Tuesday, April 9, 2013

New Anime Series! Red Data Girl episode 1!

Post number 2 of the night woohoo! That extra scoop op ice cream really has given me tons of energy. Maybe I should go exercise! Okay no that is a bit crazy. Exercise. You mean so I can be in shape and enjoy my day trips to places? that is insane. XO I am Queen of the couch potatoes and Kira is my loyal subject of lazy!!!
 photo reddatagirlepisode111_zpsae1b8ee5.jpg
I hope people notice my new hair style!
But you can do lots from your couch. Like blog anime. Up now is the new series Red Data Girl episode 1. Spoilers for hair. And more hair. AND HAIR!
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Oh thank goodness someone noticed.
Episode Summary: A young girl named Izumiko decides it is time for change and gives herself bangs. This alerts all the adults in the house and the driver but Izumiko insists she needed change. But when she is talked to about going to school in Tokyo she decides she doesn't like that at all. She is driven to school and talks to her two friends who are shocked about her hair. One friend offers to take her to the local salon but Izumiko has to ask permission as she has never done that before. Izumiko is bullied a bit during gym, being a slow person. She is also bullied over her new hair by the boys except one named Wamiya. Her friends try to cheer her up and ask about texting and email but Izumiko reveals she has to get another cellphone as her new, new one broke recently. Later in class the students have to look up things about Shijunko as they are taking a trip there soon. Izumiko asks her friend to help as when she touches computers they seem to go very soon. Another classmate calls Izumiko lazy so she decides she will try on her own. Only the computer loads beyond slow. In Izumiko's vision the classroom fills with water but she is able to breath and talk under water. She is then connected on the computer to her father in America. He is surprised to see her and her new hair. She complains about how he isn't going to be there for parent/teacher day and that if he can't parent her he has no right to make her go to Tokyo for school. She then realizes that talking to her father like this is impossible and BAM all the computers break in the room.
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I can't believe you cut your hair!
Izumiko starts crying and suddenly a helicopter is there to pick up Izumiko. It is a family friend named Yukariko. The principal and homeroom teacher are more concerned about the man's age rather than the fact he has a helicopter. Still he is allowed to take her home and Izumiko is upset that these things always happen to her and wonder if the family knows. She is taken to the hospital to have some tests done which seems rather pointless. Once home Izumiko decides to take a walk to think about her weird life. She comes across an angry boy named Miyuki who is not happy to be here. He starts going on and on how life isn't fair and he shouldn't have to be here to protect a nobody like her. Yukariko appears and tells his son to behave. Everyone ends up in the house and Miyuki and Yukariko plaster on happy faces in front of the staff but bicker in front of Izumiko. Yukariko tells Miyuki that he has to move here and serve Miyuki forever and Miyuki is like please this is the goddess you were talking about?! Izumiko gets as upset as she can muster because this is all kind of awful. Miyuki leaves the house upset and Yukariko goes after him and apparently beats the shit after him. Miyuki returns to the house and says he fell off a cliff and during that time he saw the error of his ways and has decided to stay here. Later that night though Miyuki and Izumiko have a confrontation. Basically Izumiko remembers Miyuki bullying her as a child and Miyuki says he has no choice to stay here. It is either guard her or lose his life. Izumiko is upset and embarrassed, especially the next day when Miyuki transfers to her class. THE END!
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Almost all my screenies are about hair. Because I can be special too.
Well that was....special. I am not sure boring is the word because I am not sure what I just watched. It was like nothing happened yet everything was all over the place. So I guess special does sum it up.
 photo reddatagirlepisode114_zps5db83fdc.jpg
Because I don't think your new hair looks all that good.
I thought everyone was being super special with Izumiko in regards to her cutting her hair. Later in the episode it is explained that people think that spiritual energy is connected to hair. There are other legends like that, in the Bible and what not. But before that was explained I thought all the characters had lost their minds. I mean some of the people didn't know about her “powers” so they were just commenting to commenting. I don't know, maybe it stuck out to me because my hair is quite long too. But all I hear is people saying when are you going to cut your hair?! It gets annoying. So I was like why is everyone hating on this girl? But I figured she must be....very set in her ways and any change from her is a shocker.
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Sorry we ruined your new hair style.
Despite being a very quiet and set in her way person Izumiko has some friends. Which is shocking. Shouldn't she be picked on in the corner and crying? Kids these days can be mean. Like oh you are different SHUNNNNNN. But then again kids can be capable of being more understanding that adults. So it is nice to know that Izumiko has some people in her corner despite the fact she is technological deficit. Beat up on those boys.
 photo reddatagirlepisode12_zpsa67f252d.jpg
Wish my hair was as awesome.
The love interest was a bit surprising. Of course by the end of this series Izumiko will be in love with the jerk Miyuki. But for now the bowl head hair cut kid from Accel World is getting a little attention! Shocking I know. Of course it is not that hard to stand out in the crowd when there are lots of jerks. Wamiya. Sorry. You are probably not going to get the girl. But maybe you will end up being important in another way?
 photo reddatagirlepisode19_zps6e4a126d.jpg
What will your parents think of your hair?!
Izumiko is supposed to be this guarded and protected person but where the hell are her parents? One is somewhere else in Japan and the other is in America. Why are these people having kids when they don't have time or the energy to raise them? Just weird. Being raised by the other adults who treat Izumiko like a princess rather than a normal girl. A bit shocking that Izumiko isn't a spoiled brat.
 photo reddatagirlepisode13_zps99a63c89.jpg
Okay here are some plot pictures instead of hair. Swim with computers.
Izumiko has some problems. Probably why she is shy and has problems. Apparently when she touches or is near technology it goes haywire. She is off breaking cellphones! Of course she doesn't have many friends. XD But things got really crazy when she was in the computer lab. She tried to avoid it but she was picked on again and tried to use a computer. But...she was basically face chatting with her dad without the program being up. I wonder if her father knew from the start this was insanity and he was just trying to make sure she was okay. But yes not only do computers and electronic items break around her...she can drown in magical pools of water and make the technology do something it wasn't supposed to do.
 photo reddatagirlepisode14_zps3345d50c.jpg
Someone HOT is operating it. We must be concerned!
The episode got kinda weird after this and I am wondering why more people weren't questioning what was going on. Izumiko admits to breaking all the computers that really shouldn't be possible. But more people are worried about an adult picking up Izumiko from school. Why weren't they questioning the fact that he had a helicopter. It was weird how much time was spent on this topic and not the IZUMIKO IS WEIRD!
 photo reddatagirlepisode15_zps8a808bae.jpg
Braids=bumpkin DUH!
Things get down right abusive and mean after said guardian/helicopter pilot Yukariko introduces Izumiko to his son Miyuki. Well Miyuki sorta ran into Izumiko. Either way this was not a good meeting. Miyuki doesn't want to be there and leave his life behind to serve some girl. A girl he apparently tortured when they were kids. I can see why Miyuki doesn't want to uproot his life to serve Izumiko but can't he see she doesn't want it either?
 photo reddatagirlepisode16_zpse37fe93a.jpg
Scared straight. Nearly dead.
It seems that bad attitudes and behaviors run in the family. Miyuki puts a smile on his face in front of others but in front of his dad and Izumiko he is like I don't want to serve anyone. Yukariko isn't winning any father of the year awards any time soon. It seems he has neglected his son most of his life in favor of raising Izumiko (hence the anger) and now he has called upon Miyuki to devote his life to the girl he got pushed aside for. When Miyuki is like I don't think so Yukariko decides to beat the crap out of his son. This show....so heartwarming.
 photo reddatagirlepisode17_zpsb172c52d.jpg
But not go to school in Tokyo like everyone else wants to do. I want to cut my hair and shock everyone!
Izumiko is not really happy with what is going on. She would like some answers but everyone is keeping her in the dark. She wants her parents there but they could care less. What is this goddess nonsense? Why is this boy who picked on me as a child being forced to watch over me? That doesn't sound like someone I would want in my corner. If I were Izumiko I would cut all my hair off and say screw them all. I really don't like main characters who don't ask obvious questions. Like hello what are you talking about answer me now!!! I mean...they are saying she is important, why not throw your weight around a bit? I don't know about this show. Izumiko might come across a bit too mousy for my taste. Will have to wait and see but reviews from other people are telling me this show isn't really worth a whole lot.


Hani Azlan said...

I'm actually looking forward to this. I'll tell you my thoughts when I find time to watch it!

Christina said...

Hani- So far we haven't gotten much in the way of explanation for this series. Hope it is not one of those better know the source material animes...