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Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi episode 4

I live in the Twilight Zone. Last night really confirmed that to me. I don’t even know what to say at this point. Just…..just 4 more days until I am in Japan and I will have 25 wonderful work free days. Not going to complain about work in details but just know….if I come back and the place has been burnt down there will be no tears. Just a very empty wallet.

But the place better not burn down while I am gone or now I will be blamed for it. XO


So very sexy.

ANIME TIME! Yaoi boys. WOOHOO. Spoilers for no kisses this episode XO


Um you is an asshole.

Episode Summary: The first few minutes of the episode were a recap of the last episode. The whole lie about the girlfriend, the molesting, and the Ritsu running into Yokozawa at the door. Takano doesn’t act that upset to see Yokozawa which upsets Ritsu. Then Yokozawa tells Ritsu he is bringing Takano down and not to half ass his work. Really uplifting stuff. Takano is like what is going on over here and Ritsu runs out of the apartment. In his own apartment Ritsu tries to do his work but is busy thinking about Yokozawa being in the apartment and that his own body is all….special from the encounter with Takano. He manages to get his work done but the next day is not peaceful. The artist in question won’t be able to finish her work. All her assistances have the flu and she won’t have enough time. Everyone in the office has a major meltown and Yokozawa says that they will have to use a different artist instead. Ritsu books tickets to fly to the artist and help her out with the…stuff and what not. Everyone says this is made of fail and not to go. Ritsu insists on going and Takano gives his blessing. Ritsu rushes to the airport and meets with the artist who has the flu too but is still working hard. She draws and he pastes and lala working. She then thanks Ritsu for believing in her and helping her with the storyboard. Only she thanks him on parts that Takano did which makes Ritsu feel bad.


Such a healthy work place yay!!!!

Back at the office everyone is like he can’t make it let’s just go. Ritsu rushes in at the last moment and everyone rushes to fix things. Yokozawa pretends like he wasn’t nervous at all. Ritsu apologizes for being a pain and promises to do better in the future. Takano pets Ritsu and says that one of the things he loves about Ritsu is that he always makes promises he intends to keep. Ritsu has a X___X moment and runs to the bathroom to calm himself down. Only Yokozawa is in there and makes him feel bad. Ritsu has no idea what Yokozawa is talking about but Yokozawa is pissed Ritsu works here now. Ritsu runs after Yokozawa but he is busy talking to Takano. Insert jealousy here. On the way home Takano tries to praise Ritsu’s work but Ritsu has fallen asleep. So Takano does the natural thing and takes Ritsu home. And takes off his clothes. And sleeps next to him. When Ritsu wakes up he is super grateful. He demands to know if STUFF happened and Takano says well if it does it is okay because you love me. Ritsu rants a bit and flees the apartment and is pissed to learn his stuff is still next door. THE END!


Yes let me sit next to this sick person and work with her. Amazing life.

Poor sad Ritsu. :( That should be the title of this anime. I would say unfortunate but Touma seems to have the market on that word. So poor sad Ritsu.


Um...okay then. I think your focus is off but okay.

Although he got over his molesting rather fast. He managed to have a conversation without gasping or otherwise having signs of….you know. If my body was that excited maybe I would still be showing those signs 5 seconds later when I run to the door and see someone standing behind it. Maybe Ritsu should be an actor instead of a editor if he can pull off acting like a normal person after all that.



In the end Ritsu was more upset that Yokozawa came over rather than Takano just molested him. Because this is going to be the type of romance that starts off with hurt feelings, has some FORCED sexual encounters, and will end with the “chased” party admitting they love the chaser. Because forcing yourself on someone is romantic. So Ritsu was more focused on his body’s natural reaction to being touched like that more than HEY I said no and you kept going. That and he is jealous of Yokozawa. Because that makes sense.

Takano is 15 kinds of dumb. He told Ritsu that he was going to fall in love with him (Takano) again. He then didn’t admit his own feelings. He harasses Ritsu at work. He molests Ritsu in his home. And then he calls him after the molesting and is surprised he didn’t answer the phone? Although I do wonder why he was calling Ritsu. Surely not to apologize for the molesting. Maybe he was worried about what Yokozawa (who was a Class A jerk for no damn reason and I hate him) but that would mean his priorities are really screwed up. Whatever he is weird.


How is this your fault dude?! X__X

I really don’t think Ritsu was at fault with the late artist deal. He could have been on her butt for days and the results were going to be the same. Also I don’t think harassing and screaming at people will make them work faster. Well I do that at work but it is different folks. It just is. But since Ritsu doesn’t see the artist all he would do is take away time from her actually working. So him taking the blame for her work being late was weird. But since everyone in this anime wants to take blame at work maybe Ritsu caught that disease.

Also Ritsu agreeing his work was half assed was -___- too. He started working there a month ago and he is expected to know everything? Like I don’t understand that. He is doing the best he can and he went to his superior to look over his work. What more is he supposed to do? XO Why is he always so down on himself?! Takano and Yokozawa deserve each other at this point.


Takano is making some sense here folks!

HOWEVER….I don’t think Ritsu should have gone that far for the artist. He is very new to work and him putting his neck out on the line might have cost him his job (well if Takano wasn’t in love with Ritsu). He may be a fast learner but he didn’t know how much work still needed to be done. And given that flights get delayed and that the artist was really out of it things could have gone really, really bad and this could have cost his business money. So while Ritsu is being cheered a champion this time around things could have gone the other way and he would feel even worse about himself.


Insert sparkles here!!!

In the end he is dedicated to his work and that is why he is praised. Oh and that is why Takano LOVES him. Not sure if it was the translation or the actual writer for the anime made Takano say LIKE instead of LOVE but I am going to pretend he said love. And then I am going to pretend that Ritsu was more shocked about the word love and not the fact that Takano touched his hair. Which was nice but Takano admitting, if in passing and in a subtle way, that he love(d) Ritsu is more important to the situation.


Can we have less of him please?

The entire conversation with Yokozawa in the bathroom was weird of Ritsu’s part and rude of Yokozawa’s part. Ritsu was supposed to be confused though. He is going to think Yokozawa is mad at Ritsu for breaking up Yokozawa and Takano’s relationship. Which there is no relationship besides friendship. Well at least on Takano’s half. Maybe Yokozawa has more feelings but Ritsu is not being a home wrecker. But what I really think Yokozawa is referring to is Takano’s work behavior has changed and he sees Ritsu as the problem. Regardless of what the issue ACTUALLY is Ritsu will think the worse and spazz out. Because he is the uke and his job is to spazz. Plus I miss Watanuki spazzing all the time.


Everyone say AWWWW!

Ritsu falling asleep on the train was cute scene. I know it has been used a lot but it actually worked in the storyline. He stayed up super late the night before and then spend the next day traveling and working at the speed of fast on this manga. Plus all his encounters with Yokozawa and Takano left him exhausted. So while it was a typical anime/manga scene it actually made sense to me and it wasn’t forced.


He has some 'splain to do.

However Ritsu waking up missing half his clothes was X___X. And I think I would have been more upset about the situation. Like thanks for taking me home after I fell asleep on the train. But maybe next time Takano could just wake Ritsu up. Not drag him home, take off his clothes, and sleep next to him all night long. Oh and then expect a thank you for all that. Thank you sir for taking advantage of my tired state? NO SIR INDEED!!!


Who you people be?!

So in conclusion poor sad little Ritsu. But on the upside it looks like it is someone else’s turn to suffer next week! XD Can’t wait to see what this new pair will bring to the table. But….that will have to wait a month X__X Unless my husband falls asleep at 9pm. Then maybe I can watch some anime that way. XD


This isn't about you crazy so stop stealing all the scenes!

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Anicsi said...

HAHAHA, ohh i loveeeee Sekaiichi Hatsukoi and I love your blog. I always enjoy reading your reviews, i first read the recaps of Togainu no Chi, which like.. made my week back then because it was (and still is) one of the most hilarous things I've ever read - Sure, it's kind of sad considering the Anime turned out this way but... hey, I've had my fun.

Either way, this is about Sekaiichi Hatsukoi, the only Anime i follow regularly right now. Truth to be told, I've read the Manga up to the newest chapter, so i know whats gonna happen already and it's interesting to read about your suspects and 'that might happen next' guesses, hahaha 8D But I always enjoy reading your summaries cuz they're really funny and sometimes also make me look at certain things from a different angle ^^ So thank you!

I hope you'll enjoy your stay in Japan despite the difficult situation there, and after that you can catch up on a few wonderful episodes of Sekaiichi ;)

- Anna