Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Back frrom Japan!!!

Yes indeed. I am back from Japan....and super, super tired. And since I just got "great" news about my job now I am in a great mood.

Like seriously folks. I was gone from work for 3 weeks and the store nearly falls apart yet somehow I am in trouble. My life IS the Twilight Zone.

Putting that aside because I did vow to be a more positive person while I was in Japan (really I did so why is this happening XD) I have lots and lots to do folks. My brother's wedding is in 10 days, my house needs to be cleaned, episodes need to be watched/blogged, and I am only on Day Three of my Japan trip. Oh and my dinning room table looks like a booth at an anime convention.

But sleep is threatening all that. Oh and I want to watch all my crappy reality shows that I missed while I was gone. XD Such priorities people. But in between sleeping, fighting for my job, and putting my house back together I plan on blogging up a storm. So if you are interested in my recent trip to Japan posts shall be up as soon as I can get to them.

Also I plan on catching up on the anime episodes I missed while I was gone too. But that shall come after the Japan Trip posts so they can be fresh in my mind. XD Everything shall get caught up on, I just need time. And possibly a maid. But it is good to be home again with my fur babies so I am happy.

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