BUILDING FOLKS! But now he needs a gun.


And everything has come full circle. THE END!

And despite the fact that Roman Catholics (or some Catholics) are trying to destroy the City/the entire concept of science Accelerator’s first job is to stop SkillOut. The bad of losers who have no powers. Apparently they are making low level explosives and stuffing sewer lines that are really underground escapes. So obviously they are a bigger threat than people who can cause an entire city to be become unconscious. OBVIOUSLY FOLKS! And obviously we can’t send useless Judgment to solve the useless problem. Because that would make no sense.

So in conclusion I have no idea what is going on. Just that we are not going to see this WAR between science and magic this season. Must be season three folks. For now we are going to get a lame subplot about cleaning house and Accelerator being inducted back into Aleister’s world. Or something. Touma hasn’t punched anyone in 24 hours so hopefully he gets to do that soon.


Eternia said...

Un, mr. Froggy was the one who saved Aliester when he was on the verge of death for betraying magic side. Froggy is also the one who built life support system for him even though Aliester can manage them by himself now.
But.. yeah. J.C. Staffs must have loose screws in their heads. This episode has waaaay too many deleted scenes/stories.
One the deleted scenes is : Vatican broadcasted the footage of fake angel appearing in Academy City, making good use of it to accuse Academy City citizens as heretics who sinned against God. Thus a large demonstration broke out on various Christian countries around the world. They demanded investigation. Of course, Aliester would never allow those God's lambs to get into his loving city. The tension rose, enough to start a war.

Christina said...

Eternia- WELL THEN X__X That is a MAJOR scene to delete. I was like um why are all the students so worried? I mean more worried that usual when a giant winged thing enters their city. But NOW it makes sense. Too bad the episode didn't make sense, that people have to rely on others to fill in the gaps.

XD But I am glad you are here to help make this make sense to me. Of course now I am really wondering why SkillOut is a top priority when all the other countries are out to get them. Priorities people!

Eternia said...

I am glad you appreciated it.
After all, this is my favorite anime blog. Other blogs are either unfunny or simply posting fan service screenshots.
That one isn't explained, but it's possible that Aliester is testing his loyalty. Would he do that kind of silly job for him?

Christina said...

Eternia- XD Aw that comment totally made my day!! I try to really speak from my heart when I blog. More like this is exactly what I was thinking when I watched this episode type deal. Although sometimes I think I am too simple when I read other blogs and they are talking about how serious real life issues/topics apply to the episode. X__X

I hope that Accelerator gets his revenge later. Being a lap dog really doesn't suit him. But he likes the beating up part of the job so maybe revenge can wait for him.