Monday, April 8, 2013

Little Busters! episode 26 LAST EPISODE!

Hello there readers! Got a lot of sleep last night and now I am ready to blog. I think the sun just got to my brain as my sunburn is really...well mild. I might be a wimp/hypochondriac. See a little red on my nose and I am like NOOO sunburnt everywhere I have no strength go on. Slightly silly.
 photo littlebustersepisode264_zpse2d3c328.jpg
I can see this with my normal glasses and not my yaoi colored ones!
But now it is time to finally wrap up last season's animes and move on to new things. So Little Busters!...we will probably see you soon. But for now episode 26 is all we are going to get. Spoilers for SO MUCH SAP!
 photo littlebustersepisode269_zpsf28d63a4.jpg
Was Kyousuke being crazy or serious? Must think about it all night.
Episode Summary: Riki lays in bed, thinking about how their game is coming up soon. He knows that Kyousuke said he was the new leader of the Little Busters but he doesn't think he was being serious. Things will be okay Riki Kengo busts in the room like a psychopath. He has made a Little Buster jersey and is ready to play ball as the Little Busters ARE THE BEST EVER! Rin and Masato think he has lost his mind while Kyousuke is okay that Kengo has finally seen the light. Kengo and Masato skip to practice as the rest of the girls join the group. Riki thinks how lucky he is to have these friends. Until Kyousuke says um no really you are the leader now. Riki is in shock but Kyousuke says this is how it is going to be. Riki says that no one else wants him to be leader which seems to be a lie as everyone cheers Riki on. Riki tries to make everyone do a roll call to get their spirits up but they can't even do that right. Riki then decides what they will do for practice but that is quickly squashed. Kanata comes by and says that work was supposed to happen on the field today and that Riki was sent an email. Rin is like...well that is a failure and everyone else goes off to do their own things. Riki tries to sit down and think of plans and strategies for the game. He gets frustrated and turns to Kyousuke for help but realizes that Kyousuke isn't there and is the one who gave him the task. It gets a little flowery as Riki thinks back to how Kyousuke was the leader an the one who saved him from loneliness. It has always been Kyousuke so how can Riki live without him? Kyousuke poofs in front of Riki and tells him it is time for him to take the reigns, that it is actually Riki that gathered this group together. Riki is touched but still sad and overwhelmed. He goes to the club house to think some more but it still doesn't go well. Kyousuke looks over him and hopes Riki can remain strong. Sad times that are yet to come flash before the screen as to show that Riki still has some gluing and healing to do. Haruka comes out of nowhere and scares the crap out of Riki. She says she did that to cheer him up. She says that Riki will do a great job as leader as he showed her how wonderful the world can really be. Riki still doesn't know if he can do it but Mio comes in and hands him a booklet. She has done a lot of research on the other players and think that this will help Riki in making their own strategy. Riki is so touched at all the work she has done but Mio says he went above and beyond to save her. Mio and Haruka leave so Riki can work.
 photo littlebustersepisode2611_zpsd925e092.jpg
I am not sure if Kyousuke enjoys the new Kengo or is afraid....
Work does not happen though as Noumi and Komari give Riki a note (in a special way) inviting him to have snacks on the roof. He gets there and only Komari is there setting up the snacks. She hopes Riki is doing well with his leadership role and thanks him for saving her. Noumi and Yuiko show up and tell him the same thing and there are tons of smiles and blushing. Full of confidence Riki walks by Rin, Kengo the insane, and Masato to tell Kyousuke that he has come up with a plan for the game. And that he realizes what Kyousuke has done by making him the leader. Kyousuke is going to graduate before them and he wants to make sure the Little Busters are okay. Riki smiles but Kyousuke is like yes that IS the point and YOU need to be okay without ALL of us. Riki is like why so serious bu figures that Kyousuke is worried about when they all graduate and what not. Riki says that day will come but the beautiful memories will live in his heart forever and lets play ball now. Kyousuke is satisfied about that answer. The theme song for the show plays as everyone gathers to stretch and play ball and be insane Kengo. Rin is worried about her pitching but everyone promises to back her. Riki uses sex appeal and actual...strategy I think to overpower the other team. It is a magical moment of winning and everyone hugs and loves on each other, saying that Riki lead them to victory. It gets beyond happy and smiling as everyone looks on in the distance and Riki thinks again how the Little Busters can do anything. THE END!...for now...until next season...because Refrain is coming apparently.
 photo littlebustersepisode2614_zps0cff6710.jpg
I am sure they won't. But that's fine. Sugary to me.
What is this folks?! Another trip to the dentist office? Because really I might have 43943 cavities after watching this insanity. Way too sugary and mushy and other -y words. So much....over the top friendship and love and no I love you more moments. Clearly I am too jaded or...yeah this show is over the top. No making excuses there.
 photo littlebustersepisode266_zps9edd800a.jpg
Was...that it?
One might notice that the baseball game really isn't going to be mentioned in this show. That is lasted for about 5 seconds and the opening song was overpowering most of it. X___X This show was never about the baseball despite the fact that they were practicing all the time. Just so much build up to a minute of ball play.
 photo littlebustersepisode2610_zps92414aa6.jpg
....Aliens. Aliens. That is all I can think of folks.
But starting with the beginning of the episode....Kengo lost his damn mind. I agree with Masato, something happened when he jumped off the roof. Maybe we didn't see it but he could have hit his head on the building or the railing or something. Riki was trying to have a moment of doubt and Kengo busts in...acting like a crazy person. So crazy it overshadows the fact that Kyousuke and Rin were there insanity. Like how do people just pop up like this?!
 photo littlebustersepisode2612_zps03c4d6c4.jpg
Well go find it!
Yes though. Kengo was insane the entire episode. Kyousuke was like I think this was in him from the start. Like...I don't get that. Kengo seems to very into his kendo but doesn't lose his mind constantly. He was always quiet and composed. I think that he could have been shown more in the other 25 episodes but I don't think that this sudden personality change comes from the viewers not knowing Kengo that well. It was really instant, Kengo is worse than Masato which is fine with Masato. People to play with yay!!!! But yeah was embarrassing to watch at times, with Kengo and his dance and...insane poses.
 photo littlebustersepisode2613_zps50c51d38.jpg
XO Now you decide to be serious?!?!
Back to Riki, the person the show is about. He thought that Kyousuke was just kidding about making him the leader which is understandable. Kyousuke has been a bit special in the past. It is hard to tell when he is being crazy or when he is being serious. But yeah he was being serious this time. Which kinda makes me mad. This crew is not really a baseball team. They barely have started practicing for real instead of running around doing what they want and Kyousuke springs this on him?! I mean maybe it is not rocket science but when you are told to do something with a little notice it can be scary. They have been focus on hitting the ball and running the bases. Nothing about the actual game.
 photo littlebustersepisode2615_zps47008dd1.jpg
You can do it RIKI!
Of course it is understandable WHY Kyousuke is doing this. I just wish he had waited until after the 1st game. Or given him more notice. But Kyousuke does everything for a reason...I guess. If Riki needed a giant push well this was the way to do it. There is just something very sad about Kyousuke though. It must be a lot of pressure being the one who knows everything. Well Kengo and Noumi might know some things But Kyousuke has taken responsibility for whatever it is he knows and is trying to help people out, mostly Riki.
 photo littlebustersepisode262_zps6899fe24.jpg
Say it about 15 more times to drive the point home. X___X
I said this episode was sugary sweet but yes Kyousuke was rather sad. I am still friends with people from high school so I am not understanding the major doom and gloom that is going on. Obviously it won't be the same, living together and seeing each other everyday. But they still will be friends. Just different. But Kyousuke took it a step further. Like no Riki you need to live without me FOREVER. Like I am dying from some disease and I am helping you gather up friends to help fill the void in your life. X____X Could that be why Kyousuke takes a back seat to everything, because he knows he is going to die? But then why did Noumi know about what was going to happen to Noumi dead too?!
 photo littlebustersepisode2616_zps3ce77ae6.jpg
I will say AWWWW too.
Well...whatever the reason is Riki had to get a lot of hugs and kisses to understand that Kyousuke wasn't trying to be mean to him. I thought it was a bit touching that Riki was having a hard time with this task and he turned to Kyousuke for help. Nothing is wrong with having a friendship like that. I thought it was really sweet...and then the yaoi glasses came on and all I saw was the girls going AWWW because no one loves Riki as much as Kyousuke.
 photo littlebustersepisode263_zps6d80c1f4.jpg
All these hard things yet Kyousuke is only trying to help Riki. HMMMMM!
There were some flashes of things to come. I just don't know where else this show can take me. We had Noumi dangling in a cave naked. We have twins with different fathers and threatened with death. Komari having a deceased brother was the most mild thing. So what will be in store for Yuiko, Masato, Kengo, and Rin? I am scared for them at this point. X___X
 photo littlebustersepisode265_zps4fc25b3f.jpg
You guys are such goobers. XD Fun goobers most of the time though.
But none of that matters right now. What does matter is Riki was having a rough time and everyone that he knows had to cheer him on in their own way and thank them for what he has personally done for them. Haruka was of course annoying but shows him the world is not full of hate. Mio was actually a great manager and provided good information while saying his moe points will help him become a good leader. Komari only can show her love with food but I would appreciate that too. Yuiko didn't have much to say as she hasn't been helped yet but I thought Noumi was going to say more since she went through the most. X___X
 photo littlebustersepisode26_zps738457b9.jpg
Looks like Kyousuke is amazing too though.
The point being there was way....way...way too much sap. Oh Riki you are the best person ever. Thanks for saving us Riki. MOG Riki you will be the best leader. But really it was Kyousuke who helped too right? I wish he got more of the credit. He knows what is going to happen and Kyousuke sorta pushed Riki in the right direction. Without making the baseball team Riki wouldn't have seeked out these people right? But much happy and sparkles. You can do it Riki because we believe in you.
 photo littlebustersepisode267_zpsd805985e.jpg
You can do it!!!
Riki did managed to pull it together but we didn't see much of the game. Just everyone saying that Riki could do it. Where was the advice? I mean I know this was all about feeling good and cheering Riki on but I still want to see how he managed to plan a game around some of the strongest people in the school. FEEL GOOD!
 photo littlebustersepisode268_zpse46aa931.jpg
I promise to save the rest of you the next time.
And that is where this season ends. Because they are already advertising for season 2. I am guessing it is either going to be a Fall or Winter show. Probably more Fall. Riki has people to help and a secret of the world to find out about. But for now everyone is going to take a picture and smile because Riki has helped him out so much. So much happy. I guess that means a whole lot of hurt is coming for season two? These kids did get close rather fast but...maybe it is nice to see that and wish it for yourself. To hold your friends tight and what not. And to think that Riki and Kyousuke make a better couple than any girl and Riki. Oh and Kengo is insane....stupid episode.


Eternia said...

Bleh. They are lamenting too long on "we can't be together forever". I don't remember the game being this cheesy. They should have shown the baseball match more. The way it's got mixed up with opening song is not good, indeed.

Christina said...

Eternia- The opening song was way overpowering the baseball game. I know that the baseball team is just an excuse to bring people together. But it would be nice to know...the actual game that took 25 episodes to get to.

I am glad to know the game wasn't this over the top cheesy. Like literally everyone was smiling and it was turning into a Hallmark moment. Like every other line was the same, Riki saved me and Yay Riki. How can half the episode be the same thing? Craziness.

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