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Red Data Girl episode 2

It was SO boring at work today folks. SO BORING. I had one delivery all day and our rush consisted of 8 high school kids coming in and ordering some food. So bored. I actually blogged this entire episode AT WORK! Just sat down and wrote it all down on a piece of paper. That is how much work was done today. I swept and did as much busy work as I could but I ran out of things to do. Just...where are all the customers?!
 photo reddatagirlepisode22_zps1bac56c2.jpg
Oh okay now everything makes sense...
So here is what I worked on at work today. Anime weee! Red Data Girl episode 2. Spoilers for....things not making sense.
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New guy in town. Time to divide him up.
Episode Summary: Everyone is school thinks that Miyuki is the best thing since slice bread. Izumiko is very uncomfortable around him despite both of her friends being smitten with him. They note that Miyuki won't join any clubs but Izumiko says that is because Yukimasa makes him practice things like archery after school. The girls then decide to talk about their class trip to Shinjuku and it was hard to focus after that because I want to go back to Shujinko and I was hoping I could recognize scenes in this episode. Oh this is anime post. Okay so Izumiko doesn't want to go but feels as if she will be made to go. The girls pass Wamiya in the hall and he asks if Izumiko hates Miyuki. She nods her head and Wamiya says he doesn't like him either and hopes he can go to high school with Izumiko. Izumiko and Miyuki ignore each other on the ride home but that changes once Izumiko receives a package from her mom. It is a cellphone and a note so Izumiko runs off to Miyuki. Then the episode starts to make no sense. Izumiko is supposed to use this cellphone to text Mom once she gets to Shujinko and they will meet up. Izumiko does not want to go see her mom and Miyuki doesn't either even though he wants to ask Mom to get out of guarding Izumiko. Then it is decided they will both go together. Izumiko gets her happy self on the plane and nearly passes out as she sees people as black and scary figures. It also upsets Izumiko that Wamiya didn't come on the trip but he is clearly there watching the plane take off. Izumiko has a rough time on the plane and when she gets off the black figures and scary feelings make her ill. She throws up in the bathroom and Miyuki arrives to say that Mom wants to meet them at a certain building. Izumiko explains the black figures and Miyuki is like well we will just ask Mom about them when we see them.
 photo reddatagirlepisode27_zpsed1743b7.jpg
Help you go far away!
Izumiko waits until free time and allows Miyuki to pull her away from her friends to go the right part of the building. They wait and Mom never shows up. Izumiko is convinced that someone is after them and starts losing her mind. Mom texts the kids and says they need to get out of there now. Izumiko keeps taking about the feelings and the black figures. Miyuki is like we can just go to her apartment. For the next ten minutes in this show the kids try to make it to the apartment, which is probably like 3 hours real time. INSTEAD OF WALKING they try taking a subway but Miyuki breaks the ticket booth and the train. They take a taxi but can't read and get off at the wrong stop. SHINJUKU IS NOT THAT HARD TO GET AROUND. They decide to wait out the rain in front of the apartment that Mom is supposed to be in I like and Izumiko starts to shake and feel awful. Miyuki thinks that maybe this might actually be a bad situation and holds her hand. Izumiko is like ITS COMING so they hide inside the lobby and start chanting against the being that is chanting. SURPRISE it's Yukimasa. Miyuki decides it is not Yukimasa but Izumiko says it is him. She says there was something scary and Miyuki decides it was Yukimasa but they still go upstairs to Mom's apartment. Mom isn't there because Yukimasa says that she lead the scary things away from Izumiko. Izumiko has decided she is done with the day and goes to bed. Miyuki does not ask what the hell is going on SO IT IS NEVER EXPLAINED! Yukimasa starts talking about how people want the women for their powers and they are a vessel of some sort. Miyuki is like why was Izumiko scared of you then? Yukimasa says the girls get scared because it is who they are. Suddenly Izumiko is standing right there all wearing a kimono and glowing. Yukimasa starts bowing and calling her princess. Ms. Princess notes that Izumiko's body is not ready for her yet and to take care of it because it will be her last vessel. Yukimasa gets sad and Ms. Princess goes back to being confused Izumiko. Yukimasa starts to understand what is going on now and tells Miyuki that he will no longer be needing his protecting services. THE END!
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Sounds like a normal mother/daughter relationship.
What the hell did I just watch? Was this episode 2!? Because it felt like I watched episode 3 and I am missing A TON of information. Like what the hell is going on here?! WHAT THE HEEEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLLLL!
 photo reddatagirlepisode25_zps4af7f7c1.jpg
Maybe Miyuki should have brought a map with him.
Miyuki, where were you man?! Where were you? I know you were off having a bad attitude but I expected you to step up and ask questions when things got weird. But you never did! What the hell?! You are the outsider looking in and seeing this all for the first time. If my friend starts talking about black shapes and scary noises I would ask. Instead Miyuki just took the long way around Shinjuku and acted like he knew what was going on. Like what the hell folks?! I will just sit back and act like I too know what is going on since everyone else does. Thanks for including us in on what is going on.
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Yeah bro!
As expected Miyuki was embraced by all the school kids. Either the new kid is shunned or they instantly become the most popular kid ever and the student connected to that kid becomes even less popular if that is possible. Like oh why is Izumiko living with Miyuki that hoebag lets trash her locker and stuff. Or people will fake friend Izumiko to get closer to Miyuki. Either way not fun times for Izumiko.
 photo reddatagirlepisode29_zpsf790aa04.jpg
AWWW! Make sure you take care of that weird girl. XD
I like that Izumiko really has some nice friends. I notice they weren't really asking her to go above and beyond with Miyuki. Sure they asked a thing or two and could have asked why Miyuki was down a little more but overall they seem like nice girls. They made sure she was okay on the plane and afterwords when she got sick they tried to take care of her. I am sure they would have looked for Izumiko if they could have. Good friends, hope they turn out to be normal humans who aren't hunting Izumiko.
 photo reddatagirlepisode26_zps311ce95c.jpg
He sucks doesn't he?
I don't think the same will be said for Wamiya. Poor Izumiko. I mean obviously wasn't going to happen, him and Izumiko. So all he is saying is probably a lie which is also sad. I am sure he hates Miyuki not because he was bullying Izumiko but because he is there to protect her and how can Wamiya get to her if she has protection. Now what kind of person is Wamiya since he didn't get on the plane...
 photo reddatagirlepisode211_zps1cc1219e.jpg
Is there a reason WHY Izumiko doesn't want to see her mom? I mean besides the fact that the mom sucks. It's too dangerous for me to come out because YOU are in danger. I mean in the end mom did try to protect Izumiko but what the hell is this all about?! Texting and what not. Why not call the kids and tell them?! Since Mom was texting it seems she can use technology. Maybe she was hiding from whatever is after her.....
 photo reddatagirlepisode212_zps47e11cba.jpg
It would be a great idea to move here. Really. XD But I was in this train station so I was like WOOHOO when I saw it.
Which leads me to more questions. If so many people are after Izumiko why would they want to send her to Tokyo with one protector?! Wouldn't less people be better? In a town where every body knows your naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaame. And was Izumiko supposed to function in Tokyo, land of technology? She couldn't even escape from the whatevers because she broke the ticket machine and train. Why did Miyuki think it was the people chasing them?!
 photo reddatagirlepisode210_zps17360a61.jpg
Creepy people with suitcases. Scary.
There was just a lot of dumb going on. Dumb that apparently has to do with Izumiko not wanting to see her mother. Does that have to do with them both having powers or that Mom has sucked so long as a mom it is more of a shy thing? I don't know the entire thing was weird. Weird weird weird. If you are at the apartment go in! If you are going on a school trip to where you mom is why wouldn't you see her? What is with this show?! Why doesn't mom live with Izumiko?! Why wouldn't she send Yukimasa to protect the kids?
 photo reddatagirlepisode213_zps82a1d1d8.jpg
Protect me person I don't like!
So really I don't know what is going on. Was Izumiko really seeing something behind her? And if she was is Yukimasa one of them? I don't understand why she would be so scared of him? And why would he be able to send them off? Miyuki wasn't able to. I mean maybe that is what was going on but Miyuki accusing Yukimasa and Yukimasa not explaining things well and it was lost on me until I started typing this. But there was something chasing Miyuki and I think she should have been more scared. I have a feeling she knew what was going on when really she should have been like WHAT IS THIS?!
 photo reddatagirlepisode214_zpsee8b741f.jpg
Someone is a little angry....
After nothing is explained they go to Mom's apartment and clearly she is not there. And who knows when she will show up again. Because mom and daughter can't meet up. Yukimasa starts talking about how the girls are special and can sense things and can get confused. The things themselves are never explained and Miyuki never seems to ask. He is just more concerned with Izumiko being important and if he will get smite for being an asshole to her.
 photo reddatagirlepisode2_zps45edc11b.jpg
So no more girls being chased by creepy things? Sounds good to me.
The episode of course ends with Izumiko emerging from the bedroom all Ms. Princess like. Surprise she is a vessel for some...god or something and that is why she is so important and people are after her. DUH! Because stating that at once would be insanity. But things can't be smooth as butter. Of course Izumiko isn't ready....because she isn't aware of it. Plus Izumiko is going to be the last vessel? Why is that? I doubt we will know anytime soon because everyone will already know and fail to tell us! RUDE!

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