Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Arata Kangatari episode 3: Did someone say trust?!

YAWN! You would think that I would try to get all the blogging done earlier in the day so I am not typing and yawning. I need to become a morning person. Now that my partner in crime has a new job that makes her get up way early I have no one to text in the middle of the night. So lonely! And Kira doesn't really talk to me. Well unless meowing because I can't pet her 20 hours a day counts as talking. YAWN!
 photo arataepisode310_zpse649a7cc.jpg
The many sad things that don't happen to Hinohara!
So anyway one more post before I go to bed. XD Either clean the house tomorrow...or watch Blood-C: The Last Fail. I think the vacuum cleaner might win folks.
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Back away from all the scary people.
Episode Summary: Hinohara and Kotoha are still in the shocks over the almost dead Princess talking to them. All talking must take place over the entire land in the sky. The Princess explains that she exists to control those Sho folks and their god swords or surely they would use their power for their own gain. She wants Arata to take her place and protect the kingdom. She needs him to bring her his god sword and that she trusts him. Arata starts to lose his mind over the word trust but Kotoha thinks all is skippy because she trusts him too. They are dropped off on a tiny island that has a creepy prison on it. When they walk in it is not fun city. A bunch of down on their luck people looking at them and whispering that Hinohara is the princess killer. A young punk and his side kick immediately try to kill Arata but are interrupted by the...pipes that come alive. Apparently it is the Reckoning Hour and two people are captured by the pipes, taken to the warden of the prison. Osome and her boobies explain this to Hinohara and Kotoha, taking a hair pin for services rendered. Hinohara takes a minute to think about trust and how he can't possibly do the task given to him. Kotoha finds a sorta....spring type area in the prison and encourages Hinohara to take a bath. She then heals his wounds with magics, stating her clan has that ability to do so and basically she is there to serve him. Hinohara is touched again...and the ground opens up and Kotoha falls many levels in the prison. Hinohara looks on...and then takes off looking for her. But not by jumping down into the hole but running the entire the place. He keeps asking people if they have seen Kotoha but he has seem to forgotten that people hate him. A huge gang of people run after Hinohara and he has to hide from them, all the while feeling pathetic. He sees some...random floating shadow telling him not to cry which is weird. Then Osome comes by and tells him for free where Kotoha is.
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Look how cute we are!
Back at the capital all the citizens are upset that the Shos are leaving to go back to their own countries. Kannagi and his main character self have been studying all the god swords in exists and is convinced that Hinohara has a new one. Akachi shows up to ask what Kannagi was thinking when he sent Hinohara to the prison and not to hell. Kannagi says he is planning something and will tell Akachi later what he has found out. Back at the prison Kotoha has been rescued by the two punks from earlier. The red headed punk is named Kanate and the younger kid is named Ginchi. Kanate seems to have a crush on Kotoha and she shows no sign of trying to run away. Kanate explains how they ended up in this joint. That Ginchi was kidnapped by some gang members one day and Ginchi took him under his wing. Only when things went south in the gang the two smaller members were blamed and TADA now they are in this amazing prison. Ginchi leaves the two lovebirds alone but Kanate has no idea what to do with girls. He quickly goes after Ginchi but finds him hurt on the ground. Hinohara is nearby so Kanate blames him for the attack. There is a brief fight before Ginchi explains he was actually attack by the gang that was after Hinohara earlier. They stole his ring that his dead mother gave him so Kanate goes after those fools as Hinohara takes Ginchi to Kotoha for some healing. Ginchi is worried about his friend and says he is really not a bad guy. Kanate does appear with the ring in hand. Kanate and Hinohara for their respective saves of the day...but Kanate is like we even now time to fight. Hinohara, who has decided that he will serve the Princess and take on her task, takes a deep breath and takes out his sword. Kanate doesn't really have time to be impressed as the pipes come alive again. Kanate seems to think that others are going to be picked but POOF the pipe comes and sucks him up. Hinohara again looks on in horror as a pipe comes to suck him up. Ginchi pushes Hinohara out of the way so he can be sucked up instead and join his “brother”. Kotoha starts screaming that they need to rescue the boys and THE END!
 photo arataepisode311_zpsa0857426.jpg is creepy.
Well remind me not to get arrested in this universe guys. X___X bueno at all. Like haha I am going to torture you instead of putting you to death. Such a sad life indeed.
 photo arataepisode3_zps6e5ff2ab.jpg
Why not...just get rid of the swords?
Before Kotoha and Hinohara make it to this lovely island getaway they have to finish their conversation with the nearly dead princess. Who doesn't open her eyes the entire time. I mean she has other things going on, staying alive and all. But putting that aside....what is the point of being a Sho? Like the princess exists to keep them in check to make sure they don't use their powers for evil....what if the princess is evil? Why not just get rid of the swords all together so there doesn't need to be a check and balance system? Oh because they have to destroy the nonexistent monsters I haven't seen yet? I see. Maybe the Sho have a reason to be upset over being controlled. Like here you are special but now that I am in power you can't use your powers which will obviously leave a bad taste in your mouth. TADA!
 photo arataepisode32_zpsc589e04c.jpg
But the princess was being so amazing. Like I will get Hinohara to do my bidding. Come and accept my mission. Bring me that sword that will apparently turn my fate around. I wonder if it will give her energy. I still think the princess had some idea of what was going to happen to her. It seems way too fishy for me. Like maybe she knew that Arata was going to be a boy and she was like eff this, I am done. So you come bring me this sword Magic Knights Rayearth style and you can protect the rest of the country okay? Because I will say...I trust you!!!! Okay maybe there is going to be less than that. More likey the princess is a good person and all these people were tired of their lot in life. Still princess is being gangsta, using the trust word on Hinohara.
 photo arataepisode36_zpsff63a8ce.jpg
My sad screenie of someone getting nommed by the pipe.
I really didn't think they were going to a prison. I actually thought they were going to some awful place, deemed unsuitable for life. Like POOR here is a wasteland have fun dying from monsters and starvation. But I guess this prison from hell works too. I wonder if they all get fed or not. Or how they get more people. If two people die every day they would need a LOT of criminals to fill that jail. Do they just round up the homeless people or something?
 photo arataepisode35_zps14de8065.jpg
Great I am here to kill you!
In any event Hinohara ( I keep having to catch myself from saying Arata) was not welcomed with open arms. He is the newbie AND the princess killer. Guess word travels really fast even if you are in the middle of nowhere. I guess there is honor among thieves. It is okay to steal and what not but killing our kind bueno indeed. They are hard core thugs ready to mess you up...until the pipes come alive and it is all crazy up in here. For a country that looks way back in time they got some futuristic things to kill people. Pipe suckers, War of the World style.
 photo arataepisode39_zps4da0f941.jpg
Men don't have nipples in animes. I see. Well don't see.
I like that in this awful place of awfulness Kotoha and her lovely self was able to find some amazing place. Like I have been here for 5 minutes and found the best spot in the entire spot. Surely no one would have ever thought to stake a claim in the cleanest part of the prison. Now take off your shirt so I can show you my magical powers and I can talk about how lovely you are and that I trust you. Trust. TRUST! But really Kotoha being magical should have been the first thing out of Granny's mouth. Like keep Kotoha with you, she is an HP pot. Granny was keeping important facts from Hinohara.
 photo arataepisode33_zps95911f73.jpg
Well storing a sword in your arm is a little crazy too....
When Kotoha went missing it got a little crazy. Like I know Hinohara isn't a jumping bean but DOWN seems like the logical way to go. Especially since they just got there and they didn't know the lay of the land. I am not faulting him for freezing any of the times he froze up but running around and asking for help from people he didn't know felt special. Like I think they were just trying to kill you but I is desperate times. Yay for running fast.
 photo arataepisode314_zps61b3f9b5.jpg
See we are good kids!
So Kanate and Ginchi. What do I think about them? Well obviously their story got told way too fast. Like they went from hacking heads to people that Hinohara and Kotoha want to protect by the end of the episode. In this entire prison these were the people who really went after Hinohara. These kids. Like oh okay look at you big pimpin in your amazing...home of stolen stuff.
 photo arataepisode315_zps80389218.jpg
We are such sad little boys.
Fast forward 5 seconds though and they are saving Kotoha. Getting rescued by Hinohara despite the fact that he thinks that they stole Kotoha. Telling their sad life story of being in a gang against their will and being framed. Of course since this jail loses 2 people a day I would say throwing the entire gang on the island would make more sense. But the point is...these kids are criminals with hearts of gold. Misunderstood really. Kanata just wants to get Ginchi out of this hell and killing Hinohara seems to be the best way to do that.
 photo arataepisode312_zpsb07c6e12.jpg
Look at you trying to be important and all.
There wasn't too many other people who stood out in the jail. Everyone else was too busy looking the same and mumbling about Hinohara being the princess killer. There was a shadow person talking to Hinohara during one of his many moments of doubts (TRUST ISSUES). I am assuming it is the warden since apparently he is a Sho and has special powers. Then there was Osome with her well of information. Like look at me, being jaded and what not. But Hinohara touched her heart too. It seems to me she will show up again as she has expressed missing someone as well.
 photo arataepisode38_zpsb7c7c908.jpg
Gosh get off my back bro.
Outside of the prison things are not going well for the other citizens. I thought the Twelve were going to stick together and do their plan. But I guess this was as far as the plan went. Kill the princess and we each get a piece of the pie. The pie being the country. Kannagi isn't ready for his pie yet as he is curious about Hinohara. If he had killed the boy he could have gone on with his life as he had planned it but...I guess not. Makes too much sense.
 photo arataepisode316_zps2b4e6d16.jpg
POOR HINOHARA! Being rescued and all!
The episode ends with both Kanata and Ginchi being the ones sucked up by the creepy looking cable things. And since they went from enemy number one to misunderstood gang members Kotoha and Hinohara are upset. Hinohara likes to make all the tragic things about him though. Like woe is me I am so sad and useless. TRUST! So clearly there is going to be a rescue but Ginchi might need to start praying. He ain't traveling around with Hinohara in the opening song!


Eternia said...

I have not read the manga, but the little brother will die, probably. Oh, great. Finally we get a corpse? I am still upset that the villains are really kind and didn't kill granny / any villager.

Anonymous said...

Hello @Christina and @Eternia

@Eternia and/or @Christina: I have a question for (both) of you. Can you tell me why this show has 12 episodes total when it's written by a famous author (Yuu Watase) who did X/1999 and fushigi yuugi while Little Busters has 26 episodes total?

I mean, I know that Little Busters is popular with the moe-moe factor, but Arata Kangatari is much more interesting. Arata should at least have 24 episodes. So, again, why does Arata have only 12 episodes while questionable (in my opinion) shows like Little Busters get 26 episodes? It's not right or fair.

If any of you two have any decent answers, thank you.

@Christina: Like I said before, this show only has 12 episodes. They will obviously have to rush the character development and progress the plot by using the key word, "trust".

I'm personally glad that Reality Arata decided to man-up after that spirit told him to man-up and not be a whiny Shinji (from Evangelion). When Reality Arata kicked that thug, made that declaration to visit the princess, and to save Kotoha and the boys, I was like, "Finally, now you can stop being a wimp and start being a badass." I mean, that's way better than him whining constantly about how his life sucks for the ENTIRE series, right?

That's all.

Eternia said...

Eh, obviously because male otaku are more willing to spend money compared to female ones. The animation company will take a huge risk if they make a lot of episode in one go. If there are only a few people buying the discs, they will end up wasting their sweats and time. So it's only natural to 'test the water.' If the first 12 episode ends up popular and profitable, only then they are going to make continuation.

For Little Busters!, it has a lot of fans from it's visual novel, so JC Staff was daring to take the risk.

Anonymous said...

>What is the point of being a Sho?<

Oh you will see, and it is an important factor too/story /emotion development wise. So, yes, there is a reason whey they exist.

@2nd Anonymous
I didn't know Yuu sensei did x/1999, I though CLAMP did that one. 0_0?

While things are zipping along nicely, I’m still quite unsure where Satelight is headed with this adaptation. They continue to adapt the manga at a pace of a little more than three chapters per episode – brisk, certainly, but not insanely so. And so far there haven’t been any huge, game-changing rewrites that tip off where the series is headed. My suspicion when this started was that we were headed for a long-running manga crammed into one cour with an original final act, but that was already obvious by this point in that adaptation – not so here.

I suppose it’s possible the plan is simply to adapt the first 40-50 chapters and stop, leaving an open invitation to buy the manga, but if I were betting I’d still put my money on an anime-original ending of some sort.

Anonymous said...

I think the "Shishiga" that rules the "Gatoya" is likely a Shou, which mean he/she can use Hayamagi.

Anonymous said...

This is the 2nd Anon,
Sorry I mean "@1st Anon,or the 2nd post of this entry"

Also, manga-wise, they skipped an IMPORTANT person!!!! They better NOT miss-up on this, it is Yuu-sensei's work >__< and "he" is one of the KEY factor to Hinohara's mature/emotional development!!!

@3rd Anon
Are you spoilling?! Did you read the manga? If not, I kutou to your insight. ^^

Anonymous said...

Hello @Everyone

This is the second anonymous again.

I made a mistake. Yuu Watase DID NOT write X/1999. After doing some brief research, again, she DID NOT write X/1999. CLAMP wrote X/1999.

I was simply confused with the analogy from the previous episode on this blog regarding Yuu Watase.

I apologized for any confusions, forth anonymous and anyone else.

That's all.

Christina said...

Eternia- I thought at first the little brother was going to die too. But in the preview for next week Kanate is telling Ginchi to stay away from him. To me this means everyone gets out and Kanate goes with Hinohara on his journey and screams at Ginchi all this crap to force the kid to stay behind. But I am sure there will be some corpses later, it just takes a while with Yuu Watase to get there....if it gets there. But some villagers should have been killed when they were asking for information.

Anonymous 1- I think that Eternia is right. Anime that is catering to men is usually a sure thing. Add some moe characters and "romance" and it is a sure thing. But when most of the characters are is a hard sell. It is a sad fact that most anime fans in Japan are men and they are catered to. That means we get tiny seasons that may or may not get picked up for a second one. Thus things are getting super rushed. Of course if we said trust 15 less times we could get more character development.

I just think it is funny that all these awful things are happening to other people and it is all about HIM freezing up. First is okay to freeze up. it didn't happen to you. Stop the crying and get to rescuing.

Anonymous 2- I hope it is explained soon. I mean I thought there was going to be some sort of monsters or something that the Sho kill and that is why the princess lets them use their powers instead of sealing them all together. Just seems...odd right now. And boy they left town quick didn't they?

I thought the two boys being introduced and having their entire story explained was just so rushed. But if they are trying to get through so many manga chapters at once it is understandable. Just doesn't present very smoothly.

Is that important person the girl? Or do you mean the floating spirit? I figured he was the warden but if he was the important person I agree, he got very little screen time.

Anonymous 3- I would hope that someone controlling.....err pipe monsters has special powers. Me thinks he survives on energy (people energy) and each day he sucks two people to become "young" again. Or at least not die. Now Hinohara is on the case woohoo! TRUST!

Anonymous said...

Tenchi you are soooooo right about Hinohara being chase part. Remember this is "Gatoya", imformation is trade goods. In other words, if I give you some info. you have to give me something in exchange.

Since you already saw this ep, so what I am about to explain now is NOT spoiler.

Take note to his bag, a storage full of otherworld goods (school supply), things this (magical) world does not have. So quote from manga:

Hinohara (thinking): "I can use my jersey as a change of clothes, I definitely won't give up my cell or my iPOD! The hair gel and the mirror are indispensable.......a wallet.....a writting utensil....."

So while trying to get some info. on Kotoha, he use his "goods" get a lot info on the structure of "Gatoya". For example,

Hinohara: "a colored pen."
stranger 1: "what is that?"

Hinohara: "How to explain it, you scribble like this to get a pretty color (scribble)"
stranger 1: "OOOH!! This is AMAZING!!"

Hinohara (thinking): "It's already running low on ink!"

On the 2nd stranger:
Hinohara: "I'll trad you this (colorful)card!"
stranger 2: "AAH, What's THAT, How rare!!"

Stranger 3:
Hinohara: "For any information I've got this 10 yen coin!!"
stranger 3: "OHHHHH!!!!"

Next few other strangers:
Hinohara: "A Plastic Bottle!!"
etc. etc stranger #X: "OHHHHHHH!!!"

Strangers: " Hey, Did you hear?! It seems that the newbie brat will exchange somethings that have never been seen before!!"

................and THAT is how Hinohara got chase by these men who give him randome info to exchange for his good, like, "If you want info, did you know that there are 13 classes of Manta and 2 classes of Haji!!"
Hinohara: "What kind info is that?"
Stranger (a kid): "What's that? I've never seen those shoes before!!""
Hinohara: "You can't have my sneakers!!"
Stranger (other): "I have never seen that waist gadge before (grabbing it)".
Hinohara: " That (his watch) is NOT for trade!!!"
.........etc, etc

As you can see Hinohara has it rough while looking for Kotoha. If it wasn't for that info-Lady, he will still be struggling. She is also the one who give him a map (the anime did not shown, but don't you wonder how he got to Kotoha that fast??). The map she (according to Yuu sensei) "laboriously made for a man who wanted to escape.......but he is no longer here though."

Hope this explain some misunderstandings..............Sigh~ I hate when they cut-off the funny part of the manga, it makes the story so much fluid.

Anonymous said...

Oh, forgot to add, he later lost the map, there are LOTS thives there. When he tried to chase the thives he lost them. Then he got very depressed, and that's when he met an very IMPORTANT person, who tell him clam down (don't kill your self), try to looking for things around you and start from there, etc. etc. He also asked why did Hinohara make such a big promise to THE princess (ruling their country in her place). Hinohara told him she put her trust in him which make him fell a little trust in himself, and it makes him feel good/happy. This IMPORTANT person told him, "Wanting to live up to that faith, ...... isn't that amazing?" This made Hinohara put a little more faith in himself.

Later Hinohara try to skitch a map (using his mechanical pencil) while starts again on his search for Kotoha, but still need more info. So he exchange the pencil. The guy who receive the pencil keep clicking on it, getting addicted to it (till later all the lead run out), and become so happy, so he tell Hinohara their names and home/location. And THAT is how he and those 2 kids met.

SEE how much the Anime cut out Yuu-sensei's work? Yes, THAT much!

Christina said...

Anonymous- Well that seems like a lot to cut out of the episode. But it makes sense! I was wondering why he wasn't using things IN the bag more. But really,...he can't give up his cellphone. He will probably end up messing it up before returning home (if he does) so might as well exchange it for goods. But yeah that does sound like fun, everyone running around with anything they think is important (information wise) and Arata once again suffering. Guess we needed more trust and less fun in this episode.