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Maoyuu Maou Yuusha episode 8

Hello there my lovely readers! Before the night is done I plan on having three posts up and blogged. How exciting is that! It was a rainy day today and even though I prefer to spend my time inside it still makes you feel all dreary and lazy. Like bleh I really don't feel like doing anything because I can't see the sun. Which makes no sense at all since I am pretty productive at night. Maybe I am feeling the lazy that other people are feeling because they long to go outside? Perhaps. XD
 photo maoyuuepisode85_zps7214ce4c.jpg
And maybe a new face?
In any event time to catch up on Maoyuu Maou Yuusha. For some reason I got behind a bit on this show and then it turned into being super behind. Not sure how it happened but here is episode 8. Spoilers for some surprising developments?
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Time for some magic weee!
Episode Summary: Child Maid is all nervous as she serves tea to Young Merchant. He worries for her nervousness and shortness but soon tea is served and Demon King arrives to greet her guest. They exchange some pleasantries but soon the Young Merchant starts saying things like I see the real you and know what you really want. Demon King is unable to respond so Hero comes in and reveals that it is really Youth Maid in disguise. Young Merchant seems impressed with the magic ring and accepts that Demon King is not here right now and magic exists in this house. They talk a bit about Demon King, how she sees things and what not. Hero mentions that Young Merchant owes him for his amazing going to war speech and he wants his payment of a feast and hot babes. So....Hero takes Young Merchants hand and uses the teleporting magic to eventually take the man to Gateway City. Young Merchant seems to be more shocked over the whole we are in demon country than the fact that Hero used such magic. Hero explains that not all humans have left this town and demons and humans live along side each other, some humans even serving as council members as Demon King has declared this area neutral. Hero ends up putting on a feast for Young Merchant due to the fact that one of the demon princesses is in love with him. After talking about boobies Young Merchant and Hero have a heart to heart. Young Merchant realizes that Demon King is really a demon and that Hero can trust him as he has seen some growth in the man. Hero offers this city to Young Merchant as long as the Young Merchant is able to show him things can't be measured in money/lose and gain. Back at home Child Maid seems to be fitting in just fine as Youth Maid seems to get down and depressed rather easily.
 photo maoyuuepisode810_zpsd3e8814c.jpg
That doesn't sound very safe.
There is a brief update on what Demon King is doing, which seems to be getting ready for the longest ceremony on the face of the planet. She does visit Mage who is either three people or one person with three personalities. Either way the Mage is sleeping in some sort of library. Interesting. Demon King has to leave her and start rebuilding her kingship. She tells Head Maid that if she emerges from this ceremony a different person to stab her in the head. Head Maid says it will be her honor to do so. Hero has returned home from his party to see Knight being all dramatic. She realizes that she will never win Hero's heart so she will swear her alliance to him as a Knight. Hero is very uncomfortable with this act but accepts it halfheartedly. The fun times are not last though as Winter King is visited by a very angry person who is demanding something...apparently not great. The convent run by Knight is also upset and demands that Knight returns to help out. Winter King and Old Man Archer goes to Hero to explain that the church has decided potatoes are the devil's food and Crimson Scholar must be a heretic. This is a fairly big problem as Demon King is going to be gone for at least 2 more months but Winter King needs to give her up or else his kingdom will be in danger. Winter King suggests that Youth Maid pose as Demon King but Hero says that Winter King is not allowed to talk like that. Hero then asks Youth Maid to do so but promises to rescue her the second she is in the Winter King's territory. That way Winter King does his part and no one gets hurt. Knight says that Hero could take out all of the army alone but Hero doesn't think Demon King would want that. Everyone gets a little sad that Hero once again wants to do things alone and will make himself the enemy. Hero seems okay with this and tells everyone not to worry. THE END!
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It is very serious tea!
X____X I am pretty sure it hasn't been a million years since I last saw this show. But it really feels like it has been. Since I am 5 episodes behind I am going to assume that it has been 5 weeks. XD But really, with shows like this you get a little behind and it feels weird trying to get back into the swing of things.
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But...that was exactly what I did so....
First things first....Young Merchant was acting weird. At first I thought he was talking about how Demon King must really be like him, after money and fame. That she freed that island and made the trade because in the long run it will really help her out. But no he was really talking about how this was a person in disguise. I thought something interesting was going to go down with Young Merchant thinking that Demon King wants more than her over the hill story.
 photo maoyuuepisode83_zpse2f66687.jpg
This guy is a bit odd.
But then the interesting thing would be Hero' with Young Merchant. I mean there is a lot of downtown in this show, months going by without us viewers seeing what is happening. So maybe Hero and Demon King had talked about bringing Young Merchant into the folds at some point. This is some super long term planning folks. Like chess level kind of craziness. And here I thought planning hotels a year out was amazing of me. XD
 photo maoyuuepisode87_zpsc9d23798.jpg
A whole lot of actuallys.
But still I found it really odd that Hero was like...yep...Demon King is a demon (I just use Demon King instead of Crimson Scholar to keep things making much as possible). Yep I have magical devices. Yep this is Gateway City and I am one of the council members, along side humans and demons. It was just a lot at once. A great bit of faith in one person who up until a little while ago was counting his gold and trying to work his way up in society for his own gain. Perhaps Demon King and Hero saw something in him that I just am not seeing but it seemed like a lot at once. And Young Merchant was....okay with everything. Which was odd, I think there should have been a freak out moment.
 photo maoyuuepisode89_zpsab7547ee.jpg
Well...basically yeah! XD
I guess what it came down to is that this world has magic and demons in it and that Young Merchant must have thought this was a possibility, that Hero and Demon King had to be using something amazing to make all these things possible. So after some boobies and some booze it was business time. Hero wants Young Merchant to be in control of the commerce of Gateway City. I like how Young Merchant was like....why? Because in most societies people do things that benefit themselves, especially big things like this. Hero sorta gave a sappy Demon King answer though. He is growing I guess but I rather him be his own person and not parrot what Demon King says.
 photo maoyuuepisode811_zps04d48a4a.jpg
Hero is like um no thanks?
Speaking of sappy....oh boy Knight!!!! I am glad she has accepted the love triangle is not going to go in her favor but dear lord. I thought you couldn't be a knight without swearing your allegiance to someone. But in any event the only way she could move on with her life and get over Hero is to do this song and dance, to swear to him. Whatever works for her I guess. Hero should have taken it a bit more serious though. Even if she was doing it to try and get over him having a persona dedicate their life to you is a big deal.
 photo maoyuuepisode88_zpseb05f679.jpg
I think I forgot to mention the drive by mage-ing.
Youth Maid has not always been so happy with this new life. Which I think is actually realistic. For some reason I need animes to have elements of realism in it or my brain explodes. But yes her life has improved for the better but she is basically....a well treated slave. Very well treated. And I understand that if they just set her “free” on the streets her life would be a lot harder so her being a well treated slave is best at this point. And I think Youth Maid is smart enough to understand that. But I think she is also sad because she does want more and thinks that she either doesn't deserve it or can never reach it. So yes there are some things that can't be solved with a hug or a year being treated nice. These things take time.
 photo maoyuuepisode813_zps3474b15c.jpg
So really this is 2 kinds of awful.
There was some downer stuff going on in this episode though. It wasn't all french fries and soda pop. Some people are full of evil and can't accept it when others do well in the world. For some reason higher ups in the church have decided that Demon King and her potatoes are evil. Which of course is crazy. People are being fed and living longer with Demon King's crops and ideas. But there is probably less money involved with the higher ups so the church is probably getting paid to say this is demon food by some merchants or what not.
 photo maoyuuepisode812_zpsec0ba27c.jpg
Many birds with one stone I see.
It is a real big problem really. Winter King is being told to handle this problem which will make him look bad no matter what. Demon King has been a big help to him and he will look like a turn coat if he does what he is told but then he will go against....the bigger kingdom if he doesn't. Knight is put in a bad situation as she just swore to Hero but her convent might be shut down or will be put under a lot of pressure. And of course Youth Maid has tons of pressure to pretend to be Demon King because hello she isn't there.
 photo maoyuuepisode8_zps9bb496c0.jpg
Youth Maid is like um I seem to have the short straw here.....
In the end Hero is putting a bandaid on the problem. He will get Winter King and Knight out of danger while protecting Youth Maid eventually. But that doesn't change the fact that public opinion has changed about Demon King, from the people with the most power. He is going to fix the problem he can at this point and possibly hold out until Demon King comes back. Because really...people suck. Can't even eat potatoes and be happy! XO

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