Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Greetings from Japan!!! Day One: Traveling to Japan

Behold I am alive!!!!! XD

Yes we have made it to Japan safely and have been spending the last 6 days walking around Kyoto and seeing every temple and shrine. And while we are trying to spend every minute doing "Japan things" that is not possible. One needs rest (especially when one is out of shape) and time to just relax. This is a vacation from work after all.

That and my shoes are completely soaked and drying in the bathroom so I thought hey let's catch up on some blogging. Which is twice as fun because I am doing so while watching Japanese TV. Although nothing will top the super gay nursery time contest. Nothing.

This post is Day One. Or really Day 33 hours of traveling and Tenchi is so tired day. XD


Longest flight ever!

Woke up at 2:30 and finished packing. Tons of stuff was left behind. X__X Arrived at the airport around 4:20. Goodbye little kitties! Don't miss momma too much. Airplane to Chicago left at 6:00. After arriving in Chicago we had a 3 1/2 hour layover. X___X But I watched Howl's moving castle in the meantime. So by the time this flight left we had already been up for quite a while.


Not so lovely.

Despite being a 13ish hour flight it wasn't really as bad as I thought it was going to be. They had a few free movies and shows for us. Everyone closed their windows so people could sleep and almost all the kids were quiet. So the only thing to complain about was the awful food? XD


More gross food. But the brownie and chips were good.


XO Almost there!!!



I did my best to be respective and hide my level 300 excitement for arriving in Japan. WE HAVE ARRIVED!!!! WOOHOOO!!!


XO Is this advertisement for the second movie? Pr are you merely teasing me?!


Customs! I have heard horror stories about this...

But yeah. We spent a total of 2 minutes in customs. And 1.5 of that minute was standing behind someone else. The dude checked our paper we filled out on the plane and just nodded at us. Like...okay XD


Time to already spend money?

This was the only store in the Tokyo Narita airport after we went through security (which was SUPER fast). Most of the items were snack foods as one should bring back souvenirs from your trip. I only got some choco bread to eat since the plane food was not the noms.


Animes don't begin to cover how many vending machines there are in Japan.

After a quick flight we arrived in Osaka Japan. From there we proceed to look like lost foreigners trying to find the train to Kyoto. This is the very first vending machine we came across after we got confirmation that we weren't going in the wrong direction.


View overlooking Osaka while we looked for the train.

Overall the Japanese people seem to be very friendly. The exception seems to be while traveling. Everyone was less than nice with us trying to manuver our luggage around. We were first at a particular train and after everyone pushed me aside and generally made it hard for me to get on the train there were no seats left. :( Rudos. Also everyone is a bad driver and the bike people wish to run me over.


Almost time for sleep YAY!

After what felt like a million hours of traveling we have finally arrived at our hotel. The staff was super polite and some have a good grasp of English YAY!! Also our beds are much bigger than I was expecting woot.


Rest of the room. Excuse our mess.

Gotta be careful not to spread out everywhere like we usually do on trips. We are making good use of the closet. XD



Our first taste of Japanese television. This promises to be a fun trip. XD


Behold the noms!!!!!

Despite being tired we really needed noms. But here in Japan as long as you are in a decently populated area there are 23892737 convenient stores around the corner. And unlike the convenient stores at home people tend to get their meals here and prices (seem) to be reasonable. So we stocked up on some food and went back to the hotel to pass out. So very very tired!!!!

Day One over!!!! Stay tuned for more Japan Trip posts.

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