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Little Busters! episode 25

Three posts today weee! I really thought though this would be the end of Little Busters! too for some reason. Not sure why I thought that. But three episodes down and all I need to do is catch up on Maoyuu Maou Yuusha and I will be ready for the Spring 2013 session that will start..in like three days. XD Go me!!!!
 photo littlebustersepisode2514_zpsbf010dc7.jpg
Um...did the type of anime I was watching changed or something? X___X
So since this is the second to last episode of Little Busters! I need to get to it don't I? Episode 25. Spoilers for a wild Kengo finally making his appearance!
 photo littlebustersepisode253_zps63cec902.jpg
I was sensing a Disney song with this pose.
Episode Summary: As Rin runs off to tell Komari that the puppet play went well Riki looks up at her...and passes out from his narcolepsy. It is later that night Riki wakes up safe in his room. Now that he is awake he starts thinking about Komari's book. He knows he has seen the drawves book before but how can that be? Riki knows Rin and him have been receiving notes about the secret of the world and how if they finish these tasks they will be told it. Riki starts to think that the secret really is that he already knows it and has forgotten. In any event...it is time to start a new day. Riki gets word that Kyousuke is up to insanity while the rest of the Little Busters were off doing high school student stuff. They are gathered together as Kyousuke announces they will have their first official game. Rin and Riki are like what.........until Kyousuke announces the other team is made up of all the captains from the other sports teams. Then Riki and Rin are really whatttttttt. Everyone else is excited except Masato who demonstrates that sometimes he can do math. They don't have enough members. Kyousuke is like that will solve itself so for now we need to focus on practice. Rin, Riki, and Masato discuss this madness later after practice, that they need another member. Riki thinks to himself that Kengo will never join when TADA they see Kengo talking to some girl. Clearly they are flirting and they must bother them. Riki is like no that is Miyuki, the girl top on the archery team until she lost one of her eyes due to disease. It looks like the conversation is not going well and they disperse. Later at meal time the talk turns to Kengo and his match. He is up against someone he doesn't think he can beat but Riki is like no everyone says you are going to win. Masato tries to bring up the fact that Kengo was flirting with a girl and clearly that means....something. Everyone in the cafeteria loses their minds that Kengo was talking to a girl and that means the world is ending.
 photo littlebustersepisode2512_zps40627688.jpg
Don't jump off buildings anymore?
Miyuki shows up and says that Kengo was just helping her with a problem and not worry. Miyuki runs off all upset and Rin and Riki run off after her. She starts crying and going on and on about how her life is over because she can't do archery anymore. For some reason she thought Kengo could help but she freaks out when she sees Kengo has come after them. Kengo says that Miyuki needs to find a new way to live now and Miyuki gets pissed that Kengo doesn't understand her. It is madness. Riki starts to feel bad for Miyuki and probably starts thinking of ways to save her when...everyone is told to go to their classrooms. Riki is then informed that Miyuki is on the roof and she wants to jump. Kyousuke, Riki, and Masato make their way to the roof to see some actual adults trying to help Miyuki off the ledge. The boys note that Miyuki seems scared and doesn't really want to jump but the adults are scaring her. When the adults approach her she freaks out. The boys attack the adults and push them down but Miyuki falls off the edge. Kengo comes out of nowhere and grabs Miyuki has she crashes to the ground. He lands safely and Miyuki is alive. But Kengo has fractured his arm. Add that with the fact he pushed his club's adviser out of the way and Kengo has been suspended from the team for 2 months. Miyuki done loses her mind over the situation, saying she has cost Kengo everything and all is lost for him. He says he just wants Miyuki to find her way in life and he will find his. This seems to mean that Kengo will be the 9th member on the Little Busters team. Everyone points out what a really bad idea this is but with Miyuki watching Kengo insists that Rin pitches to him. Pitch after pitch Kengo is unable to hit the ball one handed. He starts looking really bad and everyone starts asking him to quit. Finally after forever Kengo does hit the ball and a home run at that. Kengo explains as long as he can do that it won't matter how slow he has to run the bases. Miyuki watches with tears in her eyes as Kengo rounds the bases and is congratulated in making the team. Kyousuke then announces that he will not be the captain for the game, it will be Riki. X___X THE END!
 photo littlebustersepisode2513_zps3c2b4c1a.jpg
This was just 19 kinds of special folks.
X___X For some reason I thought this season had 25 episodes. Nope there will be another one after this. Which I guess is a good thing because this episode...was a bit weird. Well at least weird to end a season on anyway.
 photo littlebustersepisode25_zps4bf37260.jpg
then you passed out?
Riki once again is thinking about all the weird things that happen in his life. The Komari book really got him thinking. Well it got him thinking after he woke up from his narcolepsy nap. Funny how those always pop up when something important happens, when Riki is close to “remembering” something. But I guess the real funny thing is Riki has yet to verbalize any of his feelings. Like guys doesn't this seem familiar? By the end of the episode Riki seems to know who is behind everything so maybe there is still time for him to ask. Still....Riki is keeping quiet. Not sure why since everyone is a nut in this group.
 photo littlebustersepisode254_zps09c6e31d.jpg
Kyousuke is a man of the people. Everyone loves him!
The fact that Kyousuke was able to put together an all star team at the drop of a hat was not lost on me. Obviously this team isn't going to stick around forever and they might suck because they aren't great in this particular sport. But really....really Kyousuke. You got a few girls on this team that can't barely tie their shoe, let alone concentrate on the game. Just think what the team would have been like had this shown been more than Kyousuke having Riki help out girls. Such an amazing team!
 photo littlebustersepisode255_zps697a1e39.jpg
Best part of the episode.
I love Riki and Rin's normal reaction to this insanity. Mostly because it does sound impossible, for a first game anyway. These people barely practice the right way anyway. What does Kyousuke have up his sleeve? Masato is like um this is great but we are missing a member and counting it hard. So....what are we going to do guys? Give Mio a bat? I think not.
 photo littlebustersepisode256_zpse0d5f68e.jpg
And you know this how?!
Kyousuke being the amazing future seer he is tells everyone not to worry and everything will work out. Insert Riki thinking about Kengo not joining the crew. Which I always thought was stupid and lame. Kengo could have always been the 9th member and just shown up when he was needed. He would probably be naturally good at the sport so it won't take away from his kendo club yes? But after this episode it is clear that there was always going to be a right time for him to join the baseball team. So did Kyousuke know that all along with or without Kengo? HMMM!
 photo littlebustersepisode259_zps62633974.jpg
Can you make a career out of archery in Japan? Because um...I am thinking kids put too much time into these clubs...
Since it is too late in the season we can't have Riki helping of the remaining girls on the team. That would just be silliness. We got to save some girls for a season two. But that means we were going to help a girl that we hadn't seen yet. At all. Because Riki only talks to the people in the Little Busters. This show doesn't do a very good job of introducing other characters. This is a big school, they could show people who are going to be important in the background. Like look there is....that one boy who loves Sasami. Or look Miyuki is walking around with her eye patch and being sad. Things like that. Instead we got Sailor Moon friend of the week stuff going on here.
 photo littlebustersepisode257_zps2ed78d82.jpg
And Kengo knows you how?
Perhaps I am missing something but....Kengo helping out Miyuki seemed very out of place. Very. I don't know why Miyuki is important to Kengo or why she would seek him out. I must be missing something indeed. Kengo was worried about his kendo match yes but he was actually still able to do the sport. How was he supposed to understand Miyuki's situation any better than Riki or the adults or anyone else? I just don't understand it. What advice was Kengo giving Miyuki that no one else could give?
 photo littlebustersepisode258_zps83196dff.jpg
Sorry Masato, can't be on your side this time.
People need to mind their business though. Masato was out of line with what he did this week. Everyone else got all crazy with the idea of Kengo talking to a girl? Do these people have nothing better to do? Although I do notice that Rin really jumped to action to help Riki out when normally she would be hiding and not talking to strange girls.
 photo littlebustersepisode2510_zps33bd0b1b.jpg
Who are you?!
Since we just met Miyuki I thought it was rather fast she ended up at the top of the roof. Like okay we just met you and you have a problem and this is how you are choosing to solve your problem. Clearly girl has problems. Yes she lost her eye but does that mean she can't do archery at all anymore? I have never done it and I am sure it would be difficult but she could try yes? Or do anything else with her life. I was just like what is this and why are we so upset so fast?! Was her seeing the adults as monsters part of her problem or just her having a moment?
 photo littlebustersepisode2511_zps5918c0a4.jpg
A very interesting way to save someone....
Kengo must be made of rubber bands because he made it out of the situation okay. I mean..hommie fell off the building and Kengo was able to catch her mid area and only hurt his arm. I see indeed. More of that anime magic or is that just how the show is? Either way Miyuki should probably feel guilty for a bit but realize that Kengo's life is not over and that his life will go on if he misses a match or two. I think being suspended for pushing the adult though was overkill. He did save a girl and has a fractured arm. It's not like he was going to be able to be on the team anyway.
 photo littlebustersepisode2515_zps7e90400a.jpg
Kengo was able to hit the ball after nearly killing himself trying 30 times. Surely my life has meaning!
So....Kengo has decided to join the team now. Like he and Kyousuke knew this was going to happen so this gets a 9th member and shows Miyuki that life goes on after set backs. Interesting indeed. So Kengo is in on this too? It is hard to tell since so little is known about Kengo. He really is on the outside of the group, doing his own thing. Which is probably more realistic than doing EVERYTHING together. Still I thought him joining the team with such an injury was special. He will play kendo again as he is committed to it so I don't think he should be putting himself at risk. At least Miyuki learned...something I guess.
 photo littlebustersepisode2516_zps1d80cd05.jpg
I am thinking you are forgetting many important things...
I think that is about it? Riki is all looking at Kyousuke with what the hell eyes. Both for how Kyousuke knows things before they happen and that Kyousuke made him captain for the game. That is a bit special but that really describes Kyousuke, special. Guess I will find out next episode how special the baseball game will end. XD I can assume the mysteries of the world will be explained next season yes?

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