Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Zetsuen no Tempest episode 24 FINAL EPISODE!

See folks! I was getting things done today.....and playing dumb games on the computer. And obsessing over that stupid murder case that is plaguing the United States. It makes me so mad watching so much of our courts time and money being wasted on such nonsense but I can't stop watching this train wreck. Something is wrong with me yes?
 photo tempestepisode2410_zps98ef019e.jpg
This is the face of happy in case you couldn't tell.
Enough about that though. Time to blog some more anime. Zetsuen no Tempest episode 24! Last episode. March went by fast didn't it? Spoilers for...happiness?
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This looks promising.
Episode Summary: Megumu is summoning up the power and courage to attack the tree. Samon and his crew are flying around with their Mary Poppins size bags full of technology/civilization. They are placing items on the ships in an attempt to protect them from the impending attack from Mr. Tree. They note though that some of the ships aren't moving fast enough and aren't in range of their magic yet. Hakaze and Tetsuma are still fighting it out but the ships are just moving slow. On board one of the slow ships Mahiro is yelling at some captives while Yoshino patches up the new hole in his arm. That was a lot of blood for an arm injury. Yoshino and Mahiro talk about how scary that seems and that they need to do their part to make this all go smoothly. Hakaze is momentarily distracted, thinking that she can't protect Yoshino until this is all over but what is taking Megumu so long? Megumu finally musters up his power...and shoots a tiny hole in the tree. Not the killing blow he was hoping for. The tree wakes up and starts summoning other pieces of itself to attack Megumu. The pieces grow and start attacking the ships and the surround areas. Samon appears before the leaders of the ships and tell them to get out of there. Fighting is happening all over the place and Megumu is doing his best to fight off all the pieces. Megumu tries his best but is quickly overwhelmed. He starts to drown in the ocean, thinking about how he let everyone down. Mahiro realize that things are not going well and starts to get pissed with himself. What has he forgotten? What did he not take into consideration? There is a flashback of Aika getting mad at a book because there is no light in it. Mahiro is like well stop reading Shakespeare then. According to Aika there is always light, that makes a good story.
 photo tempestepisode248_zps4b31d221.jpg
Or people will be pissed that they killed the random tree that came and killed 2 billion people.
At the Exodus tree the ones guarding it are shocked to see something weird going on. Samon's men come by and create a barrier as the Exodus tree explodes....into a sword. And the sword of hugeness flies to Megumu who was slowly drowning. He takes the sword and finally knows what he has to do. Well he powers up to Super Sayian kind of levels and explodes the entire tree. All the pieces start to explode into butterflies and everyone comments on how butterflies were a sign of horrible things before but now they are welcomed. One month later...Evangeline and Samon are eating some noodles watching cop cars drive on by. They talk about how crime has returned after the trees have left and is this really for the best? Samon says they will have to work to make it a better world. Takumi has made it pretty far up in the government thanks to his fast thinking and he has agreed to help the displaced Kusaribe clan as they no longer have magic powers. Tetsuma is especially happy with his task to be Takumi's personal driver. Hakaze is seen at the village packing up her crap and leaving. When the older ladies see what Hakaze is doing they basically call her useless and silly and to run along to Yoshino. Back at home Evangeline and Samon bring food back to those cleaning up the room. Megumu declines the food as his ex girlfriend has called and is willing to see him. Megumu runs off all excited and nervous. The ex does end up meeting with Megumu but the fate between those two is unknown. Evangeline gets all jealous, hoping that her time for love has finally come. She tries to make it a point with the guys but Samon and Natsumura ignore her on purpose. Junichirou tries to make it know his penis is for sale but Evangeline isn't biting. 

Elsewhere on a train Mahiro and Yoshino are traveling along. Mahiro has been given a job opportunity by Takumi but he needs to get into a good college. Mahiro's goal is to change the world but that will take time and hard work. Yoshino says that's nice...lets watch Aika's video now. They both sit down and watch her farewell video...which is just her saying goodbye, good luck, and thank you for being with me in this life. Oh and you can hit Yoshino if you want Mahiro. The boys roll their eyes at the antics of Aika and continue on in the train. Mahiro and Yoshino visit Aika's grave. Mahiro does most of the talking, saying that Aika tried to save the world according to a script. Mahiro doesn't think that way and will find his own way in life. Mahiro sorta pokes at Yoshino who pokes back by saying lovers don't need to exchange such words. The two walk and reflect on all that has happened to them in this past year. Yoshino questions if Mahiro is going to go home now and he says that he isn't. Turns out that Mahiro has been in contact with the girl he saved from the iron syndrome thing. Yoshino is like is this really happening and Mahiro tries to brush it off. He gestures the fact that a taxi has just dropped off Hakaze and her stupid heels. Yoshino takes that as Mahiro giving him permission to move on from Aika and takes off running to greet Hakaze. Aika quotes something, probably from Shakespeare as Yoshino and Aika look at each other. THE END!
 photo tempestepisode2412_zpsbab487da.jpg
Is this real life? Is there a disease going on in Japan right now that I am unaware of? That animes have to end horribly now? Like WHELP that was nice but now it is the last episode and everyone important to the writing process has contracted some deadly disease and the janitors and mail room workers have to come in and finish the show. Is that is what happening? Not that janitors and mail room workers are intelligent people but when you are not involved in the creative process from the beginning it is hard to see where things are going sometimes.
 photo tempestepisode244_zpsc30021a4.jpg
A soon full of sugar folks.
Wait why am I being calm and rational now? RARW! Anger! So much anger. What the hell was that? It is like I am not allowed to be happy with any endings this season. And I don't think it is just my way of seeings things. I just sense laziness and craziness. Just...just what is this madness?
 photo tempestepisode245_zps97fe7a0b.jpg
You stupid show.
First off Yoshino didn't die. Not that people need to die to make the last episode interesting THE WALKING DEAD HOW COULD YOU! But it was very, very dramatic last episode. Yoshino has been shot! Look at how upset Mahiro is. How could this happen!??!!? Oh wait it was just a flesh wound. Never mind, we all can go home now. Maybe some other people will die but not Yoshino. He has been through too much. 

But then NO ONE DIED! Everything worked out magical well. Everyone did their task and saved all the dumb people on the boats and what not. It is like a little light bulb finally went off in their heads and worshiping trees didn't seem like a good idea. Every single person was saved despite how...well unrealistic it was, with a giant tree trying to kill them and all. Megumu did a great job.
 photo tempestepisode246_zpsa1745678.jpg
Is anyone else shocked? Really?
ONLY HE DIDN'T!! Which you know....maybe it was way too much to expect from him. Now if I were the Genesis tree I wouldn't have waited for him to hit first. I would have been like LOL no and stabbed him while he was floating there talking to himself. But Megumu really only had once chance to destroy the tree all at once. And it wasn't going to happen. Then the massive tree attacked and obviously he was “outnumbered”. Good thing Aika came and saved the day.
 photo tempestepisode24_zpse34c9c9c.jpg
What have we forgotten in this world of magic trees and mages and time travel?!
ONLY SHE DIDN'T! I mean.....it was silly of me to think that she faked her death to make Mahiro help Hakaze and so on and so forth. That is what she should have done instead of hearing what Hakaze said and automatically thinking death was the only answer. But no Aika didn't come and save the day. But she also didn't give Mahiro any hint. Mahiro was like what am I missing and he thought back to Aika. Well he and Yoshino. What were they missing? What were they missing indeed?
 photo tempestepisode249_zpsbb8ebd8c.jpg
Why didn't I think of that?!
A MAGICAL TREE SWORD! Really why didn't Mahiro plan for that?! I mean...maybe if they had a Riki from Little Busters! moment it would have made....well more sense then it ended up making. Everyone thinking no it can't end this way. Save us Exodus. The whole world coming together and rejecting the Genesis tree. But nooooooooooooooooo. Does that happen? No. Megumu nearly drowns, the Exodus turns into a giant ass sword, and the world is saved. Good job Mahiro. Your plan worked perfectly.
 photo tempestepisode2411_zps9c6afc8f.jpg
That good old Mahiro...saving the world and bring back crime....
And then everything was fine. No really everything was absolutely fine. The only thing negative that happened is...people went back to being people. There is crime again. People are asshole again. One could argue that is the true tragedy, that no one learned their damn lesson from 2 billion people dying but you know...they were all going to die anyway had the tree stayed. Still it would be nice that people could have waited a longer than a month before turning into douchebags again.
 photo tempestepisode243_zps1b08c7dc.jpg
So much happy.
But besides that...every major character lived. And seem to be happier than before this all happened. NOTHING BAD HAPPENED! Well no one can use magic now which seems to be a big deal to me. Oh and they lost their god because it tried to kill them. That to me seems like a BIG deal. This entire village devoted their life to protect their god. Then when things got bad Samon and his people had to destroy it. Even while acknowledging it. That must have been hard even if it was necessary. It would be like people losing one of their major senses.
 photo tempestepisode2413_zps2f377112.jpg
Why did we keep that woman around again?
Instead of people dealing with those real problems we got comedy all over the place. Hakaze leaving her village forever to follow Yoshino in horrible heels...funny. Tetsuma having to serve Takumi in this new world....hilarious. Evangeline wanting to find her own love and Samon and Natusuma ignoring her out of pure fear....SIDE SPLITTING! Oh we can't forget about Junichirou not even being considered to be a potential mate for for Evangeline. Just so much FUN! Everything is perfect. I am bitter. Shoot me now.
 photo tempestepisode242_zps5f244a60.jpg
Save me from the crazy people!
Maybe I failed to understand the point of this show. That there was always craziness, the world being saved by the world boyfriend and girlfriend. Maybe I just expected too much of this show and it is only natural I get disappointed over how unserious things turned out. I mean...Megumu hooking back up with his girlfriend....He deserves happiness after all he has been through. But I think I would have liked it more had Megumu grown as a person and realized he deserved better than that girl. That hey I saved the world and I risked my life to do so. I am going to find someone who really loves me. But instead Megumu skips back to his old girlfriend. Who knows why she called as she doesn't know what Megumu has done for the world.
 photo tempestepisode2414_zps6c436142.jpg
Nope. No nudes for you. Thanks for saving the world.
Yoshino and Mahiro are fine too, despite the fact Aika is still dead. They are just traveling on a train going...well going somewhere. It took them a whole month to watch Aika's message? I would have been like let me see this now while I am recovering from my gunshot wound. The message really didn't tell the boys much of anything. Like yay I am glad you won, want to see my naked body? HAHA not. Thanks for being my friends despite the fact I was the weird girl who was rude all the time. I mean...I guess for the boys it was some sort of closure even if it was already stuff they knew. They just needed to hear it from her.
 photo tempestepisode2415_zps9fefe04f.jpg
You tell her Mahiro!
The one part of the episode I did like was when Mahiro was talking to Aika's grave. Like look you crazy crack head. All you did was read plays and act like you had to follow a script in your life. And you were wrong. Can't be mad at you but I will tell you that you were wrong and should have counted on us more. So I am going to sit here and save the world and find my own way in life, not listen to the words or actions of others. Like who is this person and what has he done with Mahiro?! XO I was really shocked on how mature he was being. Such an angry person has found a way to channel all that energy into something positive. I am glad he told Aika how he felt even if he made a slight at Yoshino in the process.
 photo tempestepisode2417_zpsb943d5a3.jpg
Um....well it is a good thing you saved the world then....since you got a girlfriend?
But then it went back to being special. Mahiro...is going to study for college while getting himself a girlfriend. Remember that one girl he saved before episode 1. WOOHOO emails and long distant relationships that were really under the radar the entire damn series. Like hello wasn't Mahiro stuck on Aika, couldn't move on from that pain? He just watched her goodbye message? How could he move on so fast? AND LEAVE YOSHINO?!? No yaoi intended there, just saying that those two need to lean on each other and get through this tough time.
 photo tempestepisode2418_zpsc0405deb.jpg
....Weren't you just crying over Aika yesterday?
But never fear, Yoshino has moved on too. At the speed of fast. People might want to remind me that Aika has been dead and gone for quite a while now and it would appear it took them TOO LONG to move on. Well they didn't go through the mourning process very well. The stages weren't all met. Just oh we saved the world and Aika was dumb. Time to run to Hakaze because I love her now too! Like where the hell did that come from? Why can't we work up to all this crazy? Why does it have to come out of nowhere and hit me like a brick? I just don't like the pacing. Have Mahiro and Yoshino return to school. Have Hakaze be a transfer student. Show everyone hanging out and these things slowly happening over time. Everything happening at once...just too much.
 photo tempestepisode2416_zpsc155c6e4.jpg
No grudges! ONLY HAPPY!
So....overall...yeah. I was really excited about the first half of this show but then things started to fall apart when Hakaze was all IN LOVE with Yoshino and Megumu was the actual mage instead of Aika being behind the scenes. I don't think the trees were properly explained or how Aika gained her knowledge. The world was saved.... because. I don't know. A lot of I don't knows. Some characters had a lot of development and others...well I don't know why they were there at all. I hope that Yoshino and Mahiro remain...the awful friends they were before, given how much they have been through. Overall....what an odd little show with so much drama.


Anonymous said...

Actually, Tenchi, in the manga, Yoshino break-up w/ Hakaze at the end.

Anonymous said...

Hello @Christina

I wanted to do an in-depth review of this show but after seeing so much nonsense, I don't feel like putting much effort into an insane story written by sociopaths.

Crime was still going to happen even if the trees were there, especially after a worldwide crisis! It's a fact of life that people will resort to such extreme acts. Are the writers saying that because the trees existed there wouldn't be any crimes?--that's just unrealistic bullcrap! The trees were about to murder everyone even if people around the globe "behave" themselves. What's the damn point of "behaving" themselves then? So, in the end, everyone goes back to having the ability to commit crimes? They would still have the ability to commit crimes even if the trees were there! And now everyone goes back to happy-without-a-care ending even when 2 billion people around the world died!

Damn Zetsuen's writers! Of course this show would be out of touch with reality and humanity because the writers are nothing but sociopaths who only care about themselves! Not their friends. Not their families. Not their girl/boyfriends. Not their wives/husbands. Just themselves. Rot in obscurity, sociopaths!

This show blows. But to fair to the people who did enjoy this show, everything I wrote is my opinion--and it's just that: an opinion.

Oh, and freaking Aika didn't come back as the main villain that was responsible for everything! Great way to squander a potential and shocking plot twist, writers! Oh, wait. You don't care about what others think/feel because you're all sociopaths!

Apology for the rant. Just needed to get something off my mind.

That's all.

Christina said...

Anonymous 1- X___X How did he break up with Hakaze?! They were never going out! Unless in the manga Yoshino got over being Aika a lot faster. Which would ruin his character wouldn't it? He can't be sad and lonely if he is with someone. But why would he break up with her? Great now I am more confused.

Anonymous 2- I think when the giant sword appeared all my brain cells melted. I was like really, really?! I have to blog about this?! It was...special to say the least.

It does say a lot about people though. That 2 billion people die and everyone is like...well the rest of us are okay so we will worship these trees. Wait the trees are gone? Let the crime begin? Will we as humans EVER get it? Le sigh.

But I totally agree about Aika not coming back. I guess I overcomplicated the situation. Like no no it can't be as simple as her being dead. No no she is much smarter than that. She thought of a way to save herself and make this all happen. But....she didn't. And it really wasn't necessary. Wasted indeed.

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