Monday, April 29, 2013

Red Data Girl episode 6: This anime is pointless

YAWN! How can someone get so much sleep and still be so sleepy? Maybe I am turning into a cat? I am sure Kira would love it. A playmate for her. Maybe that is why she has been glued to my side recently...she has sensed my transformation has begun. YAWN! Time for another nap?
 photo reddatagirlepisode67_zps2e91f6eb.jpg
There is no understanding ever. Lies.
This show...Red Data halfway done and nothing has been explained. Well not enough for anything to make sense. More like the main character doesn't care to know or everyone understands what is going on and can't be bothered to tell anyone. Talking above me if you would. But here is episode 6 anyway. Spoilers for blah and blah.
 photo reddatagirlepisode66_zpsbc266bd8.jpg
Someone has a big mouth....
Episode Summary: Mayura, Manatsu, Izumiko, and Miyuki are running to catch the bullet train to Nagano. That is where the twins grew up after their triplet died. The train ride seems fun, with Mayura asking Izumiko if she is dating Miyuki and student council plans are discussed since they are all members now. A meeting will be held in the mountains soon due to their connections. They arrive at the station and wait for normal mom who has put the triplet Masumi out of her mind. The girls are nearly hit on but the boys step up and make sure they are left alone. They are taken to a lovely house that Izumiko loves. There is a party thrown for the twins and their old neighbors/relatives talk them up. The father takes a shine to Miyuki who knows/has connections to mountain monks. Izumiko is left in the corner to say how nice and normal everything is after she gets drunk on punch. Miyuki really loses his mind when she gets drunk as she starts to talk about the goddess. She is sent to bed but wakes up later still a bit tipsy. She “floats” around the house until she sees Masumi in the back yard. She says hi to him and he basically hits on her and says he will see her later on the mountain. The gang meets up with the rest of the student council whatever and they up to the mountain via bus. Everything seems on the up and up until some of the girls unpack. Mayura is then confronted by an older girl about trying to take over the student council club. Mayura tries to play dumb but apparently the History Club is really her fan club. Kisaragi is slightly less harsh but tells Mayura that they are judges and will not pick sides. Izumiko says nothing during this time nor during the meeting later. Mayura takes her on a walk and explains that she and Takayanagi are more likely than not the real candidates for the World Heritage thing, thus the sides. The council made her feel better about being neutral but Mayura feels as if she needs more. Izumiko is like lala you hate sorcerers yes? Manatsu appears with Miyuki and it is revealed that Mayura wants Izumiko on her side as a spirit seer and needs to test Miyuki despite him protesting he wants to be a normal kid. Mayura summons up her power and then...THE END!
 photo reddatagirlepisode65_zps94420144.jpg
You have to be drunk to understand this show. WEEEE!
I don't even know folks. I don't even know when the explanation will come. I don't know when I will stop watching this show. I don't know why any of this is happening and everyone seems okay with it.
 photo reddatagirlepisode64_zps7a49571d.jpg
Don't mind me, I'm not important.
It's like we are following along through the eyes of Izumiko, the girl beyond caring about anything. Or knowing about anything. Which I would be fine with but then Izumiko seems to know things. It needs to be one thing or another. In episode 1 she was presented as a girl who was confused about why she blows up computers and cellphones. But then she nods her head and doesn't ask questions, like she does understand. So what the heck is going on? Is she nodding because she doesn't understand and doesn't want to look dumb or because she does understand? Because either way...I DON'T UNDERSTAND! Usually animes have someone who doesn't understand what is going on and things have to be explained to them, to the audience. I just assumed since this is Izumiko's story we would see her confusion and things would be explained to her. OBVIOUSLY NOT!
 photo reddatagirlepisode63_zpsaab5090c.jpg
Be on my team bestie friend!
This anime is just frustrating. Yukimasa tells Izumiko what this school is about, housing and protecting those who can see spirits yet Izumiko does nothing with this information? Miyuki is told that the goddess in Izumiko can't be reborn or the world is in danger and he does nothing? Like hello?! You are in an anime! Rise to the occasion and save the world! Or at least find out more about the school you are at. Like are they purposely not listening when things are being discussed? How can Izumiko be so close to her mom and not try to contact her? I don't understand anything apparently. Anything at all.
 photo reddatagirlepisode68_zps91e785e4.jpg
She was like GIRL I am on to you!
If the student council is supposed to be a neutral place why was Mayura and Manatsu allowed to join anyway? If you think there are two factions to this school why allow one whole faction to join if you are the judges? And hello aren't all these kids in 9th grade? This entire school was built so these kids could fight it out to become the World Heritage Candidate? Like only one person gets to tell the spirits that humans should be allowed to live? Maybe the teachers should tell the students what is really up. Or maybe this is what is up. The point is...this entire school was built for two students to hash it out? I SEE! What the HELL?!
 photo reddatagirlepisode62_zpsd98144e3.jpg
All is going according to plan....
Either way I guess the Earth is screwed. Because neither kid looks that powerful to me. Of course at the end of the episode Mayura looks like she stepped up her game. But Takayanagi? How is that kid powerful at all? A ghost was able to beat him. Obviously the thing inside of Izumiko is going to be the best candidate or whatever which is disappointing. Thought there was going to be more important and spiritual kids at this school. But I guess it doesn't matter since we won't get any explanation on what they are. Just a bunch of judges I guess.
 photo reddatagirlepisode6_zpsd685fe98.jpg
Hurry to fun!
I guess the fun part of the episode was when the siblings, Izumiko, and Miyuki were traveling to the siblings' home town. I guess I just like seeing travel in Japan. Brings back the corner of my mind. XD But yeah going on trips is fun. Maybe not so much fun when you realize your friends really tricked you into meeting their special dad to size up if you have magical powers worth worrying about. Here have some drunky punch.
 photo reddatagirlepisode69_zps26fe046d.jpg
How about you let me in on this secrets?
Izumiko is kind of all over the place. Doesn't ask questions, is jealous that Miyuki isn't her boyfriend but barely talks to him, and talks to dead people. But it's all good. Because she doesn't tell her one friend about meeting with one of the “judges” to something she doesn't understand. Also she doesn't listen to Miyuki and goes off with Mayura without knowing her true motive. Not that she defended the girl when the older student council girls were going after her. Miyuki also has a part to play too, by not watching over Izumiko. Just so impressed with this anime.
 photo reddatagirlepisode610_zpsb6f7e899.jpg
Um...I said I didn't care about this crap?
The episode ends with Mayura explaining nothing but using many words to do so. Like you better be on my side or else. When Miyuki says he doesn't want to be on any side Mayura decides that she is going to attack. Like what the hell. Do you see my face? It is the face of someone who has watched 6 episodes and maybe 10 percent of what is going on has been explained in words. Everything else I guess is just understood by the Japanese. The things we do not speak of, we don't need things explained. Well I do. And everything sucks so far. Bleh.


Anonymous said...

I disagree that this anime is pointless, it's just that you dont understand it, if it's so pointless for you dont even think about watching it, there are other people who actually appreciate and understand it. i think you should give it chance.

Christina said...

Anonymous- I have said numerous times I am not understanding what is going on. But 6 episodes in I think that is enough time to give a show a chance. No one is SAYING the words necessary to understand this show. Just we got Izumiko who can house a goddess and is probably the most powerful person ever....just lalalaing through life while everyone all around her is doing the work. Or so it seems.

Anonymous said...

LOLOLOL omfg I completely agree with you! This post made me laugh out loud, literally. It's the first post I've found that called this show out on making no sense.

This show was the biggest waste of animation budget I've ever seen! And I have seen over 200+ anime series. Honestly, don't let the other Anonymous comment bother you in the slightest. Your review was honest and accurate. I watched the entire show and I had NO CLUE what was going on, the significance of the Himegami, nothing. For all I cared about, everyone could have died at the end (which would probably make this anime the biggest troll ever) and only then would the show spark some actual interest in me.

I feel like this show relies on people to have previous knowledge of Japanese folk tales or something. In any case, it felt like we as viewers were missing some piece of information... even more annoying was that Wikipedia, other blogs, etc didn't reveal anything new to help you understand wtf was happening. This show was a complete yawn fest.

Instead of this, I'd say Blood C had a similar sort of setting and actually MADE SENSE.

The funniest thing of it all is that maybe there really was no deeper knowledge to understand this show. Maybe Izumiko really is that weak/pathetic/boring. As a girl, I can't stomach girls like her, especially in comparison to awesome female characters like Mikasa Ackerman from Attack on Titan.

Anyway, keep reviewing animes! Don't hesitate to be honest either; this was a nice refreshing post.

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