Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Lawson Convenience Store: K-On!! merchandise!!!

Greetings from Japan! It is currently variety/talento hour here so there are loads of things to watch on TV. But I am not sure if the shows are more entertaining or the commercials...

This post should techinically be included in Japan Trip Day 6 but it was too fun not to share now. XD As an avid anime fan and lover of K-On!! I thought I should post it now while the happy was still very fresh in my heart.


The bringer of the noms.

This is a Lawson. Not my picture and despite taking 127817 pictures so far none of them have clear view of a Lawson. It is basically a convenient store that sells a load of products for nomming on the run. As stated earlier this is not a place of overpriced food but one can get reasonable deals. Probably because there are like 23983 convenient stores all over Japan and one has to stay competitive to stay in business. Now what is the best way to stay above the competition? Offer fun free stuff of course!!


Pay no attention to that new Nendoroid!!! She deserves her own post...and I probably should have posted it first. XD

XO Do you see what I see? If you answer was a bunch of K-On!! goodies then wee you are a winner. If you answer is a bunch of stuff I didn't need well I am going to wonder why my mom is reading my blog. Also I am wondering why spell check is not picking up my wrong words. Sorry for any mispellings.


Everyone loves Mugi! Even new nendoroids!

While we were just walking around I spotted cuteness out of the corner of my eye. Now since this is Japan it was very specific cuteness as to get more of my attention. But out of the corner of my eye I spotted K-On!! cuteness. Clearly I must investigate. I saw this super cute fan but there was no price on it XO What to do what to do?!


Is it a surprise that I picked all the Mugi products?

The language barrier was not as bad at this store so I was able to understand what to do. You buy two products that have K-On!! on them and you earn the fan for free. I LOVE FREE THINGS! The husband is saying it wasn't free but THBBBT on him. One of the items was this nifty little tin.


No you may not nom them!!

The tin itself was empty. You then got to pick 9 little...chocolates I believe and put it in the tin and tada item one!


I picked all the ones with Mugi pictures first.


Second item for me!!!

At this store (as there are million Lawsons I think) was a bag of popcorn. The bag itself was not very full but at least it was is a product I know I will eat so that is a plus. I eat it or safe it for cuteness?


Another hidden surprise?

I didn't even notice this when I first bought the popcorn. What could it be?!!


No longer mint condition!

Whatever it is they really don't want people taking it off the bag! Probably to prevent theft but it really prevented me from opening it.


Victory at last!

Turns out it was a playing card for a K-On!! game. Wonder if it is special edition?



At the next Lawson I really just wanted something to eat and the last store had no choco bread. But then I came across this. K-On!! choco bread, the most sacred of all breads!!!


Close up of the cute. Now to open or not open...


Isn't Mugi cute?! XD

Since I was buying the bread I had to buy another item to get a free fan. That is the best way to save money after all. This time I went for some breath mints. See very useful item folks!


Here is the fan I picked for the second batch. There are a total of 6 fans, one of each girl and one group one. Perhaps if one bought every single product they could earn enough to get all the free fans?


Picture of all my goodies!

For about 900 yen I got 4 products and 2 fans. In my book that is pretty good on the swag meter. The food (if I ever decide to eat it...) was reasonable priced and I got free stuff out of the deal. All and all a happy deal for me and I only looked like a partial dork when I danced with my fan.

According to the internets this is not the first time Lawson has had such promotions. But the other times seem to require more work (IE speaking the language and earning lottery points) so I am happy the deal is easier this time. What luck for me yes? So very happy in K-On!! land.


carafuru said...

Oh must've been exciting to discover a convenience store full of K-On! merch! You must be enjoying every second of Japan! :D

Christina said...

carafuru- We are having so much fun. Haven't had much time to blog but yes Japan is amazing. I am glad to see that people are in better spirits too given the situation.

In Tokyo all the K-On!! stuff is gone from the stores because people bought it all up and then are selling them in these second handshops that were all over Akihabara. Like the free fan they are selling for 500-700 yen. XD Glad I got my stuff when I did. But it was super neat seeing it there. Lawson also had the K-On!! music playing in the store too.