Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Tamako Market episode 12 FINAL EPISODE!

Another show has come to an end. And not a moment too soon as HELLO Spring shows are starting in a hot minute. I can say though that I am ahead of the game on something in life. I am not one of those people who buy Christmas presents at Christmas Eve. Heck most of my shopping is done before December. XD And....um...what else am I on time about....um....let me think about it. XD
 photo tamakomarketepisode1212_zpseb0576fe.jpg
Sounds....really tasty actually.
But anyway Tamako Market, the little show about...I am not sure yet, has ended. Maybe. It was left a bit open ended so maybe there will be a season two later down the line. But for now it is over. Spoilers for everyone loving Tamako forever. But we already knew that yes?
 photo tamakomarketepisode122_zps246debb1.jpg
Did the medal run away? X___X
Episode Summary: Tamako is so happy that the Prince has found her medal just randomly on the ground. Dera goes to greet his Prince but the Prince has no idea who he is because the bird is so fat. HEARTBROKEN! As the questionable racist bodyguards protect the Prince from nosy shop sellers. Tamako's family hosts the Prince and Tamako is unsure on how to act. Tamako and Anko walk to school with Mochizou running to catch up. He obviously has lost sleep over the Prince coming to town and tries to ask Tamako what she is planning on doing. She is unable to answer/understand the question so Mochizou wishes her happiness. Her friends at school acknowledge that weird things keep happening to her and hope that things work out. Tamako seems frustrated and lost in thought. Dad is at the shop making mochi and looking upset. Dera comes in to see how Dad is doing and to tell him the district has kidnapped the Prince and are busy handing out free samples of everything. Choi seems worried that this is all overwhelming to the Prince. Tamako continues to be lost in thought at school and her friends worry for her. Kanna decides she needs to take one for the team and become Tamako for Tamako. They reach the shopping district and all the shops are closed. Tamako freaks out and runs home to make sure everyone is okay. Tamako is told that everyone is meeting with the Prince at the Bunny Bath. Tamako almost breaks down in tears because last time everything was closed her mom had died.
 photo tamakomarketepisode128_zps780217d1.jpg
Kanna really wants to see those support beams!
After calming Tamako down Dera finally asks the girl what she thinks about all this Prince business. Tamako talks about what her home means to her, how she has been there her whole life and how everyone person means something special to her. Dera hears all of this and does a dramatic run to the bath house. He gets there and tells the Prince that Tamako is not the girl for him, that she is too special and what not to be a Princess. Tamako runs in after Dera and apologizes but doesn't think she can be the Princess. She accidentally sneezes and Dera takes the hit to show the Prince that Tamako is in love with him, not the Prince. The Prince smiles and says that Tamako was not the Princess anyway, since the flowers the shop lady gave Tamako is the scent Choi smelled. Choi points out she hasn't done the reading yet but the Prince says it is not necessary, he knows it is not Tamako. Mochizou and Midori collapse in relief. The Prince and Choi look at the busy shopping district and comment on how fun it looks. They get ready to go back to their homeland, with the girls giving Choi little gifts. Tamako tries to give Choi her medal but Choi gives her a paper crane instead. Dera was supposed to go with the Prince and Choi but decides to stay behind to help with New Year's Eve. It is a busy time and everyone is being amazing workers and sellers. Dera decides to leave that night and tells Dad to say goodbye for him. Tamako thinks that Dera might be leaving and goes to chase after him but follows the wrong bird. Dera ends up in the flower shop and takes a nap in the flowers that smell like the Prince. Mochizou stops on by to gather up Tamako's present for her birthday and the shop keeper accidentally wraps up Dera. So when Mochizou finally gathers up the courage to give his present Tamako gets Dera too. Tamako is so happy and everyone starts chattering on about silly things. THE END!
 photo tamakomarketepisode124_zps9436ef94.jpg
Do you boys need free food?!
A slice of life anime with a talking bird and girl with a heart of gold. A fun little ride is over but I guess I have this one episode left to blog. But thinking back this show didn't...have much. Like rice I guess. You know you are eating good and that you are sorta full but when you look back on your lunch you wonder what you ate. I am not sure how to classify this show. Obviously not a waste of time but it....it just was. If you feel me.
 photo tamakomarketepisode123_zps518b7a92.jpg
Dera needs a hug but sadly the Prince doesn't know who he is or he would give Dera one!
It is never explained how the Prince found the medal. Given how Tamako loved that thing I am not sure how it ended up outside. I mean...she was going to put it on Mom's shrine. But none of that really matters. The point was the Prince helped Tamako and Dera is fat. So fat his childhood friend did not recognize Dera and it was sadness all over the place. Poor Dera. Fad diets do not work folks!
 photo tamakomarketepisode129_zps900c0127.jpg
A prince is in town? Gotta run home because I really don't care. I know what is important to me.
It was kinda...amusing how little time Tamako got to spend with the Prince. It is like no one can help themselves. I do like how Dad reacted. Sometimes he can be a sour puss but in this situation I totally support his face. Maybe not about the name thing but about this guy coming to town to try and take his little girl away. Like who are you and why are all you people in my house? I will...sit silently and glare at everyone.
 photo tamakomarketepisode127_zpsf57fe012.jpg
You people are a bit much.
The rest of the shop owners acted like the crazy people that they are. I don't think many of them get out much. They are much too busy spoiling Tamako and worrying about each other's problems. It is like a new person shows up and they have no idea how to act like normal human beings. They are just on people and it looks like it could be overwhelming. But.....the Prince is a Prince. Maybe he is used to all this attention and craziness?
 photo tamakomarketepisode125_zpsdcf14ea6.jpg
You looking tore up!
I love how Mochizou was having sleepless nights and losing his mind. Sure I teased him for not being...assertive but I guess not everyone can be. Especially with someone so dense. Sometimes it is easier for people to dream and not try than try and no longer be friends. Mochizou wants to stick around in Tamako's life...even though I don't think Tamako would cut him out. Still...it is amusing and sad to see this poor kid being rung through the ringer.
 photo tamakomarketepisode126_zps62c04f97.jpg
Kanna likes keeping it real. XD
The other girls are handling the situation just as special. I like Kanna's approach to the Princess business. Like oh poor Tamako I will take the burden for you...HAHAHA! The girl has a lot of comical moments but sometimes I think they are lost in the scuffle. A shame really. Shiori is just there and it is a shame. Choi came to town and it was like what new friend? I got a NEW new friend. And Midori has lost her mind because she is in love with Tamako and she can't run off and be a Princess somewhere else!
 photo tamakomarketepisode1210_zps71c18392.jpg
:( Well that was sad.
I felt really bad for Tamako when she went home and thought something awful happened. I was going to say something else on the matter but sometimes people have irrational moments and Tamako had hers. Like sometimes my husband is a little late coming home from work and he doesn't answer his phone right away and suddenly he must be dead in a ditch somewhere. Obviously the more logical answer is my husband is stuck in traffic but at the moment I don't think like that. So Tamako should have stepped back and thought a Prince is in town and this street is full of nosy people. Clearly that means they are stuffing him with food and no one died.
 photo tamakomarketepisode1211_zps818d07dd.jpg
Dera has been touched!
After Tamako had her moment (which everyone was sweet about) Dera finally looked at Tamako and asked her what SHE wanted. Everyone else was caught up in the drama of how cool it could be and how Tamako leaving would affect them but most didn't stop to think about Tamako herself. Dera was on point the entire time with the situation and asked Tamako what she wanted. 

Tamako gave a very Tamako answer. She talked about what the district meant to her. That was her way of saying that she really could never leave. That she would stay and marry there and make mochi babies with someone and that baby would be the next kid spoiled. Not that she was ever going to leave but this way Tamako could talk about all the fun times she has had there and really drive home the point of how close everyone actually is. In case that wasn't clear already.
 photo tamakomarketepisode1213_zps37a0e3ce.jpg
She is missing part of her brain...not a good choice for you my Prince.
Dera had Tamako's back. I think he knew what her answer would be and was trying to save her from saying that? Or was worried she was going to be too nice about it? But Dera really went in there and made sure she was protected. Oh you don't want Tamako....she is too....you know...Tamako like. You don't want her. Here sir, let me protect you from her sneeze. Dera might be a little special too but it was nice to see how much he has grown to like Tamako.
 photo tamakomarketepisode1214_zpsc102daf8.jpg
Wait you already knew? Well then...
Clearly the Prince knew what was up the whole time. He was just there for the ride. And maybe take them all back home. I think that he also knows that Choi is probably his chosen bride. Or that he would choose her if he knew that was an option. He knows something anyway. I guess Choi doesn't think she is worthy of the Prince because she is hiding her mark? And he is allowing her to do this song and dance until she comes around? Remember Choi was the one who said go find a bride. The Prince didn't want to get one yet. Either way the Prince was like...yeah Tamako is not my woman time to go.
 photo tamakomarketepisode1216_zps1b5b64af.jpg
The presents of special.
The goodbye of Choi came kinda fast didn't it? I guess she was there for a while and being a Prince he had to get back as soon as possible. I love that all the girls ran by to give gifts, with Kanna's being the best of course. Tamako was the special one. You just got this medal and you are going to give it to Choi. I get you like the girl but come on! That was 10 kinds of special. Still Tamako loves everyone so....it was a tough goodbye.
 photo tamakomarketepisode1217_zps54f32caf.jpg
So much subtleness Choi.
I am not sure why Dera stayed around for a bit longer if he wasn't going to say a proper goodbye. I mean I understand the idea behind not wanting to be sad or see people cry but why stay behind? It is like pulling off a bandaid really slowly! Oh you mean to create more drama? Well then carry on bird with many feelings!
 photo tamakomarketepisode12_zpsb8042019.jpg
Surprise Deraing!
The show ends with Dera taking a nap in the flowers again, just like how he entered Tamako's life. Clearly Mochizou was too blinded by actually giving Tamako a real birthday present to notice the weight of the box and the flower keeper is...well too special to make sure they are not giving away free product. So all that drama that Tamako went through not saying goodbye to Dera...well it didn't matter. AND Mochizou gets to look like the star by giving Tamako the best present ever yay!
 photo tamakomarketepisode1215_zpse64286a7.jpg
We got to keep our girl. All is well in the world.
So that is about it. Choi is probably the Princess. Mochizou is happy. Kanna has no hammer. The street can breath easy as their lovely Tamako is here to stay. Not much happened really and I am sorta sick of the word mochi. Tamako needs to branch out to other things but she seems happy with the life she has so...I guess....that is about it. Simple people having simple fun. With a talking bird. I see indeed.


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