Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Arata Kangatari episode 2

Hello there my lovely readers. Things have been a bit weird in the news here in the United States. There has been a bombing in Boston, three dead and almost 200 injured. Yet some news networks are still focusing on one crazy person who as admitted to killing boyfriend. Like..okay she did it move on. Why is everyone focusing on her? Is our culture so obsessed with sex that this seems interesting? Please I rather see what else is going on in the country/world and it is hard to do when they ONLY focus on this awful person.
 photo arataepisode2_zps1d8b3c55.jpg
Knowing the author of this original manga this will either end with tears or everyone being okay...
Putting that aside...anime time. What is up now? Arata Kangatari episode 2. Everything sounds better in another language weeee. Spoilers for Hinohara really having trust issues.
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Can we run away from the danger before we have a cook out please?
Episode Summary: Everyone spends about 5 minutes as Hinohara wields the once ancient looking god sword. Kannagi has this awesome fire sword but stops the assault as he sees Hinohara has created a barrier. Everyone stares some more until the building collapses on them. Kannagi and his men check the building but Granny, Kotoha, and Hinohara escape. In the real world Hinohara's family is worried when they can't get a hold of him. They hear a commotion and it turns out to be Arata (looking like Hinohara) sitting on the ground shirtless. Such scandal. They take him home right away. Back in magical land Hinohara is hiding with granny and Kotoha in a cave. Kotoha is busy talking about food while Granny talks about how Hinohara has been chosen to be a Sho, one who can wield the sword that houses a god. This one Granny has never seen before and she wonders why he was chosen. Back in the village Kannagi is wondering about this new sword god as well. His friend from Kill Princess R us Akachi shows up to tell him what a failure he is for not killing Hinohara and that the new plan is to NOT kill Hinohara, but to bring him in and pin the murder on him during a trial. Hinohara finds all of this overwhelming and he goes outside to get some fresh air. He sees the three moons and it cements the fact that things are messed up.
 photo arataepisode212_zps973562fc.jpg
That was my head!
Kotoha comes outside with cold dinner and keeps insisting that Hinohara will get his memories back and all of this is just nonsense in his head. She finds that Hinohara has lost the necklace she gave Arata before the ceremony (even though they only switched bodies) and gives him the second one she has. They are then captured again by Kannagi. Hinohara does not fight back and is taken to the capital while Kotoha and Granny are taken back to the village. Hinohara basically is hating life in the carriage he is being driven in. Another one of the Twelve, Yorunami, is acting all shady when he hears that Hinohara has been taken into custody. Very shady indeed. Hinohara continues to have a fit when suddenly his necklace glows and he sees Arata, inside his room. The boys yell at each other for a bit and realize they are both stuck in weird situations. He asks why Arata killed the princess and Arata explains that it was Kannagi. Hinohara gets all sad about trust while Arata promises to think of way out of this for both of them. Hinohara is taken to the capital where the charges are read. Everyone puts on a performance of a life time saying how sad they are. Hinohara accuses Kannagi of doing the killing and everything dissolves into chaos. The princess is shown in her vegetative state as she is trying to keep herself alive. Hinohara is found guilty and sentenced...well to an area that is referred to as hell. Kannagi has done this to keep Hinohara alive long enough to figure out what his sword god is about. It is unclear why the other 12 have gone along with this. Award the magical flying ship Hinohara is greeted with Kotoha who has been kidnapped on purpose to give him the sword god. Only Hinohara is unable to use the sword. He grows frustrated and suddenly...both he and Kotoha are talking the the princess. What the heck? THE END!
 photo arataepisode29_zps8c364002.jpg
Swords in arms...seems familiar.
Well that episode was slightly easier to watch. Not that topics were really explained or concepts fully development. Maybe they were but now I am just going to break things down. Like whatever the Princess did...magic. The swords house gods. Sho is a person who can hold the sword of the gods. But I don't think my brain can handle knowing what the names of the specific gods are, that is 13 more names to learn!!!!
 photo arataepisode23_zps472b9486.jpg
I will stand here and stare at you.
But as it stands Hinohara (much easier to remember yes?) is running around with an old sword and an apparent new god. Everyone has to go MOG what is going on?! So much so that Kannagi has to call off his attack to see what is going on. Which I think is a bit special? There was no indication that Kannagi was going to lose the fight. He was just...stunned at what was happening. Everyone just stops and looks at Arata. It was weird. Good thing the building collapsed so the episode could move along.
 photo arataepisode24_zpsc3593b22.jpg
Was this scene drawn 19 years ago?!
It appears that there will not be much going on in the real world (our world) with that Arata. I could be wrong but most of the clips in the opening and closing show Hinohara with his problems in regards with Masato and the mess in the fantasy world. Not too much of Arata even though he will be the one to handle Masato yes? So all we saw of Arata was him sitting on the ground being stared at by tons of people, including Hinohara's family. Me thinks he will have it slightly easier anyway. He wasn't the one bullied so he might kick some ass and get some respect for Hinohara if he returns.
 photo arataepisode27_zps7f07ec7f.jpg
Your hot naked body under men what?
Back in the fantasy world Kannagi and his questionable changing look (seriously the art got wonky at times) got a little meeting with Akachi. It would be stupid at this point to think that the Twelve are one big happy family full of truth and loyalty to each other. They conspired to have their princess killed and the blame placed on whoever came to take her place. It appears they wanted to do so in order to use their powers freely. But that could just be a lie for some. Maybe not all of the 12 wanted this to happen and feel bad about what happened to the princess. Or that maybe they thought to get rid of the princess system to help others out. Whatever the case is it seems that Kannagi wants to know more about this new god sword and Akachi is actually against Kannagi but pretends to work with him to create a united force.
 photo arataepisode211_zps58dd6ff4.jpg
Hopefully your lipstick too.
There is going to be tension no doubt. Another one of the 12 Yorunami and his lipstick are apparently overseeing things as Kannagi is off doing the hard work and Akachi who is overly dramatic in the ending song. Yorunami seems way too amused at what is going on to be trusted. So yes I really don't think the princess was killed only or because some of the 12 wanted to use their powers. Maybe some had good intentions and some had really evil intentions. Varying degrees of evil.
 photo arataepisode26_zps87da7387.jpg
Too many moons!
Hinohara doesn't really know or care about any of that right now. In the last few hours he has lost his new best friend, transported to a new world, chased by crazies, and now has been crowned as someone awesome. Has anyone ever gone to another world and not been crowned someone awesome? I guess it wouldn't be an interesting story otherwise but still. Hinohara just wants to go home and now he has awoken a god sword that hasn't been used in years. Yay for being super special.
 photo arataepisode28_zpsa1eb3051.jpg
Are you understanding the words I am saying to you?!
I am not sure if Kotoha really gets what is going on or if she is in denial. Granny told Hinohara what was going on, why not tell Kotoha. Maybe she did and the girl just doesn't want to get it? Like yes Master, you came from another world Master. How nice Master please eat your cold dinner. Kotoha seems to be in love with Arata. How will this work with someone else in Arata's body? Is that cheating? Will that be a major plot point? Will Kotoha shows us another side of herself that doesn't involve Arata?
 photo arataepisode210_zps150a36c3.jpg
Why you shaking your head no?
Seconds after Kotoha gives Hinohara something super important they are captured again by Kannagi. I might question why the heck they didn't get out of dodge when they had the chance. Villagers are in danger if they are nearby or not. You got a weapon to fight against these people and yet you hide in a cave and don't educate Hinohara on what is going on. Yay for getting kidnapped twice in one day! Why did Granny tell Hinohara not to attack?
 photo arataepisode213_zps4c8a4763.jpg
Well you better trust someone, you are in a strange place!
Instead of using Granny and Kotoha as insurance that Hinohara behaves they let them go back to the village...guarded. What happened to destroying the village back when they had no girls? Surely a traitor who kills the princess means everyone should be dead 2398283 times over. But in any event the ladies are taken back to the village so Kotoha and Arata can talk. It is Fushigi Yuugi all over again with the items of similarity connecting each other. Arata seems...rather...calm about the situation he is in. Personally. Being in another world. He seems very upset about how everyone else is doing. Hinohara is more concerned about what is happening to him and that he can't trust anyone. Sadness is him. Funny how both boys are doing through similar things but are reacting so differently.
 photo arataepisode214_zpsdd819311.jpg
I wish we could have seen more of the bullying so I could connect with Hinohara better.
Hinohara got to talk more about betrayal and trust during the trial over the Princess's “death”. I say “death” as everyone is aware she is technically not dead. The Twelve have decided that they need to really drive home the fact that they didn't kill the princess and put on this dramatic show to make sure everyone believes him. Such great actors. Hinohara was surprisingly upset about the whole betrayal thing given he was just told by Arata what happened. He basically parroted what he was told and was probably thinking of his own problems when getting so emotional.
 photo arataepisode215_zps4d140646.jpg
Swords with gods in them can cry. Duh.
To keep the plot flowing Hinohara is not killed. No no because that would be too easy. We wouldn't have much of an anime would we? Instead Kannagi wants to know more about the sword god. It is unclear that if Kannagi told anyone about the god sword or if anyone found out via the guards/other people. But I think that Kannagi wants to keep that information to himself. Maybe to steal the sword for himself? But what wouldn't make any sense as the characters have explained a sword god has to pick it's owner. So who cares what this sword god is about if it can be used against you and you can never wield it? Why did everyone else go along with this craziness?
 photo arataepisode216_zps87a4b624.jpg
And then it turned into X/1999.
The episode ends with Kotoha getting kidnapped too so she can be with Hinohara. Because she wants to be with him forever. Little did they know before they were banished to...well hell they were going to be visited by the princess. Again with the Fushigi Yuugi. It is sorta creepy though that the princess is talking with her clothes ripped and her eyes closed. You would think that she could just fly her soul around and make it look less...well scary as it is. XD But still...we have a request. SAVE MY PEOPLE! Gather the 4 gods...oh wait not that. What can it be then!?


Anonymous said...

Hello @Christina

I seriously hope that Reality Arata mans up and not be a constant whiny loser throughout the show. Quite frankly, I'm rather scornful of those whiny types like Shinji from Evangelion. In fact, I and several other people would want to see more of Fantasy Arata because he seems carefree and happy compared to Reality Arata. Yes, the audience understands that Reality Arata was tormented in school, but would the producers really dedicate 12 episodes of watching Reality Arata being jerked around without reaching a resolution or the main plot? I mean, constant torment after torment on Reality Arata, I think that would quickly get old and sad. I'm not surprised that the producers decided to downplay that bullying part and just get straight to fantasy world plot.

12 episodes for this show? While questionable shows like Little Busters get 26? That's not fair. This show is written by a famous author and it only got 12 episodes total? I hope I'm wrong.

Of course, I want to see more of Fantasy Arata rain retribution on those jerks in school. What I heard from fans of the manga, he's still somewhat important to the plot. So, yes, we will see more of Fantasy Arata and his little adventures on Earth.

It's obvious that Reality Arata, Kotoha, and Granny didn't escape far from the village because it was a secret hideout that only most villagers know. Also, they probably wanted to be well supplied (by being close to the village) until the chase calms down. I mean, they were discovered when Kannagi interrogated that villager on where their location. And yes, Kotoha definitely has romantic feelings for Arata (Fantasy/Reality) and trusts him. So, I don't think this anime is an entire sausage fest when there's a girl with feelings for a guy. LMAO!

Out of curiosity, Christina. Question for you: what did you mean by, "And then it turn into X/1999." Are you stating the similarities between this show and X/1999 because they have the same author or something else?

I don't think X/1999 was a bad show. :(

That's all.

Anonymous said...

A Hayagami is part of its Sho, so the "sword in arms/any part of the body" is NOT strange at all. The reason Kannagi is surprised is because there is only 13 (14?) gods existed, so a new Sho appears means a new god awakens, and you do not carelessly mess w/ gods.

Actually, there is A LOT going on in the real world (manga-wise), it was SOOOO funny, but due to their budge they probably skip the funny/fun facts parts. Also the manga shows how Arata run-amok in the school/ deal w/ different types of jerks, it was awesome. LOL

Oh, and Hinohara is NOT in Arata’s body, check out their cloth, hair color, and school bag locations. If Hinohara is in Arata’s body his school bag should NOT be in the magical world!!

>Why did Granny tell Hinohara not to attack?<

Consider their situation; 1 weaponless girl + 1 old grandma + a new person who just awaken his god, and do not know how to use it vs. A high-class Shinshou + an army of trained men, which side will win, and who will be hinder Hinohara if the fight start……………………I think the answer is obvious.

Christina said...

Anonymous- I love X/1999 despite the fact that CLAMP has stomped on my heart many, many times! I was just saying that the princess in this show and Hinoto from X/1999 look very similar and might play similar roles. Also in X/1999 they had swords coming out of body parts too.

I think the anime should have done a better job showing the bullying. Because those of us who have not read the manga think it is coming out of nowhere. But apparently it was really bad and has shaped who he is. That being said I don't think I would flat out say I have problems trusting people. I would have had that been internal dialogue.

It seems to me that Arata in the real world isn't going to get much show time. Not as much as Hinohara obviously. Guess the bullying is more straight forward and won't need much time to cover?

Anonymous- I guess it is easy to get confused. I just assumed it was a body switching since everyone is all confused. But this switching has affected everyone's eyeballs. Good call on the bag.

I was wondering where the funny parts were! Yuu Watase always has funny scenes, even in mangas that get rather sad. So Arata in the real world is having the comedy since he know...beat people with ease and not give a care. Then get scared about cars and soda machines and what.

At the end of the episode it was clearly a good idea that Hinohara didn't attack. Seems like he can't use his powers at will yet. Which is good since he just got them. So Granny was right. But maybe she thought that Hinohara could get some info on the princess and what not and wanted him kidnapped. And not dead of course.