Friday, April 26, 2013

24 hours in a day and I slept for 20 of them! Duffy the Disney Bear to the rescue!

Behold I have transformed into a cat. Or a person with a cold. I didn't know it was possible to be so sleepy after sleeping so much. Maybe it is the idea of missing out on Friday morning tips that makes my eyes sleepy and sad. But yes, my husband was sick for the better part of two weeks and finally I have caught his cold. Breathing. Who needs it.
 photo Duffy051_zps02fbe9ec.jpg
Time to get momma well.
Good thing I have a silly spoiled bear willing to take care of him yes? Almost time to go back to bed though. So sleepy and stuffed up. Is it time for more medicine already Duffy?
 photo Duffy052_zps33685865.jpg
This medicine matches my outfit. Is it okay to drink?
 photo Duffy053_zps899d0663.jpg
Got another box of tissues for mom. She is going through them so fast.
 photo Duffy054_zps9d8d2f1a.jpg
Get better soon mom. I will just spend some time on the internets while you sleep more. Now where is your credit card....


Anonymous said...

Hello @Christina

I too caught the cold! Still coughing! :*(

Hope you get better, Christina!

End comments.

Christina said...

Anonymous- Late response is late!! But yes the husband and I are finally feeling better. Sorry you got sick too. It seems to be going around as I found out another co-worker called in sick the same days I did. The coughing and tissues keeping one up a night really makes you appreciate life better when you recover.