Thursday, March 24, 2011

Japan Relief Effort: Nendoroid Miku Hatsune Support Version

Usually what gets me through a hard day of work on Thursdays is the thought that Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica will be waiting for me by the time I get home. Since the tsunami hit Japan this show has been put on hold at least until April so Thursdays are a little sad for me. Understandable but sad.

But this Thursday I came home to a delightful surprise. And for once it wasn't a purse!!! XD Introducing Nendoroid Miku Support version!


Helping Japan one nendoroid at a time!

Since the disaster in Japan occurred I had been planning on sending something to help with the recovery effort. Of course Japan and her people/culture have always been very interesting to me and many of my hobbies come from Japan. But I also wanted to donate because I had a feeling that people wouldn't be supporting this disaster as much since it is not a 3rd world country type situation. With less dollars/star powers heading Japan's way I think we in the anime community need help make up the difference.

However I had not donated yet simply because at the time Japan had not asked for official help yet. Sure they say donate to the Red Cross but there is no way to tell if that money directly helps Japan or it goes in their general funds. But that was how I was going to donate, 10 dollars on my phone bill. Which in the end will benefit someone in need and many people can spare 10 dollars.

When I arrived home after a SPECIAL day at work I saw two blog posts about this wonderful new Nendoroid. Danny Choo reached a wide audience when he reposted Mikatan's post on the newest nendoroid yet to hit the market. And despite already having the regular Miku nendoroid the moment I saw her I definitely had to have her. So big thank you to Danny Choo and Mikatan for keeping us figurine lovers up to date with the latest news.


Join Miku in supporting Japan!

This support version comes with a few new parts. She has a new happy face, a banner shaped like a music note, and cheerleader pom poms. I am not sure which is my favorite but if I had to pick one it have to be the pom poms. XD Go Miku go!!!

Orders for this new cutie go on sale tomorrow (err well it says tomorrow but since my global time skills suck maybe today?) for those in Japan and April 8th for the nendoroid loving world. If anyone out there was planning on donating via texting 90999 for 20 dollars more you can donate the same amount you were going to AND receive a cute nendoroid. Either way the money goes to important causes.

However I will be ready and waiting to pre-order my lovely. This nendoroid is going to be made to order so if you are interested act on it in two weeks! I am glad that I can help out Japan of course so Miku will be a bonus.


Also pretend my math isn't totally off. Miku will end up costing 37 American dollars. But on the upside that means you are really donating 12 dollars to support Japan. YAY CONVERSION!


kingrpg said...

I love japan I love miku, we will support forever.

Christina said...

kingrpg- I love Miku and Japan too. XD I have ordered my Support Miku and shall wait until July before I can see her happy face. The shipping is rather steep though. That might deter some people but I figure I can cut back on my soda and ice cream this month to afford the additional shipping. Goodness knows I will have a lot of that in Japan anyway.