Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Karneval episode 2

Hello there my lovely readers! I have returned from the land of adventures and too much sun. I am a pretty bad example of what to do to stay healthy but I spent most of my life not wearing sunscreen. I never got sunburnt. Ever. Like being a half Mexican hybrid protected me from burns. But lately I get tiny burns. Like I am supposed to wear sunscreen when I spend more than 2 hours outside or something. Craziness. XO Has my Mexican skin let me down? And how do people handle getting burnt all the time? It saps the energy right out of you. Insanity. Maybe I will be Japanese and carry an umbrella around all the time. And bash people in the head.
 photo karnevalepisode27_zps7e347830.jpg
Is it time for the reboot of Sailor Moon already?!
Putting that all aside...here is a post that I should have posted first on Sunday. I am so silly. But here is Karneval episode 2. Spoilers for Nai having no survival instincts ever.
 photo karnevalepisode24_zpsab47f74d.jpg
MOM! A strange kid is talking to me!
Episode Summary: Gareki is pissed that Nai doesn't have the sense to eat food. Gareki leaves to find some food and tells Nai to stay put. Nai starts to fall asleep and has a dream/memory about Karoku. When he wakes up he decides he needs to go to town and find Gareki. Elsewhere...in some weird looking space Hirato is being yelled at by the higher ups. His co-worker Tsukitachi doesn't seem to care about the tongue lashing and says things will be okay. They leave the...meeting and directly have to deal with another situation. Gareki has picked up some groceries and is walking through town. Recently there was some turmoil and after the baddies were caught Circus promised to put on a party for them. Nai has made it to the busy square too and his hungry self makes friends with a little girl who gives him some food. He decides to ask her about Circus but obviously she doesn't know Karoku. Nai is spotted by Grandfather's men and they are told to bring him in. Gareki has made it back to their hideout but there is no Nai. Nai is currently watching the parade part of the circus when a man tries to kidnap Nai. NO ONE helps this kid out and Nai starts to run. Gareki sees Nai running away and chases after both men, all three running over a guy in a cat costume. Gareki manages to get Nai away from the guy temporary. The Circus is under way with Tsukumo. She gets word from Hirato that weird things are going down but she is ordered to keep the show going. Gareki tries to get Nai to safety but he is tazzed by Grandfather's men and Nai is too stupid to run away. All of a sudden the cat from the parade appears as the Sparkle Prince. Or Yogi from Circus. He is ready to use magic and candy to fight the men...but they run off. He has orders to take Nai and Gareki in which is fine with Nai because he has questions.
 photo karnevalepisode214_zpsdaf7d75a.jpg
I need a hug.
Yogi flies them up to the big Circus ship in the sky and introduces them to the creepy sheep things that live there. He takes them to Hirato where Nai instantly is like where is Karoku! Hirato examines the ID bracelet and determines it is an older model that should have been destroyed and no one by that name is in Circus. BUT if they stick around maybe they can help them. Gareki smells a trap and Hirato is like oh the boy who steals a lot of money, I wonder what you need that money for....That shuts Gareki up a bit. Hirato then asks if the monster Mine got any of her blood on the boys. He explains that it was a Varuga, a thing created as a result of forced evolution. That is what Circus really is after. He explains that they will be examined to make sure the blood didn't get on them as that is how you get turned into a monster too. A number of things then start to happen, old dudes having sex with hot girls, monsters killing people in the street looking for certain seeds, and Hirato gathering the team to tell them that Nai and Gareki are important to the enemy so they must be worth protecting. Yogi and Tsukumo are assigned to protect Nai and Gareki. Or to play hide and seek to keep Gareki from leaving the ship. Nai being special accidentally hides outside of the ship. When he falls to the ground the creature that was killing people in town appears and says that Nai has the red seed he is looking for. Another creature appears and helps in trying to capture Nai but by then Yogi, Tsukumo, and Gareki appear to help protect Nai. That works for about 5 seconds and they are captured, urging Nai to run. He throws a rock....and it hits nothing. One of the scary sheep robots appears and says that Nai was not found in the time period...and take him back to the ship. The monsters run away and everyone is safe. Nai is in the ship and falls to his knees in pain. He hears Karoku talking in his head, to the Old Man's granddaughter. THE END!
 photo karnevalepisode2_zpsa4130c79.jpg
Are you too dumb to live?
I was a bit surprised to see Gareki putting up with Nai so well. I mean Nai is pretty dumb. XD I am pretty sure my cat is smarter than Nai. When my cat is hungry she sits on...well me somewhere and cries in my face. Sometimes she dances on the floor because she knows I think it is cute so I will get up and she will run to her dish, like she thinks she has trained me. But Nai can't open his mouth and say he is hungry. I guess it would make more sense and be more interesting if Nai didn't have to eat and that is why he didn't ask for food. But that is not the case and Gareki is like what is this craziness! Stay in place and I will be right back.
 photo karnevalepisode25_zps1696dfb7.jpg
And no one reacts to this? Losers!
Of course Nai has to walk off because he thinks of Karoku. That might get a little old after a while. Very one track minded here this Nai. I mean if I was missing someone very important in my life I would try to look for them as well...but not put myself at risk in doing so. That would defeat the purpose. But Nai is like lalala taking food from strangers and learning about Circus from little girls. Oh and getting chased by what looks like Grandfather's men. Are Nai and Gareki in the same town or does Grandfather have some super duper spies?! XD
 photo karnevalepisode26_zps664b2cbc.jpg
Mascot abuse!!!
I really thought that the Circus part of this anime would be different. I guess more Card Captor Sakura in my head. Not sure why I am using that as a reference but I thought some baddies would be caught and those who witnessed the crime would see a circus right then. Not a grand circus mind you but some tricks and what not. But it looks more...formal than that. More like oh a few days ago we broke some of your buildings looking for criminals and what not so we invite you to the grandest circus EVER on the face of the planet. I guess spur of the moment things would have been fine but would have made it more friend of the week kind of anime yes?
 photo karnevalepisode22_zps0c1e3cae.jpg
I wanted to see the circus....
Oh and the Circus was grand. To the point where I was wondering what is this? It seems as if the rest of the world lives in a place where the technology is similar to what we have now. Or at least that is what I think is going on. They use trains for transportation and I don't see anything that high tech outside of the Circus. But instead the tent and later in the episode there was flying and poof magic and what not. Again this power was not explained in this episode but no one seems shocked to see it. More like the people accept it and love it. But no explanation yet.
 photo karnevalepisode23_zpsf2bff1e5.jpg
Um....and what is this?!
Adding into the mysterious land of Circus....what was that integration all about? Hirato getting yelled at by the higher ups looks like it was straight out of Resident Evil....err....3? Like what kind of space is this in? Why doesn't the rest of the population have this technology/magic? It was almost hard to focus on the fact that Hirato was getting in trouble for things that weren't his fault because it looked so cool. I don't think Tsukitachi cared that much that Hirato was in trouble. XD
 photo karnevalepisode29_zps973671a3.jpg
Thanks for that amazing rescue....
I sorta like that Gareki wasn't able to protect Nai. Granted he did try but in the end he was overpowered. I think it is much easier to protect yourself as you are capable and what not. But throw in Nai who is not thinking of his own well being and I can see how it would be impossible to protect him all the time. Congrads on looking and being human Gareki. You might be the only one. XD
 photo karnevalepisode28_zps4470281a.jpg
Um....could someone else please rescue us?
So who did say Nai from his near kidnapping? Enter Yogi via scary looking cat suit. I think that Yogi is FABULOUS. He doesn't look or sound very capable but I am sure that is just a front. Or he is really lucky. He is very laid back which I am sure pisses off Hirato and will piss of Gareki. Nai is missing a few french fries and I am sure he will like Yogi. But for now Yogi seems really special. Like lala time to fly in the sky to the ship and have tons of fun.
 photo karnevalepisode210_zps9f2cd6e2.jpg
DO NOT WANT EVER! Not a cute sidekick at all.
Those sheep...robot...things are creepy looking. I think they were supposed to be the cute factor in the show but they are probably going to give me nightmares. Not cute at all. They are robots right? In an anime that hasn't explained if this is magic or technology, I don't know what to think. But I do know I do not like. Even if they end up being useful later down the line.
 photo karnevalepisode211_zpsbc7f0185.jpg
But stick around, surely we will find who you are looking for.
I think that Gareki needs to be a little more pissed about being kidnapped by Circus. I am sure the higher ups know what is going on but Hirato is just following orders. I am sure that Hirato doesn't want them there either. Nai is just happy to be anywhere. One would THINK that in Circus they would have ID numbers or something in the bracelets and it would be easy to determine where the bracelet came from that Nai is wearing, even if it is an older model. But Nai wants to stay because Hirato THINKS they can help and Gareki seems to think he needs to stay to help Nai.
 photo karnevalepisode212_zps55b19ccc.jpg
To save my cute little sister probably. Duh. Don't you watch anime?
But I did notice that Hirato hit a bit below the belt. Or hit something....rather interesting. I jist thought that Gareki was stealing to have money, to have a better life. Hirato seems to think Gareki needed a large sum of money for something very important. Do we have a sick sibling/girlfriend in the wing? We rarely see parents in animes because DUH old people suck. Hirato also commented that Gareki doesn't like killing people. Maybe Gareki isn't as sneaky or mysterious as he seems to be.
 photo karnevalepisode213_zps6cf84e53.jpg
Do not want.
Another big point that came out during this conversation was the fact that Circus really is dealing with supernatural crimes. Probably why Gareki isn't really on Hirato's radar. Circus is after human experiments gone wrong. At least I think they are human experiments, the Varuga. It was said that they are a result of forced evolution, that humans probably want to become better. Are the members of Circus also a product of this experimentation and they just came out smelling like roses? Hmm something to think about. Guess that is why the Circus rolls into town, because monsters are scarier than robbers. Oh and how awful is it that you become one if their blood gets on you. Are Gareki and Nai in danger?!
 photo karnevalepisode215_zps575c324c.jpg
Everyone knows that DUH!
The hide and seek element of the show was special and fun to watch. Sometimes adult men just need to play hide and seek. Yogi is not good at being assertive. I am not sure what I think about Tsukumo. She doesn't seem very happy to be on babysitting duty. Like hello this is below me. But she will follow orders and do what she is told...with as little emotions as possible. Hide and Seek NOW!!!
 photo karnevalepisode216_zpseb54c76a.jpg
Um...that was fast.
While that fun is going on Hirato is investigating why there are dead people in town. XO What of the Circus?! You would think more people would be investigating dead people but meh. I thought it was a bit special that Hirato is seen at the crime scene one second and the next the monster is over Nai and trying to eat him. X__X They work fast indeed these monsters. The monsters made it clear that Nai is special, that his seed color is different from normal humans. What is that all about? Craziness I tell you. Get to work training your people Circus because Yogi and Tsukumo didn't do that hot protecting Nai.
 photo karnevalepisode217_zps8bb1d052.jpg
Well that was surprising.
The episode ends with Nai being rescued but all is not well in Circus Land. Nai gets a super headache due to hearing... Karoku?! How shocking is that?! I really didn't expect to see Karoku at all or until the end of the anime. That he would turn up as a captive or a misunderstood baddie. Instead he is front and center with Grand-daughter. Yeah she is important too! Look at my mind being blown. XO What will happen next for Karoku as he is thinking of Nai and looking beat up? Guess I will have to wait to find out.


Anonymous said...

Actually, Nai is "dumb" for a reason, you will see ^^

Hint: His vocab is quite limited, for now. He does not know how/when to look for food. His "hair".......

Anonymous said...

Awww the sheeps are sooo cute!!! :3
I want a personal sheep, I mean it is like an auto-recognizable AI, come w/ cleanning, orginization, GPS, bodyguard (?), paper weight, etc. Man! I need to get myself one of those.

One the side note: GyAAAAAA!! Tsukumo is so beautiful. Karoku is pretty hot~ uwu. Also did you notice in the end that he is shot/hurt? Look at the blood spot on him.

I think it is because of this that Gareki's #1 enemy is (or could be) the sheep. LOL. Aluough I kind of pity Gareki for being dragged into this mess xD

Anonymous said...

I feel sorry for the mascot (yogi) for being stepped-on thrice, awwww poor baby (well at least they did not step on his private part thrice)....And the hide and seek that they are playing was fun....Oh, who the hell is the karoku?and why they are after Nai????>_<

Love YOGIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!! >w<

Anonymous said...

This show is boring, you should drop this and save your time on other animes.

Although these sheep are... interesting, I would not trust Yogi, anyone who dresses up as a cat, and fights with candy, can't be stable. -_-

Anonymous said...

@ Tenchi and Anonymous 4
No, Tenchi, don't drop this anime 0_0! and Ano 4, Sis, don't use my PC to blog, and she is not dropping this anime -_- It is fun and full of surprises, you should continue watching!!

Christina said...

Anonymous- I really think that Nai is a pet. He has to be. That Karoku was his owner. Sometimes dogs are known to do that, go long distances looking for their owners and not take care of themselves. That would explain why he doesn't know what blood is or that hello time to eat!

Anonymous 2- They remind me (the sheep) of the aliens from Toy Story. I mean I know they are supposed to be cute but there is something almost off about them. But they do seem rather useful.

Tsukumo and her sailor moon self is pretty hot. Seems like she is going to be a bit weird with human interactions. Someone needs to stitch up Karoku before Nai finds out!

Anonymous 3- I felt bad for him too. Especially since the audience was not paying attention at all. Nai was getting kidnapped and Yogi was getting stepped out and everyone is lalala cheering.

Anonymous 4- I think Yogi was either dropped on his head or....really doesn't spend much time with normal people. Maybe he was raised in the circus. Cotton candy and creepy sheep for everyone!

Christina said...

XD Note. Will not drop this anime, I want to know more about this seed thing. And if Gareki ends up offing himself due to the craziness that is his life. Just kidding. I love Yogi and his insane self. But I can see how could be annoying to other people.