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Red Data Girl episode 3

Hello there my lovely readers! Today was the day of many things getting done in the house of Tenchi. Really there are two human beings who live in this house and I did like 4 loads of laundry. The husband was a bit under the weather last week so I went through and washed everything. XD Begone terrible germs. But yes so much laundry.
 photo reddatagirlepisode311_zps2e8b5d1b.jpg
I just want a friend!!!
But anime did get done today folks. X__X Looking at this episode though I didn't take enough screenies for this post. How did that happen? But up first is Red Data Girl episode 3. Spoilers for...nothing ever being explained ever.  

Episode Summary: Izumiko takes a deep breath as she is happy to be back at home. Miyuki is happy that Izumiko seems happy and they share in a WOW wasn't that shit that went down in Tokyo crazy kinda moment. Izumiko takes him to the top of the mountain so he can see the ocean before he goes back to Tokyo. Miyuki wants to know when that is going to happen and Izumiko reminds him that Yukimasa said he could go home. Miyuki gets a bit upset about all this going back talk as he couldn't possibly do that now. They briefly talk about how Izumiko was possessed by a god princess or something but it doesn't seem like THAT big of a deal. They decide to refer to this god as another person. Then the talk goes to the school in Tokyo that Izumiko's father wants them to attend, that maybe it could be interesting. At school everyone makes sure that Izumiko is okay since she bailed on the trip....and then give her a souvenir to give to Wayima since they all know she likes him. She gets all blushy when it comes time to hand over the treat. Wayima at first seems grateful but comments that Izumiko seems different after coming back from the vile Tokyo. He then learns she might not attend school here and that she doesn't totally hate Miyuki. Wayima gets creepy and vows to take care of Miyuki. Fast forward to the end of the school day and three boys approach Miyuki and proceed to beat him up under Wayima's orders. Miyuki tries to fight back but then the boys start talking in Wayima's voice as if they are being controlled.

Suddenly Izumiko's driver appears and does some chanting. He gets Miyuki away from the boys and throws him in the car with Izumiko as she informed the driver of the situation. They realize that a spirit is following them on a bike. Miyuki starts to get pissed because he has no idea who Wayima is and thinks Izumiko is crazy. They think they have outrun the spirit but no it has gotten in front of them and pushes them off the cliff. Miyuki and Izumiko are able to exit the car but the driver is pinned. Wayima reveals that he had no shape until Izumiko wishes for someone to understand her. Then that god took the shape of Wayima to be with her and is Miyuki tries to take Izumiko away...well he will be pissed. The driver tells Miyuki to take the staff in the trunk and protect Izumiko but Miyuki is He tells Izumiko to listen to what Wayima is saying or everyone will be in danger. Izumiko is like...listen to me Wayima. I might go away to Tokyo for school and if you hurt anyone I won't like you anymore so BEHAVE! Then poof Wayima disappears. Life returns to normal and Miyuki vows that he will go to this special school in Tokyo so he can become stronger and protect Izumiko. Izumiko decides she will go to that school too, only have Miyuki checks it out. Wayima appears and asks Izumiko to send him off. Izumiko agrees to dance for him and Wayima and Izumiko watch as she slowly. Wayima disappears after seeing this dance and Miyuki heads off to Tokyo. Izumiko and her father join him later, as this school is for people who can be spiritualist. Miyuki warns Izumiko to keep who she is on the down low and Izumiko probably doubts that she can. She goes to her room and meets her really happy roommate. THE END! 

…..Am I really, REALLY missing something from this show? Am I not downloading the episodes in order? Are the episodes I am downloading missing pieces in them? Will everything be explained in a flashback? Because....what is this craziness?!
 photo reddatagirlepisode3_zps1130bae4.jpg
Everything is normal lalala.
First off everyone is back at home. POOF! Like Tokyo never happened. Guess we never got to see mom. Just lala going to walk back to the rest of the class/teachers and NOTHING will happen. NOTHING! I mean putting aside the fact that they were almost attacked by something CREEPY and Izumiko turns out to be a princess...where was the gossip?! Izumiko goes off with Miyuki, the new hot guy in school OVERNIGHT and there is no whispering? Sure her two friends could stand by her but where was the rest of the whispers and looks? I can see Yukimasa paying off the adults, offering them amazing rides on his helicopter but the kids? This is odd.
 photo reddatagirlepisode33_zps8258631d.jpg
Yeah that was weird......moving on now.
But the whole show has been odd so far. To me it seems that Izumiko was unaware of her lot in life. That all she really knew is she had shitty parents and when she touched things that were higher in technology than a ground phone the thing would explode. She does live at a temple so perhaps she believes in spirits and what not more than the next person but to be okay with ALL this insanity is...well insane. Just yeah remember when we got chased though Tokyo by monsters I never saw? So glad we can breath this mountain air. I am not sensing the seriousness from Izumiko or Miyuki about this nor am I getting a good explanation on what is going on.
 photo reddatagirlepisode32_zpsb65e4587.jpg
Why are you telling me to go?!
Izumiko went from hating Miyuki to being okay with him because me see...held her hand as he ran across streets with her, getting her more and more lost. And not protecting her at all. But I guess he gave her the feeling of protection which was enough for her. But is that enough to put aside all that Miyuki has said and done to Izumiko? Oh wait you mean he has been around for 5 seconds? I see then. But what about Miyuki? He has had a lifetime to hate Izumiko as she “took” his dad away from him. Then he is forced to come to this small town and protect said girl? Then gets the shit beat out of him for saying no? Then get chased through a city being chased by something he can't see or might not have been there?! Yeah I can totally see why Miyuki had a total change of heart folks.
 photo reddatagirlepisode34_zps0ab09d1f.jpg
Everyone say AWWWWWW!
I thought it was super sweet of all the girls to give Izumiko the treats to give to Wamiya. I mean now that I watched the whole episode they might have been under Wamiya's control. Or if Izumiko can wish things maybe that was going on. Still I would like to think that the girls saw how much Wamiya meant to Izumiko and wanted to do something nice for her. And it was a group of girls too. XD But why didn't Izumiko think of this? Too shy or a bad Japanese citizen?
 photo reddatagirlepisode35_zps05974e2a.jpg
This is for me? Thank you!!!!
For 5 seconds it was touching when Izumiko gave the treats to to Wamiya. Like AWWWW the non beef cake, maybe nerdy kid is getting some love. It was cute, for those 5 whole seconds.
 photo reddatagirlepisode36_zps8a95dadf.jpg
How dare you change your mind!
Then it got a little crazy. Talk of being impure and dirty. I guess I think of Tokyo as the place to be but for some Japanese it must be so different, especially for the old people. I know you an be more affectionate in public, like HOLDING HANDS but I am sure there are more seedy areas as there are just more people around. So the old people are set in their ways and raise their kids in the sticks so the grandkids are in the sticks and some of those kids want to stay in the sticks and not embrace the world of today. But yes more people more problems. Even if compared to the U.S. though it is still pretty mice. Impure by seeing busy streets and talk buildings. More people than trees.
 photo reddatagirlepisode38_zpsa512ac9a.jpg
Insert dramatic music here.
Wamiya was kinda hardcore crazy. Izumiko had to go on the school trip. Given what Wamiya is it makes sense how he got out if it but Izumiko didn't go because of Miyuki. And Izumiko is a teenage girl. She can hate someone on minute and the next day everything is 100. Plus it's not like not hating Miyuki meant she liked Wamiya any less. But I guess he saw the writing on the wall. Or was just insane.
 photo reddatagirlepisode37_zpsefbef65c.jpg
Ass beating time!!!!!
Wamiya controlling the other boys was a bit special. I wonder at what point it was “control”. Were the boys led first by his words and then the control? Because up until that point Miyuki seemed to be a pretty popular new student. Even so Miyuki was a bit cocky to think he could take on all three boys at once. Unless that mountain monk training includes self defense.
 photo reddatagirlepisode39_zps60725d3d.jpg
We are in danger, can you drive faster please?
That was.....the most calm car chase ever. I mean I realize they were being chased by a shadow on a bike but their faces weren't really panicked given that they all KNOW what the hell is going on, that Wamiya is a god/demon. If I was Izumiko I would be crying and screaming that my crush is some awful thing trying to kill me. It looked more like tea time than flying off a cliff time.
 photo reddatagirlepisode310_zpsba6f8386.jpg
Because she made me duh.
I am not sure how I feel about Wamiya being what he is. I mean...I don't expect to be spoon-fed everything in all animes nor do I think all mysteries should have obvious hints. However...this was pretty special. If Wamiya was created by Izumiko why could everyone see him but Miyuki? Shouldn't Miyuki out of everyone be able to see spirits and what not MORE?! I like that Wamiya looked like Izumiko, that she thinks that is the kind of person good for her. However they need to make up their minds on some issues, the writers I mean. Izumiko either made Wamiya when she made her “wish” or could see him once she cut her hair. It really can't be both and it is like show isn't explaining things well enough for the viewer to understand. Like we aren't in your head creator nor did all of us read/play the source material (if there is any). So make this show have some sense of...well sense.
 photo reddatagirlepisode312_zps5637cc26.jpg
Thank you great protector.
I am not sure how I feel about Miyuki giving up in the fight against Wamiya. One one hand he could have TRIED! Like hello you had confidence when hitting those boys, where is it now? A few black clouds scarying you? On the other hand it is refreshing to see someone in anime acknowledge they are not Superman. That they are out matched and that more people might be saved if they surrender instead of being Mr. Macho Man.
 photo reddatagirlepisode313_zpsf6f20165.jpg
That would be Wamiya...poofing.
But then Izumiko stepped up and was a little badass. I might be paraphrasing here but I think she said something like Look here you little shithead, brought you into this world and I can take you out of it. That is what I heard anyway. Now....maybe....Izumiko knows what is going on. Or maybe she doesn't understand but knows it's something bad. But I think she really lucked out know...not getting everyone else killed. I mean I haven't seen her ask about this Princess gig yet. To me it seems as if everything worked out for her. Like because I am doing the right thing and am cute like Homura the world will protect me.
 photo reddatagirlepisode315_zps9903bbf5.jpg
The very slow dance of her people.
So since I don't know exactly what Wamiya is his whole send off was weird. A god without form until Ms. Princess Izumiko said so. And now he he is stuck in this form until she releases him. Not dead mind you you but released. But this involved “dancing”. I say that loosely. I know I am American and this could be Japanese dancing...but to me it seemed so slow and very, very little movement. Like use that fan and move with a purpose. It is almost looked like it was supposed to be impressive but the budget was so tight for this show all we got was Miyuki saying it was impressive.
 photo reddatagirlepisode314_zpsfef38fff.jpg
We shall get stronger together!
During and after all this nonsense Izumiko realized that she needed to go to Tokyo, to the school her parents told her to go to. Now before seeing this school I was like...why would you go back to Tokyo, land of the dangers and technology? I mean I might want to stay close to home so I can be protected in my tiny town. Or you know...since I am so special receive special training from people who knows who and what I am. Just saying! 

But since Izumiko and her cut hair are not me off she will go. Well first she will send Miyuki to see how it is. Yes send him in case it is dangerous even though he can't sense danger. But props to you girl, send him in first. XD Funny how this is episode three and barely any time has passed but now Miyuki and Izumiko are getting along just fine. Yay development!
 photo reddatagirlepisode316_zps730a9c87.jpg
It's huge! X___X
The episode ends with Miyuki showing Izumiko around the new school. That is in Tokyo. That looks like a giant forest. I believe it. Dad and his awful outfit have manage to show up but no mom. Good job mom. But apparently this school is to help....people like Izumiko. Except that Izumiko can't say who she is as she might be the most special student? I have no idea what this could be about. Only I know it will involve a lot of nonsense with Miyuki trying to hide her true nature when she is confused on what is going on. Fun I am sure. Good look over the top roommate!


Anonymous said...

Nice to see Homura-chan getting a little extra work on the side.

Christina said...

Anonymous- First timeline Homura of course. Not 21892th timeline when she is like WELL SCREW IT ALL. XD Back when she was innocent and full of wha?

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