Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Ghibli movie marathon? Getting ready for the Ghibli Museum

XO I lied. Let’s see if I can squish in one more anime post before I hit the road/air. XD And no there has been no packing done in the house of Tenchi. Because that is how we roll folks. Let’s do everything at the last minute and hope for the best woohoo!!!!!


Wait for me Totoro! We will be there soon.

Since the husband and I are going to the Ghibli Museum we thought maybe we should watch some Studio Ghibli films? Just a thought right? Crazy I know. We both have seen Spirited Away (dubbed in theaters) and I have seen part of Kiki’s Delivery Service when it came on Disney once. But other than that…we are bad little anime fans. Also probably a little crazy for buying tickets to a museum in which we haven’t seen most of the films.

So before we hike to this museum we decided to take some time in between not packing to watch a few movies. After a few technical difficulties we watched My Neighbor Totoro and Princess Mononoke. Because we have priorities people. Howl’s Moving Castle and Ponyo are also on the list of movies to watch but since not one thing is in my suitcase AND I have to work tomorrow we shall have to see. But here is a mini review of these two movies since I probably should be in bed already.

Up first is my Neighbor Totoro. XO So cute cute. Okay when Totoro yawned it wasn’t very cute but the other little critters were cute. The cat bus had mice for headlights and even the soot creatures were awesome. I demand more cute soot creatures.

That being said…X__X I thought this movie was going to have more of the animals and less of the girls. But that is probably just my silly assumptions. Maybe not though. I just thought it would have more with the neighbor and not with the crazy children.

Crazy children indeed. The first part of the movie they were excited about chores and their house falling apart. I mean…if I just moved somewhere and my house was rotting I would not be dancing about it. I would be crying because I have seen enough movies to know that something is living in the house and the second I put a tank top on I am dead. So yes children. Celebrating the fact your house almost fell apart in the rain is crazy.



I am very glad though that Mei wasn’t the only one to see the creatures. I thought it was going to go that way and I was like oh the childhood innocent crap going on. But apparently it is just certain people who can see the creatures. I mean, Kanta didn’t see the creature but Satsuki did. And granny knew about the soot creatures. I am just glad the creatures were real despite the fact they jumped in front of a lot of people and no one saw them.


See everyday situations. Waiting for your dad in the rain with a huge monster next to you.

I liked that this movie had real life issues in it along with the super natural creatures. Well besides the cheering that the house was breaking down the girls seemed real to me. Getting upset about the mother being sick, the stressful fight, and the frantically looking for the lost child. I could relate to those issues. Well not relate but understand what they were going though. Simple joys and sorrows that were portrayed in a beautiful manner.



Again I think the show should have more of the creatures but maybe it wasn’t one of those type of movies. It was more of a slice of life show with some invisible creatures thrown in for fun. It was a fun type movie that you could watch with your kids and not worry about people losing their limbs yet captive enough to keep the adults entertained.

Princess Mononoke was a whole lot of X__X after watching My Neighbor Totoro. No cute animals to see here folks. Well Yakul was pretty cute but that was about it. Really glad that little elk thingy lived. It was sorta like in I am Sam. My entire theater was CRYING when the dog died so when Yakul was shot I was like NOOO NOT AGAIN. But Yakul is fine folks. Fine to have a long term relationship with a huge white wolf.


What do you mean we're not cute?!

But yes folks. Crazy ugly animals everywhere. Those kodama were not cute. I have heard people say AW they are so cute. No folks. They made creepy noises and their heads were all crazy looking. I mean next to the boars and creatures being taken by demons I guess they were cute but yeah folks. No cute animals here.


MOG WHAT THE HELL IS THAT?! X__X Cloverfield 2? Where the hell is Bambi's dad when you need him?!

I also thought the story of Princess Mononoke was going to be different. Because I am dumb. But even though the movie was not what I was expecting it was still a lot of show. A great deal was happening with the different factions and at times it was hard to follow. I think they could have left out the Jigo and the other evil humans plot and the story would have still flowed well. But since I am not in charge of a huge anime studio that makes millions of dollars. So I am thinking my opinion does not matter.


You're welcome for being the star of the movie. Now you can go back in the forest and eat bark in peace.

But I do think that Ashitaka was more of a main character than ms title of the movie. He was the one traveling from place to place where San was in the forest for half the movie. And after all that Ashitaka went through he still wanted peace whereas San had anger issues still. He really represented growth and hope whereas San represented…reality.

Although…..why would Ashitaka help rebuild a town that completely devastated the forest around it? I am not say that the resources shouldn’t have been taken from the Earth. Just that maybe it could have been done in less destructive ways. Like we mine but we also replant when we are done. I don’t know, it just seemed weird that Ashitaka would help out Iron Town when San was having a fit he was working with humans.

XO Also after watching this movie I am more inspired to get in shape so I can too can run for miles and jump over rivers and such.

Overall I liked the message of this movie. Or really the message I took from in. Besides the other men trying to take over Iron Town no one was really evil. Everyone thought what they were doing was best for themselves and many others. Eboshi was perceived by someone who hated nature but rescued brothel women and lepers. Moro’s wolves attack other animals which seems like a no no but they are doing it for the greater good. Everyone has their own reasons for doing things but in the end they weren’t really bad. Just not working together.

This movie also had tons of people running around missing arms and heads. But it didn’t seem like a violent movie? Also weirdness.

Now it is time for sleep. So I can work, watch movies, pack, and panic. YAY!
T-Minus 1 day and counting! Wait what is left to count?!


Anonymous said...

You gotta see Howl's Moving Castle!

Anonymous said...

Have a good time in Japan! :)

Christina said...

Thank you both my Anonymous posters. XD I had a great time in Japan (spend most of my work days wishing I was back there XD ). I did watch Howl's Moving Castle on the plane trip to Japan. XD Just don't know why she had silver hair at the end...

I watched Ponyo the day before we went to the museum. I think out of all the movies we watched I liked Howl's the best. XD