Thursday, March 10, 2011

Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica episode 10: Or as I like to call it Mahou Shoujo Homura Magica

Today before I start to blog let’s stop and take a moment. Just sit back and think about this show and all it’s crazy. How it has brought fanboys and fangirls together. How it has taught us that some dude in Japan punked us all really, really hard.

But really I just want to dance in this moment because I WAS RIGHT X___X.


I celebrate this rightness with a picture full of spoilers!

Of course many other people were right too. I can’t be all alone in the moment. But since I go around making crazy theories up and most of them end up being terribly wrong I like to acknowledge when in fact I get something RIGHT. So yes…this moment. AH. Spoilers for Tenchi being right and the entire truth about Homura!


I am starting to think that Homura is the strongest magical girl and Kyubey granted this wish so the grief of repeating all of Madoka's death will turn Homura into the strongest witch ever. And if this theory is right I get all the cookies EVER!

Episode Summary: Everyone takes a magical seat back to the beginning of all this craziness. Homura transfers to Madoka’s class for the first time. She is a nervous and nerdy girl recovering from a heart condition. Madoka takes Homura out of class for the first time so she can get her meds in the clinic and rejoices at the specialness of Homura’s name. That is the only happy moment for Homura as she is far behind in school and sucks at sports. On the way home Homura tries to focus on Madoka’s kind words but becomes depressed with thoughts of being a loser. Homura becomes trapped in a witch space and is nearly killed when MOG Mami and Magical Girl Madoka save the day. Madoka and Mami explain to Homura about the witches and stuff but Madoka seems pretty positive about the experience. Until THE DAY arrives and Mami dies during the battle. Homura is a crying mess and Madoka doesn’t make it better as she bravely goes off to die to stop the evil. After the battle Homura cries over the dead Madoka and Kyubey appears. After thinking about 15 seconds Homura wishes to redo her meeting with Madoka. This inadvertently gives her the power to travel back in time as much as she wants as her wish involves time travel.


I wonder how many times Homura has said that.

Homura becomes a magical girl and goes back to meet Madoka. She excitedly greets her with LET’S BE MAGICAL GIRLS TOGETHER. Homura kinda sucks at being one though and Mami does her best to train Homura. That and Homura decides to make bombs in her apartment to be a better fighter. In this timeline it appears Mami dies and Madoka becomes the ultimate witch instead of dying. Heartbroken Homura goes back in time to tell the girls the truth about being magical girls. Only this time Sayaka is also a magical girl and convinces everyone that Homura is full of crap. Sayaka also insults the bombs Homura uses so Homura steals guns instead so she can be awesome. In this timeline Sayaka becomes a witch and Homura is forced to kill Sayaka witch before she kills Madoka. Madoka starts crying and Mami kills Kyoko. X__X She decides it is best if they all die instead of becoming witches. But before Mami can kill Homura Madoka kills Mami instead. Homura then is like okay Madoka let’s go fight D-Day together. Because when three of my friends are dead that is surely on my mind GO TEAM!


Obviously nothing can wipe that smirk of Kyubey's face, even blowing up his face.

Only both girls end up in prewitch mode after the battle. Homura seems okay with that but Madoka uses her reserve grief seed to heal Homura. She asks Homura to go back in time to stop her from being tricked by Kyubey. After shooting Madoka Homura does exactly that. She creates a timeline that was shown in episode 1, one where she is fighting alone against the ultimate baddie. She screams at Madoka not to make a contract with Kyubey but Madoka does unaware of the consequences as Homura shielding her from the truth. Straight after the battle Madoka becomes the ultimate witch and Homura starts the timeline over again. This time it is on our timeline, with stopping Kyubey from contacting Madoka before she left the hospital and chasing the second Kyubey through the construction zone. But this time we see the slight hurt on Homura’s face instead of just a tough girl attitude. THE END!

Look at that folks. LOOK AT THAT!!!


Opening scene but this time WITH WORDS!!

Just the other day I made a post representing my theory that Homura has come from the future multiple times and thus has harden her little heart. XO I predicted something RIGHT!!!

Now we are going to put aside the silly idea that Madoka was Homura’s mother or the fact I was really, REALLY right about how the start of the episode was really the “previous” future. Because really I didn’t mean to be that right and I can’t be taking credit for that. Well….I did think it was a dream of a past timeline that Madoka was having. Which is true. XD So maybe WOOHOO for me except the mom part?


Has Kyubey figured out who Homura is each time?

So since I saw this all coming this episode wasn’t SHOCKING in the aspect. Homura isn’t a cold hearted bitch. She has just gone back in time so many times she has become numb to everything but Makoda. And my inner theory of Homura not actually seeing many deaths was right too. I thought that maybe she just kept seeing the same ones over and over again and there wasn’t really a long line of dead girls, just 4.

So what WAS shocking in this episode? That Homura was actually a transfer student. XD I thought that was her plan in coming back from the future, to find Madoka and save her. But it turns out that was to happen all along.


Behold the savior of the world!!!!

Second shocking thing was….Homura was the biggest nerd EVER. I mean….I really should have been expecting something like that but I would have never guessed that Homura was a bigger crybaby than Madoka. And it wasn’t just one thing. Because I wear glasses and I am not a dork. XD But it was the nervous stammering, the awkward way she ran, the braids, and yes the glasses. Had she just had one of those going on in her life I would be like oh okay normal girl. But all that and more made Homura worse than Madoka.


Kyubey however never gets better.

But Homura got better. Or worse depending on your point of view. Despite watching her two mentors get splatted on the ground Homura found the courage (and stupidity) to become a magical girl to save a friend. Madoka has now seen three people die and hasn’t made a contract yet. Not quite sure if that makes Homura or Madoka the smart one though. Homura started off as a terrible fighter but grew into a girl who stole guns from lockers and made explosives in her own home. She started off as a girl who cried over every little death to a girl who even stopped crying when Madoka bit the dust because HEY she can just redo it.


Possibly the best wish ever? Accidentally of course.

So I was expecting this episode to be last, after Madoka made her wish and became the witch. After the battle I expected to see Homura’s past and that she would walk away from the current Madoka’s dead body resolving to start again. But maybe after all is said and done this will be the best place for this episode. We will be rooting for Homura to take down the Evil Thingy Thing and save Madoka from her fate. We wouldn’t be feeling that urgency along with Homura. So yeah…we are rooting for you Homura, we are all rooting for you!!!!


She has been trying from the start taco head!

I also liked how Homura went through all the issues that people would have brought up. Like um why didn’t Homura tell the girls that Kyubey was evil? Well she did and that ended in a blood bath. Why wouldn’t she just stop Madoka from becoming a magical girl? She did but was unable to fight the witches alone. Why not just fight with the girls so everyone can live? Well that ended with Madoka becoming a witch.

So now that we have seen all this crap that Homura has tried it makes sense why she did what she did in this timeline. While I thought she was trying to save Mami (with the whole I will take on this witch in episode 3) Homura may have been trying to scare Madoka away from being a magical girl in the most effective way. Maybe she wasn’t purposively ignoring Sayaka but allowing her to become a magical girl then witch to show Madoka the truth. I know Homura can’t predict everything (Kyoko being a potential wild card) but each journey back she tried to perfect the plan of saving Madoka.


So....why don't we care about the others?

Which leads to something surprising. We all know that Madoka reaching out and being Homura’s friend made an impact. But it really doesn’t explain why Homura doesn’t feel anything for Mami, Sayaka, and Kyoko. Well maybe Sayaka was too much of a crack head and really only one can be America’s Next Top Best Friend. But Mami was with Madoka from the start. She was right there training Homura and teaching her the ropes. Madoka admired her and one would think Homura would have admired her too.


SEE!!!! Homura did feel close to the girls. Just craziness folks.

But nope. Mami dies in like every single version of the timeline and Homura only cries for Madoka. Okay the first time Homura cries for Mami. But she doesn’t go back in time to save Mami. Only Madoka. Sayaka becomes a witch (perhaps multiple times) and Homura doesn’t really go out of her way to save her. And I think Homura could care less about Kyoko. But I am really surprised about Mami since she was the so called…leader of the group if you would and Homura never thought of saving her. X__X Crazy.


This folks is what magical girls are all about. Well before the pile of bodies and puddles of blood.

And speaking of crazy…for real Mami. I was like MOG WOOHOO Mami is alive in this episode I am so happy. We got to see her past “episode 3” as Madoka was able to become a magical girl and fight alongside Mami all along. We got to see her battle the ultimate baddie. Sure she died all the time but she was more badass this time. It was more magical girl like with them working together and being amazing.


And this folks is why 13 year olds should not be in charge of anything. Ever.

But then BAM murder all over the place. Or a mercy killing I haven’t decided yet. But she saw Sayaka turn into a witch and did the most logical thing possible: Kill Kyoko. Because that is what Kyoko is there for, to make the body count higher and the show sadder. But dude…I was thinking maybe Mami wasn’t that insane? That this all made sense in some way. Kyoko basically mercy killed herself so I can’t be all NOOOO WHY since she was going to die anyway. But Mami holding back tears with the intent to kill all her friends. Powerful stuff folks. In the face of tragedy Mami was like hold on I can make this even worse. Well better for the world anyway.


Look at me being all brave and such?

And then we come to Madoka. Look ya’ll she is a magical girl and it isn’t episode 12 WOOHOO! But it doesn’t count. XD In fact this show should be renamed Mahou Shoujo Homura Magica. Putting aside that there have been magical versions of Madoka…I think I liked this version better. She still retained that innocence inside her but she wasn’t crying in every scene. Just every other scene. And we got to see her transform and kick ass. Oh and she KILLED MAMI!!!


I am sure Homura was thrilled at this moment. Thrilled.

But I think my favorite Madoka moment was when she and Homura were dying. Homura decided that not saving Madoka was okay because they got to die together. And become even worse witches than the one they just killed but who is paying attention to that when dying with your bestie is more romantic. But instead of giving up Madoka used her BRAIN and heart and healed Homura. I wonder when Madoka realized that Homura was going back in time changing things or if she ever did. But the fact Madoka made that tee hee smile in the face of death/witchness and saved her friend made me happy. Then cry.

But a few things bugged me. Mainly the fact that Kyubey and his people had a really dumb plan to save the universe. Everything hinges on magical girls becoming witches. But if a girl dies before she becomes a witch that is a lot of wasted time and effort. Of course there could be hundreds of Kyubeys all over the damn planet and they are just banking on 1 in 10 girls being all witchy. But if a magical girl does what she is supposed to do and Kyubey never reveals the truth how would they turn?


How interesting that Sayaka is the one who said this. INTERESTING!

Another thing that bothered me and it focuses on this episode is the fact that Sayaka and Kyoko were not in every single version. Sayaka I guess makes more sense. Actually if Mami was alive it would make more sense if Kyoko wasn’t there at all….so I guess that bothers me too. Or bothers me more as Madoka might have been approached differently had Homura not interfered and Sayaka been present. Okay so now the only thing that is bothering me is that Kyoko was there at all, carry on.


Like what the hell is this? And how is it balancing out the universe if a planet just dies? If that is the case why didn't they just blow up Earth from the start?!?!

Also the fact that in one timeline Madoka instantly becomes a witch. Kyubey has been saying all along that Madoka was the most magical girl ever right? So…she blasted the enemy once and that depleted her jewel enough to morph her into a witch? Not exactly buying that but I guess that is the best explanation we are going to get.


Everyone feel sorry for me as my life sucks.

So in conclusion this episode answered a lot of questions. It also shows how really detailed everything is. Everything Homura does drastically changes the future. Mami should have made it much further in life but Homura trying to save Madoka cost Mami her life. Really most flashback episodes are boring as hell but this kept me on my toes the entire time. X__X I always ask where this show is going next and apparently the answer is into madness. And I can’t wait for more!

Oh and as a final note it is never explained what Madoka’s original wish was. This interests me to no end. Unless her wish was to be awesome like Mami. Then I am sad. But at this rate in the current timeline she should wish herself out of existence to save the world and screw up Kyubey's plan.

T-Minus 56 days and counting!


Anonymous said...

Very well written and detailed post. I don't really like the show, but I like to know what is going on. Please, keep posting. Thank you.

Christina said...

Anonymous- Thank you very much for the kind words! Sorry about the late response, trying to catch up today on comments. I am pretty excited the show will finally finish April 21st. At first the art bothered me, especially the busyness of the witch world.

I can see how people were put off by the whole concept of Magical Girls Gone Dead/Wild deal. One usually can expect a certain type of genre going into a show and Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica blew that into tiny pieces. But right now (well more like a month ago) this was the show being talked about so it is probably best to know what is going on in this horror show. It will probably be talked about for years and other shows compared to it.

April 21st the internets will blow up. For good or bad reasons that has yet to be seen. But I will be counting down the hours until I get out of work that day. XD

Anonymous said...

In the audio CD they have a conversation explaining that Madoka's original wish was saving the life of this girl's dying dog that she comes across (Madoka worries whether Mami's going to get mad about her wish--for good reason).

Christina said...

Anonymous- I am so sorry for the late response, especially since you left me a super awesome comment.

Like REALLY?! A dying dog? How could Madoka's wish be worse that Sayakas?!!?! X__X There are no words. No wonder Madoka wasn't worth a hill of beans in the first timeline. Great job Homura. You turned the worse Magical Girl into the savior of the world. You deserve to be the main character now. XD

Poor Mami. She was so desperate for a friend she willingly hooked up with this moron.

MR said...

"In the face of tragedy Mami was like hold on I can make this even worse."

Thanks, that made me laugh.

"But the fact Madoka made that tee hee smile in the face of death/witchness and saved her friend made me happy."

Yeah, Homura and Madoka pre-witch moment was the best. I loved that little apologetic laugh, "I lied".

"And become even worse witches than the one they just killed but who is paying attention to that"

Oh, one should definitely pay attention to that, it's important and there for a reason.

So yeah. I'm late to this, only watched the show not long ago, but I've been enjoying your reviews, so thanks for that!

Cherry Chan said...

I like reading your posts, especially your Kuroshitsuji ones. They're pretty funny! Aside from that, you're a great blogger.
I like this anime. Too bad they killed off Sayaka. And then in the next episode, my second favorite character has to die! URGGGHHH!
I'm reliving the same thing with Kuroshitsuji...Ciel being Sayaka and Alois being Kyouko...ugh.
Ok, sorry about the rant.