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Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko episode 3

XO Why am I spending a million hours online when I have tons of stuff still to do? Because I am lazy and a procrastinator. But I have located the US embassy in Japan and for me that is the most important piece of information we need for our trip. Well that and also knowing how to say “where is the Western Toilet” in Japanese. We are so ready folks.

So tomorrow we will spend the entire day actually getting ready for Japan. No Sci-Fi movies for me!


Very suspicious indeed.

But now it is time for one last anime post before we hit the road. Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko is a weird little show but it passes the time yes? Maybe when I come back marathoning the episodes will make more sense. Spoilers for no pizza :(


Futons are super scary folks!!!

Episode Summary: Makoto is trying to have some alone time in his room but Eiro keeps butting in. One would think he would be happy she is doing normal things but he sees her as annoying. At school Makoto spends lunch with Ryuko. They talk about the little critters of the sea which Makoto finds more interesting than things in space. Some nights Makoto takes Eiro to the beach as she searches for alien evidence. Sometimes Eiro walks home alone as Makoto spends time with cosplaying Maekawa. She sees the belief in aliens as the same as religion. Believing in something that one cannot see. Still she doesn’t want Makoto to believe in aliens and follow the same crazy path as Eiro. On one of their days off Makoto hangs out with Ryuko who is acting too cute for her own good. She tries to kill Makoto with sugary drinks though which may cost her some cute points. Makoto asks her what her good points are and the answers are scary. Makoto then asks Ryuko her take on mysteries. Her answer is more on the lines of everything in life, from space to turning on a light switch is a mystery to her. But she is thankful every day for life and Makoto is happy with that answer. Makoto gives Eiro a ride home and starts explaining to her why she does what she does. Why she is making up the alien kidnapping to cover up the confusion of her lost memories and such. Eiro is greatly pissed at Makoto’s speech and stomps away.


Braining is very hard too.

That night Meme and her perverted self decides to spend time with Makoto. After hitting on her own biological nephew and kissing his neck they decide to play some card games. After losing because Meme is a cheater she reveals that she herself doesn’t know how she got pregnant with Eiro and for that reason she hides Eiro from the rest of the relatives. She also thinks giving Eiro space is the best thing for her. She warns Makoto not to get involved with Eiro, especially if he only cares about her because she is cute. After that crazy encounter Makoto starts thinking about his situation. He creates a timeline of what has happened to Eiro and what he needs to do to fix her crazy delussions. He needs to prove the aliens are not real for her to come to terms with…her lost memories? And to do this he paints his bike ET style and plans to almost crash it at the bottom of the hill. She will panic because she can’t fly and he will save them at the last second. Only the breaks go out and they crash into the water. Eiro insists she flew for a second but Makoto is like no we did not fly because you are human. Eiro gets upset and introduces herself to Makoto by her “human” name and Makoto is like WOOHOO progress. THE END!


I think Makoto's fascination with the ocean might be important to the alien plot later...

This show is really weird folks.


Am I really related to these crazy people?

Meme is too weird for words. Did she just give her biological nephew a hickey? Maybe not a hickey but that was definitely a kiss. Dear anime writers INCEST IS NOT HOT. Talking about not wearing a bra and sleeping together. Makoto trying to smell the pillow was a bit perverted but I expect that from him (and really after all the restraint he showed during the molesting he gets a pillow sniff). I do not expect an adult woman who is RELATED to a young man to be all throwing herself at him. Gross. Poking my eyes out.


On track but way too close.

I think that Meme was on track…slightly when telling Makoto to stay away from Eiro. If Makoto wants to help her out because she is pretty he needs to bounce now. Curing/helping Eiro needs a lot of time and commitment, not someone taken in by a pretty face. However I am not convinced that Meme is being a good mother by ignoring the problem. And that if Meme wanted to convince Makoto that this was a serious conversation maybe she should have looked serious while doing so.

However if Makoto was only helping because Eiro was pretty I think that was only half the issue. Family bonds tend to be strong, especially in animes where the people just met each other. So while Eiro might have been a pretty girl didn’t he want to spend time with her because they are cousins? After all she was wrapped in a futon when he first met her and he still took her to the store. So deep down Eiro had other reasons and now Makoto is fully committed in helping his cousin because he wants to. And hopefully there is no incest reasons going on as well.

Although…maybe Makoto and Eiro aren’t related at all. And if they are maybe Meme is the insane one. She doesn’t know how she got pregnant? Maybe she got pregnant by aliens? Insanity runs in the family I see. Or maybe that really is a sign that Eiro is an alien and Meme is just a “pretend mother”. Or maybe everyone just sucks. Who knows. XD



I thought Makoto’s plan on making Eiro think she is human again was a good plan. Maybe a bit too wordy (cough cough Touma) but it was a good plan. Make Eiro realize she can’t fly and make her face the reality of the situation. I like how Makoto was able to size up the situation rather fast and put together that plan. Slightly dangerous and maybe a better bike would have protected their skulls but things turned out well.


And by well I mean someone is crying and terribly hurt...

Or at least I think they turned out well? Eiro managed to say her name. She was acting angry. Anger is a human emotion yes? Or maybe she was having a mental breakdown. I wouldn’t say it was a total success. Maybe it planted the seeds of reality in her mind. Makoto will slowly show her that hey, you are just a confused human being who went through something traumatic.


Praying that you almost didn't kill the alien Queen.

Unless Eiro actually turns out to be an alien. And when Makoto tries to get her memories back he is faced with the fact that Eiro was telling the truth the whole time. In any event Meme is a bad mother, Eiro needs therapy, and Makoto probably wishes he never moved to this crazy town.


Well said girl who wears fast food uniforms.

As for his friends he made in school I really wasn’t impressed with their scenes. Maekawa really didn’t do much of anything. And I didn’t think her cosplaying outfit was that outrageous. She was mainly there to question whether or not Makoto had crossed over into insane lane. I wish that she could give us more details on Eiro’s insane behavior. Maybe she already has and too much time has passed? Just wish we could have heard the details.


Um...let's not bring that up again?


But in the end she is a good girl. Special but good.

Ryuko needs to lay off the sugar. Bouncing around everywhere drinking gross drinks. She is there to provide Makoto with some normal teenage stuff. Hanging out, seeing the town, and basically being goofy balls. She also didn’t add anything more to the Eiro mystery but she did define what a mystery meant to her. I would make fun of her….simple nature if I didn’t have those thoughts myself. XD Thank you computer for working. Not sure how but thank you.


This is not flying my friend.

In conclusion one should not blog and try to watch Starship Troopers 3. Also one should probably be packing instead of watching Starship Troopers 3. Not very effective indeed. But this show is weird so I guess it is worth watching. No pizza eating this episode so that was a downside. See ya in a month crazy show.
T-Minus 2 days and counting!!!!!!

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