Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Red Data Girl episode 4

According to my calculations I am all caught up on animes!! Woohoo! Of course the season just started. But still....I will pause and remember this moment and put aside that I didn't watch Blood-C The Last Fail. Maybe next week. That doesn't count anyway. It's a movie, not an episode. XD
 photo reddatagirlepisode4_zps1f6ff8db.jpg
HEY! You aren't waiting on me, I am on time!
So what episode is up now? Red Data Girl episode 4. Spoilers for...well apparently knowing nothing.
 photo reddatagirlepisode46_zpsc42389d0.jpg
Sakura blossoms? Must be opening ceremony day.
Episode Summary: Izumiko is getting along great with her roommate Mayura. They seem to have gotten to know each other during the time before school. They are in the cafe waiting for what turns out to be Mayura's brother Manatsu. He eventually shows up and Mayura chastises him. Apparently he was off riding horses and lost track of time. Mayura has “earned” her spot at the school whereas Manatsu has entered because of his sister. Izumiko is very shy during this meeting despite Manatsu trying to be very nice. Izumiko meets up with Miyuki later who insists she doesn't act familiar with him. They trade information, that Mayura beat Miyuki in the entrance exams. But a boy who is the top of the class walks by to greet Izumiko. His name is Takayanagi and looks like Wayima. Both Miyuki and Izumiko feel funny around him. The first day of school finally arrives and Mayura decides to change her hairstyle so she can have a fresh start. Izumiko decides to not wear her glasses so she can feel different too, as her eye sight isn't that bad. The ceremony takes place and Takayanagi is the speaker. As he talks Izumiko looks around and sees dark monster shadows. She starts to freak out and suddenly she is in her classroom. This school is separated by grades but with electives being mixed. That means that Mayura, Miyuki, and Takayanagi are all in one class and Izumiko and Manatsu are in another. Manatsu points out that there are a lot of international students at their school and in their class. While Manatsu is pointing Izumiko freaks out, as the Brazilian student is one of the dark shadows she saw earlier. Izumiko starts to lose her mind and is unable to concentrate in class. During a break Izumiko is approached by some girls in her class about a secret. Apparently Takayanagi has created a website that tells you your fortune and what not. But you need a password to get to the site. Izumiko is like why is this happening to me but thanks the girls are friends are cool. Plus it was nice distraction before going back to class and seeing the shadow guy.
 photo reddatagirlepisode412_zps20997fc7.jpg
I don't think throwing rice at Izumiko will make her any more interesting.
During another break the Brazilian sees that Izumiko is staring at him and he approaches her, telling her to meet him after class. This means there is more freaking out and Izumiko runs to tell Miyuki all of this, dropping her password in the process. Miyuki seems to think that Izumiko might be scared because he is a man AND he is foreign. Still on the off chance she is right they decide to meet with him and see what is up. Izumiko meets with the Brazilian in an empty room where at first he appears normal. She is almost calm until the shadows come again. She freaks out and suddenly Takayanagi is there throwing rice at her and chanting. Takayanagi is surprised that Izumiko is human as she has figured out the Brazilian is not. Miyuki appears and is like why do you think that is odd and shoots at the Brazilian with an empty bow. Only Miyuki started to chant and the not existent arrow poofs the Brazilian. Takayanagi smiles and says now he knows that Miyuki is a mountain monk and Izumiko hosts a spirit of some kind. He warns them not to mess with him and it is a bit of stand off. Takayanagi leaves and Mayura reveals herself. She says she would have protected Izumiko had it come down to it but she doesn't really want to go up against Takayanagi as she knows what he can do. Miyuki questions who she is and she says she has had similar training to Miyuki. She says that they better get used to school here because this is how it is. Izumiko still has no idea what is going on so Mayura asks Izumiko about the paper she dropped earlier. Izumiko explains it is a website password for something Takayanagi runs. Miyuki and Mayura decide to see what is up and decide it is a way for Takayanagi to get more people to like him. Before they can read their future the computer explodes. Miyuki gets Izumiko out of the way of the blast in time, which sorta embarrasses Izumiko. Miyuki has slight injuries whereas Mayura was pretty banged up, with her eye and hands hurt. Izumiko is so happy to see Mayura who pretends like she is awesome and wasn't really that afraid. Only when Manatsu shows up Mayura finally breaks down and cries about how scared she was. The siblings hug it out while Miyuki and Izumiko watch, Izumiko thinking she has never opened up to someone like that before. The siblings decide that they need to go and get back at Takayanagi now, to handle it now. Miyuki agrees to this and the siblings do some sort of...weird chant to summon a person named Masumi. Everyone then goes outside and the siblings introduce Izumiko to this Masumi. THE END!
 photo reddatagirlepisode410_zps6266d270.jpg
I don't even know what this website thing was all about. Weirdness.
This is a strange little series is it not. It is like only 50 percent of the information is being shown to the viewers. And I think that is the very important 50 percent. The part we are being shown is just fluffy and edgy, not informative. Informative information ya'll.
 photo reddatagirlepisode42_zps47addd9d.jpg
Because he's a moron.
Izumiko has made fast friends with her roommate Mayura. I guess she is okay with her old timeys ways of not using a cellphone or a computer. I don't know, it seems like in all animes people are super okay with all their roommates. XD I have never lived with anyone besides my nutso family and my husband. My brother had some roommates in college and I think he wanted to kill them. In any even these girls became fast friends (so it seems) in the before times of school actually starting.
 photo reddatagirlepisode43_zps701088d8.jpg
HMMMMMM how dead are we talking because at the end of the episode...
Mayura has a twin brother named Manatsu. Sorry I meant triplet. That was a point made to Izumiko so I thought it was important to remember. This school is obviously weird but the fact that sibling was allowed into the school without having the same skill set as other kids....weird. Of course at the end of the episode Manatsu seems to have some sort of powers and it works with Mayura. Perhaps that is the real reason he was let in, since they are wonder “twins”. But Manatsu seems to LOVE horses. If this is the school for kids not allowed to join the X-Men does he speak to animals?
 photo reddatagirlepisode44_zps99540579.jpg
Damn right you better not call me Miyuki.
I thought that Miyuki and Izumiko were going to have more interaction in school. I mean...he went there to protect her, to grow stronger right. But then again....this show does skip around a lot. I have no idea what to think. Last year is when Wamiya poofed. I don't know, things seemed rushed. I thought Izumiko and Miyuki had bonded but it feels as if they only meet in secret and not very frequently. Thanks for having my back and updating me on the creepy people in the school who look like Wamiya.
 photo reddatagirlepisode47_zps73dcdb37.jpg
A fresh new start of harassment duh!
The opening ceremony was rather special. I sorta liked that Izumiko and Mayura had a moment where they thought they had to change their appearances. It takes the viewer back to their first day of school, high school. Or maybe to build up to their first day of high school. But it time to start fresh for these girls. Leave those glasses behind, who needs to see. I thought that Mayura's ribbon placement was interesting but...I guess change is good. Now excuse me as I wear my hair the same way for 10 years.
 photo reddatagirlepisode48_zps4e3af3e1.jpg
Sure fooled me.
But back to the opening ceremony. Since you was obvious that Izumiko had to wear those glasses to block scary stuff....I thought she would have seen more scary things. If this school houses special kids one would think there would be quite a few people that could trigger Izumiko's powers. But instead she just saw one. One would THINK that since she has been through this before, seeing scary things, that she would trust herself a little more. Instead she...passes out and appears in class. Good thing that Manatsu is there to take care of her.
 photo reddatagirlepisode49_zps4472aa5e.jpg
I see black...shadows! SHADOWS! Not people!!! I am not racist!!!!
I am not sure how I feel about the first...creepy thing Izumiko sees is the exchange student from Brazil. Oh no I can't accuse the dark skin foreigner of being something scary because I will come across as being racist. I mean that DOES happen and maybe it is more realistic that way. But Izumiko felt as if her life was in danger and she was being....very nervous about voicing her concerns.
 photo reddatagirlepisode411_zps61763d3a.jpg
Nope I don't think he does.
But maybe she should have been concerned. Because Miyuki might be the worse guardian in the history of anime. Izumiko and her nervous self has been proven to be right so far in matters of weird things. But he is like well you need to stop being racist and fit in more. But in case you are right and the fact that this creepy guy DID talk to you and wanted to meet with you alone...I guess I can come and protect you. If I have to.
 photo reddatagirlepisode413_zps32560ffc.jpg
POOF! And then no one cared.
Turns out that Izumiko was right and that the Brazilian exchange student was a...thing. Only he was being controlled by Takayanagi. Like um hold on, wait your turn. One creepy classmate at a time. Of course Miyuki did come in and waste the Brazilian pretty fast. Time to move on to Takayanagi doing whatever it is that Takayanagi does.
 photo reddatagirlepisode414_zps3891c04e.jpg
And what league would that be?
This is where the show once again gets confusing and acts like the viewers should know what is going on. It is either that or all the characters have....the strangest reactions on the face of the planet. Like oh you are holding a bow, hmmm that means you are clearly the mountain monk and goddess vessel of this school. Oh you are hiding in the corner and watching this go down. Hmm I see let us all go research this random password computer thing. Like what the hell?! Where is the XO faces, the who the hell are you and what do you want?! I understand build up and what not but NOTHING is getting explained. It is like The Walking Dead, no one can say the word zombies. We will just talk around the issue.
 photo reddatagirlepisode415_zps5f2ffc5d.jpg
Instead of intervening you could explain....maybe?
Is this making sense to anyone? Takayanagi is something and everyone just...accepts it. Accepts that they don't know. They don't question Mayura who seems to know more than Miyuki and Izumiko. Izumiko freaks out ALL THE TIME but when it comes to certain things she is like oh...yeah that is weird what could that be? Where is the crying and losing of the minds? That is what I want to see! With my eyes!!!
 photo reddatagirlepisode417_zps7dafa574.jpg
Computer explosions and people glowing.
No instead Mayura is like good job you mountain monk/goddess holder, lets go find out what this website is all about. I is craziness how this is all going down. We just exploded some person who really wasn't a person and now we are going to look at a website made by the exploded person's...owner. I like names and titles. What is Takayanagi?! Well I guess someone very powerful. For those who don't know who/what he is the website serves as a way to earn more fans. Maybe some brainwashing. And if the wrong person comes on the site...exploding!!!!
 photo reddatagirlepisode416_zps82d61d6f.jpg
DAWWW I want my brother to give me a hug now.
At least Izumiko showed some damn emotion when that happened. Of course she picked that time to be all girly and think about how Miyuki saved her. I think that I was okay with Mayura pretending to be all big and bad. Like this isn't a big deal. But when her brother came in it was tear city. That seemed very realistic to me. That you can open up in front of your family but in front of others, people you see as weaker (Izumiko) you got to put on a brave face. Mayura might make fun of Manatsu a lot but he is her brother and she needs him.
 photo reddatagirlepisode45_zps917e7790.jpg
Yeah she is always like this.
The episode ends with Manatsu and Mayura deciding it is time to take on Takayanagi. I personally would have taken a break since you know...Mayura got hurt. But they decided to attack now. Maybe Takayanagi won't be expecting it. But who is this Masumi person? Wonder twin powers indeed. Maybe in episode 5 titles and things will be explained. I doubt it though....

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