Tuesday, April 9, 2013

New Anime Series! Arata Kangatari episode 1!

Post number three!!!! I am on a roll. Roll roll roll. I even went to the store today. The husband was a bit sick though and ended up coming home from work. He is the kind of sickie that wants to be left alone whereas I sorta like being taken care of little bit. I want to feel special. XD I think my husband just wants to sit on the couch and die in sleep. But hopefully he is feeling better now after the goodies I got for him at the store. Ritz crackers cure everything!
 photo arataepisode116_zps17d6ed48.jpg
The horrors of instantly gaining a hot girl friend in a sausage fest anime!
In between making sure the husband was still breathing on the couch and buying Duffy things like he was alive creature post number three got finished. Up now is Arata Kangatari episode 1. The last of the new series I might be blogging this season. Spoilers for cross dressing and man tears.
 photo arataepisode15_zps0407f435.jpg
No thanks little sister!
Episode Summary: In our world a young boy named Arata is getting ready for school. His sister offers to walk with him but he says he has it. His mother greets him warmly and everything is happy Japanese school morning time. Arata leaves and the mother and sister talk about how they are worried for Arata but maybe things will be okay now that Arata has a friend. Arata meets up with his friend on the way to school Suguru where he loans the boy a video game. Suguru is happy and Arata thinks all will be well. Later Arata appears to be practicing for something, running and is doing well. He has a moment where something WEIRD happens to him but his time is still fast. The adult in charge thinks that Arata should join the track team but Arata claims he doesn't do sports. A young man named Masato watches this take place and looks rather pissed. He confronts Arata later in the hallway with other boys and Arata tries to avoid Masato. Yet Masato then confronts Suguru and asks why he is friends with Arata. Suguru claims he is not really Arata's friend and that Arata is a bit pathetic. Of course Arata hears the entire thing go down and leaves the school super dejected. He starts to wish that everyone would just disappear but then he realizes that it is he should disappear.
 photo arataepisode112_zps7ec72b18.jpg
Don't make me break this piece of crack.
Elsewhere in another world a princess gathers her guardians the Twelve Shinsho together and tells them that it is time for a new princess and they know what they have to do. Their maybe leader Kannagi nods but there is a smirk on his face. But in a village nearby a young man named Arata is trying to escape his grandmother. She uses magic to haul him back in. Basically the village has not had a female baby in over 60 years and if they don't produce a girl no one can take over as Princess and they will all be killed. Arata does not see how that means he needs to be a girl in disguise and doubts it will work since the princess would need to have magical powers. After being a brat with a family heirloom and what not Arata agrees to pretend to be a girl until a real heir is found. His maid in waiting Kotoha is ready to help him and he instructs her to take everyone out of the village if he is discovered. Arata is taken to the capital where everyone is excited about the new princess. Arata goes to the ceremony where the princess tells him not to worry. Well Kannagi jumps down from his little hut and slices the princess. She uses her powers to attack but then protects herself in a little cocoon. Arata demands the rest of the Twelve Shinsho to save the princess but he realizes they are in on it too. Arata escapes in some water and makes his way to some cursed woods. Kannagi announces to all that the princess has been killed and Arata is at fault. Kotoha runs after him but it is too late. When Arata reaches the woods Arata in the modern world wishes to disappear. Both Aratas appear before each other and BAM they switch places but not bodies. Nonmagical Arata is now being chased by Kannagi and is almost killed but Kotoha saves him. She takes him back to the village even though he insists he is not the right Arata. Granny slowly realizes what it means to be consumed by the forest. Kannagi and his men make it to the village and shove around Kotoha. Arata swears to himself he would never trust anyone again but can't allow this to go on. He reveals himself and when attack uses the nearest thing to him, the old sword. It recognizes him as the owner and changes into a useable weapon. THE END!
 photo arataepisode111_zps2f99f573.jpg
Oh of course...
That was a whole lot of...lotta! Terms all over the place. Failed assassination attempt. Guardians who DO NOT protect their princess? School bullying. More terms I don't know? This post might have some confusion in it but I guess that is how it is supposed to be.
 photo arataepisode16_zpseae1c617.jpg
Maybe Magical Arata can fix this mess.
There are two universes/worlds in this show. Sounds a bit familiar, given WHO created this story. But from what it looks like one person is not going to go to the other world and help the second character out. Nope nope there has been some trading going on. Based on the synopsis of this show we are going to see real world Arata more than Magic Arata. We might see him from time to time but the problems real world Arata had were not on such a magical and massive scale as Magic Arata's. But it would be nice to see Magic Arata handle things in the real world.
 photo arataepisode18_zps06225397.jpg
Because I don't want to get my ass beat sir.
Let's start with real world Arata since his part of this episode was a lot shorter. Basically..he is not having a great life adjusting to high school. He was apart of the track team in middle school but he seems to have had a falling out with someone. This someone being a guy named Masato. Despite being a great runner Arata has not joined the track team at high school since Masato has poisoned everyone against Arata. Oh high school....so much drama.
 photo arataepisode19_zpsfd070d89.jpg
High school: Worst Years Ever or the only fun time in your life.
It was kinda sad though. The little sister and mom were worried about Arata. You know things are bad when your little sister wants to walk you to school. But mom and sister were so happy that Arata had finally made a friend. Suguru to the rescue! Only Masato may have gotten to Suguru. That or Suguru is an asshole. I really think it is Masato though. That Suguru was just saying what he needed to say to get out of that situation but he really wanted to be friends with Arata. If I am right or wrong it doesn't matter to Arata. All he knows is his life sucks and he wants to disappear.
 photo arataepisode14_zpse3ca15d1.jpg
Why are you smirking oh princess of 60 years?
In the other world Magical Arata is not having a great life either. In this world a princess rules over all and every 30 years she has to be replaced. But the princess has to come from a certain clan that produces females with magical powers. This clan though has been slacking. Or maybe since the females have magical powers they are born as often? In any event the current princess has been ruling for 60 years because no other female has stepped up.
 photo arataepisode110_zps10f97aa3.jpg
You must be swift as the Coursing river
Enter Granny and her plot to make her grandson a girl. Anyone who is old in animes are called Granny or Grandfather. Because that is what everyone calls old people. But yes. If my village was having a hard time producing girls I think I would have raised a man from birth to be a girl. I am just saying. JUST SAYING. Because taking a teenage boy and putting him in a dress is probably not going to work. I mean the entire thing was destined to fail as the girls can protect the nation from monsters or gods or whatever but at least it would take longer to fail. This plan was just...no. I don't blame Arata for being upset.
 photo arataepisode13_zpsda790a17.jpg
for 5 seconds because we want to use magic too. So die.
I guess I am not understanding what is going on but how is killing the entire clan because there are no female princesses going to help anything? If this clan is the only one that produces people that can protect the entire nation...how is killing them all going to help anything? I mean aren't you all going to be toast anyway? Obviously more is going on behind the scenes than that but it seemed very...special. Not sure how it was going to help anyone.
 photo arataepisode12_zps3822cfb7.jpg
This ain't going to work out so get plan B ready.
Arata (the non magical one shall be known as Arata H. hence forth) decided to take one for the team. Like okay I will be a girl and take one for the team. But deep down he doesn't think this plan is going to work and tells his maid in waiting Kotoha to take all the villagers somewhere safe. He decides that this is serious enough to try but isn't going to hope on a bright star that it is going to work.
 photo arataepisode113_zps1144075e.jpg
So does the Princess know about this?
This magic world seems a bit...complicated. All this smoke and ceremony for electing a new princess. These people have powers but only women. But then there are 12 guardians that seem to have powers. Oh and the current princess who has reign for 60 years which would probably make her 75 by now looks 15 still. Probably magicy yes? Oh then all terms. The weapons have names and I think they are actually gods. The forest is something special, a portal to the other world or body switcher/wish granter. All these clans and what not. SO MANY WORDS!
 photo arataepisode114_zps72701b5e.jpg
My mind has broken?! WHAT IS THIS?!
Look at my shocked face to see some Guardians turn against the person they are supposed to protect. And what a betrayal indeed! Arata is sitting there looking at this ceremony like OH SNAP and I am sure the current Princess knew Arata was a boy but none of that matters. Because one of the Twelve Shinsho decided to stab the Princess. Kannagi looks like the ring leader but that all can change pretty fast. Usually if you are willing to overthrow your princess killing your conspirators isn't out of the question. But for now Kannagi is calling the shots.
 photo arataepisode1_zps103dbe37.jpg
How did they know what Arata looked like when they were chasing him....
Arata got the hell out of dodge rather fast. He secret was out and he was accused of being the murderer. Not that princess is really dead but I don't think that the Twelve Shinsho will be exposing that anytime soon. I am not sure how they are going to hide her. Maybe no one else is allowed in that area? Either way they got a lot of problems to deal with all this insanity. Good thing that Arata ran to the super dangerous Forrest that is located about 5 feet from the main village and palace. Like really shouldn't super dangerous forests be located....very far away? Sounds like a plan to me.
 photo arataepisode115_zps127c4cf0.jpg
All of this makes sense because it is MAGIC!
This super dangerous forest was where Arata H. and Arata had their switch. It was not really explained why this happened. Was it because both Arata's wanted to leave their world? Is it because everyone has a double and just entering the forest with cause you to switch bodies? Whatever the case is Arata H. is in Arata's body and facing a world of hurt and confusion.
 photo arataepisode117_zps64448c5e.jpg
I think I would still be crying in the corner but that's just me.
Arata H. is saved by this world's Kotoha and taken to the village. Good thing that Granny is understanding in her old age because I would have to agree with Kotoha. Clearly he has lost his mind. Now I am not a rocket scientist or a super strategist but I am not sure I would have taken Arata H. back to the village. Like you hide HERE and I will go alert the village that everything is doom and gloom. No need to put the rest of the village in danger. Of course that might not matter as Kannagi and his people wouldn't believe that Arata H. wasn't there.
 photo arataepisode118_zps7029d80d.jpg
Congrads! You are a magical girl now!
The episode ends with Arata H. pretending not to care about these people, because he is done trusting people. But he came to the logical conclusion that you don't have to TRUST someone to save their life from a fate they don't deserve. Of course Arata H. really isn't responsible for what is going on either but life isn't fair and girls are in danger. Now Arata H. will pick up this rusted looking sword and swing away with it despite the fact he has no prayer of suriving. But since this is anime...he is the chosen one! Woohoo for Arata H. being amazing.
 photo arataepisode119_zps29fc60a0.jpg
Battle my ass. More like a battle for asses. XD
Now the song that played at the end of the episode...I have no idea what the beat was or anything. Because all I saw was yaoi. Yaoi all over the damn place. Arata H. and Masato were inches from making out. Kannagi was looking pretty close to everyone. Where was Kotoha, the possible love interest to either Aratas? Not around because it was hot boys being hot all over the place. And for that...I shall watch the show. No no I kid. It looks interesting enough and seems similar enough to be enjoyable but have new elements to keep me on my toes. Shall watch episode 2. XD


Anonymous said...

I really Really enjoyed it, but having read the manga first, oh and by the way, Yuu-sensei did a wonderful job on portray Arata H. ‘s school trauma, but here it looks so rushed/disappointing. I’m disappointed on the direction they took. I liked it but I find more Flaw with it than I do Good points and the good points of which were in the original manga, and the Character designs made me cry.

Also, I heard this adaptation, Arata is going to be one cour. This is an ongoing manga and even if it weren’t, it has way too much story to effectively be told in one cour. Judging the numbers of character this 12 (?) eps is going over at least 14 vol!! That’s why ONE cour was somewhat worrying.

Since I read the manga I will answer some misunderstandings/NOT SPOILERS/ in your post:

As you can see (well not much in the ep) Arata has been the subject of terrible bullying in middle school, especially from Masato, oh and it (the manga-wise) was VERY gruesome/humiliating. Some blogger even states, “Most acutely felt for me is the loss of detail on the subject of Hinohara’s bullying – this was a much longer process in the manga, and one of the most harrowingly realistic portrayals of bullying I’ve seen in any format.” In other words Arata H is constantly faced w/ betrayal and bullies, not to mention the seemingly impending resumption of his days as a target.

Form now on the terminology gets thrown around like hot potatoes, so you may want to take notes of them.

>I am not understanding what is going on but how is killing the entire clan because there are no female princesses going to help anything?<

Well, you know, back then, "if a woman can not give birth to a boy is the woman's fault" –crap-kinda thing? Yes, THAT. So in this case, if the clan can not produce a girl is the clan's fault. And since the 12 do not want someone to rule them all they decided to “cut the root” the clan than CAN produce a “ruler”.

>I am not sure how they are going to hide her. Maybe no one else is allowed in that area?<

Well, just so you know, the 12 are considered as MOST “loyal” guard of the princess, so they can come in/out in contact w/ the princess’s almost-dead body, and since no one knows the truth, no one will be suspicious about it. The princess was forced to use magic to effectively suspend herself in time (thus the cocoon) in order to survive.

>Whatever the case is Arata H. is in Arata’s body and facing a world of hurt and confusion.<

NO, Arata H is NOT, yes NOT, I say, in Arata’s body, at ALL. Both did indeed switch places but not bodies (though those around them see no change). -__-

Anonymous said...

Hello @Christina

Arata is finally here! :)

Very interesting show. Although what the first anonymous said about this show having 12 episodes total (I think) that will cover all 14 volume of the manga is troublesome. We'll see how this unfolds.

I have a feeling that the princess was part of the conspiracy to "murder" herself. This assassination seems too convenient to me. Does the princess have eternal youth? Her body appears to be a young girl with white hair. I know she has magical powers, but still the question remains. If she does have immortality, why doesn't she rule forever? Again, I know it's tradition to select a new princess every decade or so, but I think it would make sense if the COMPETENT and immortal leader remains in charge. No spoilers please, from people who read the manga!

Does Fantasy Arata have any powers as well? Is he a warrior as well? Would be very interesting if he still has magical powers in the real world. Or kung-fu skills. Either way, he seems to be a regular person. I think Fantasy Arata has it better (before being labeled as a criminal and hunted by jerks) than Reality Arata. I mean, before this entire princess "murder" debacle, Fantasy Arata was just living in his village without a care in the fantasy world and does not have to worry about jerks in school (Granny/parents probably home schooled him). And Reality Arata has to deal with jerks/loneliness in his life all the time. Also, Fantasy Arata seems more happy/trusting (except for the "pretending to be a princess" part) than Reality Arata. So, fantasy world can't be that bad compared to what Reality Arata went through. I don't see any monsters yet.

That's all.

Anonymous said...

Agree w/ Anonymous 1
Arata H. is NOT in Arata’s body. As you can see the cloth is still w/ its owners; the shirtless Arata w/only pants on, and the Arata H w/ his school uniform + his school bag. So Noppe! They did not switch bodies only places, but no one is notice the difference.

As for the terms:
"Amatsuriki" = "magic power/God" of their world"

The princess must have in order to "rule" the 12s, you saw how she repelled Kannagi

In the manga it states, their government proclaimed that "if it was a male, kill it" for only the females are need in the Hime Clan. So that's why his Grandma registered the birth of Arata as a "girl", thus it led to this hot mess.

"Amawakuni" is the place where magic Arata + Granny lives.

"Goshintai" = an object housed in a shrine and said to be inhabited by a deity

In this ep, it is the tools Arata H use for defense. The one Arata H holds is (according to the manga), "the only thing that can subdue the gods".

"Hayagami" = a tool that already contain "magic/god power", and so far, all the 12 have one.

"Hime Clan" has a small linage. Only a maiden of the Hime Clan holds "Amatsukiri", the Gods of this (their) world.......or else the Hayagamis can not be subdued. So yes, Grandma has it too, you saw how she make Arata fell into the water in this ep.

As the princess has already aged, (I mean ~60 yrs!) and the princess's Amatsuriki has been decreasing and it's become a problem, that's why they need a new one, and this time, SOON.

"Usume Clan" (where Kotaha come from) = the Clan that serves the Hime Clan.

Hope this helps ~

Christina said...

Anonymous- Thank you for all your info in both your posts. Some animes just throw terms at you so fast it is hard to keep up. Like slow down, I gotta learn unfamiliar names and all these terms are too complicated. let me just deem it god swords and magic powers. XD

It does sound like it is going to have to be a 2 season anime at least. Especially if the 12 are going to get ANY decent screen time. Obviously a few of them are going to be more important than others judging by the yaoi ending theme song. But still we have to learn a bit about all of them yes?

I don't think they did a good job showing that bullying. More like we just saw the aftermath of all of it. Since Arata H. is going to mention this bullying a lot and not trusting people I think they should have shown more of his story instead of jumping into the magic.

Anonymous 2- I wonder if this forest takes people where they need to be. Like this Arata needs to be around people who trust him and this Arata needs to learn how to deal with a life not so formal and can stand up to bullies.

I think SOMETHING is up with the princess. There was smiling going on. Of course it would be nice to see an anime where the guardians don't kiss the person's ass that they are supposed to be protecting. Like um no I want to have my own life. But i am sure the princess wanted out of this life. Something is up indeed.

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