Monday, April 8, 2013

New Anime Series! Karneval episode 1!

No energy at all. It has been drained from my body. But I will post this one episode and get some sleep so I can blog things in the morning. I know that Little Busters is out and at least one other episode I think I have on my anime Spring 2013 list. XD But first sleep.
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The one show I managed to get done today is Karneval episode 1. First episode of the new season...even if the old season hasn't quite end for me yet and I barely got caught up in time. But that is not the point. Spoilers for...well monsters and trains and weird hair OH MY!
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I see scary people.
Episode Summary: Tons of scenes flash by at once. A grandfather and granddaughter having tea, someone plotting to steal a train, and a young boy being chained down on a bed. Said young boy Nai is seen reaching up to someone, calling out the name Karoku. Another man appears, probably Karoku, but he fades into nothing and Nai is stuck back in reality, which is being chained up and some woman all over him. Before anything can happen the woman notices the bracelet Nai is wearing belongs to Circus and runs out of the room saying they have been had! A man has been watching this take place and blows a hole in the ceiling. His name is Gareki and he is here to rob the joint. When he finds nothing of value he goes to leave but Nai asks if he can go with him. Gareki agrees but only if Nai gives him the bracelet. Nai agrees but only of Karoku says it is okay. Before they can get anywhere the woman returns and is pissed so...she starts to turn into a monster. The boys get scared and attempt to run off but the place is covered with guard by now. They are forced to hide in a room but a guard finds them. The guard attempts to tell the woman what is going on but the woman has morphed into monster mode and is hungry. She eats said guard and says she feels a lot faster. Things aren't looking well for Gareki and Nai. In the town nearby a girl (Tsukumo) is greeted by her partner Hirato who may or may not be showing off his powers. Apparently they are waiting to strike against Mine, the lady currently attacking Nai and Gareki. Gareki manages to throw a bomb or some sorta at the monster Mine. The house is basically destroyed but Nai and Gareki are okay. Gareki thinks that Nai is different and he will help the boy despite being a loner.
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Oh hi how you doing? What ya up to? Want something to drink?
They escape from the mansion as another figure arrives. Monster Mine seems to recognize this figure and is nervous they are there. Well Mine should be because the figure kills her. Tsukumo and Hirato fly to the mansion as Mine was their informant on a matter and find her dead. With her gone things are not looking so hot for them. They then are informed that a train has been hijacked. Unfortunately Gareki and Nai have decided to leave town on this train as the town is full of regular police officers. Without knowing what is going on Gareki and Nai get inside the train where Gareki asks about Nai. Nai says he has always been with Karoku but one day he left because there were puddles of red. And when Nai was looking for Karoku ended up in Mine's house. Gareki tries to ask who Karoku is but that ends up in circles. Nai starts to say he hears a strange sound when BAM Tsukumo and Hirato are in the train. Gareki greets them warmly and Hirato repays the favor by breaking half his ribs. When the train hijackers bust in that car Hirato is like why didn't you tell me you weren't with them? Bullets start firing and Tsukumo protects everyone from the bullets. She and Hirato chase after the bandits. But they allow themselves to be captured when they realizes they are dealing with normal people who are pissed at the person they kidnapped, the man who fired them from the plant they worked at. Grandfather said he had to do it and to leave his granddaughter alone. Nai keeps saying he hears something and they end up in the main cabin with everyone. For some reason Hirato decides to actually break free and protect everyone, exposing they are from Circus. This causes everyone to go crazy and one baddie to hit a button that sets of a chain of explosions. Nai keeps saying he hears something. He leads them to a certain cabin and Gareki finds some sort of...bomb thing. He disarms it or would have had Hirato not used his awesome magic. Everyone is saved but the train is mostly toast. Gareki leaves the scene before the normal police show up, with Nai following him. Tsukumo wonders if it was okay to let Nai go, because of his hearing and because of the bracelet he was wearing. Hirato is more concerned about Grandfather. He wanted to question the man but Grandfather says he has a weak heart and needed to go the hospital. Only he gets in the car with a young man who is looking over him, like his body is falling apart. Grandfather apparently wanted to test Circus and allowed himself to be captured but is now interested in the other two boys on the train. THE END!
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Wait people can FLY?!
The first episode of the new Spring Season!!! Are we all excited? Well it is the first episode for me anyway, maybe everyone else is watching other things. Still, it is this moment one needs to remember. So when all these shows fall apart you can least it was fun for 5 minutes? XD
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Oh do you now?
Nai has some annoying hair though. Really annoying. Very distracting. I guess I really didn't pick up on in when I was deciding what animes to watch this season. That maybe that was part of his costume or something? But nope that seems to be his real hair. Maybe I am having Amnesia flashbacks which would be sad since that showed just ended 5 minutes ago. But it is hard to look at Nai and not think animal. That might be the point though, that his hearing is good because of his special ears.
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But I thought I was awesome!
The episode started off rather jarring. It looks like there are the haves and the have nots. And that the have nots might be living in areas not so nice. Hard to tell but things looked seedy at some areas and really grand in other areas. But besides that we got a train hijacking AND near rape in the first 5 seconds of the show. Like oh okay I guess there are tons of shows this season and we need to catch people's attention really fast. Watch us, pay no attention to those other shows behind the curtain.
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Too much too soon!
Despite Nai having some annoying hair it is good to know he probably WASN'T getting raped. Because being eaten is better in Tenchi land okay. We don't know much about this kid so far but he has said more than Shujinko from Amnesia said in all 12 episodes so even if he is confused about life he has the ability to communicate! Exciting times. Of course many of the words he said were the same one...Karoku.
 photo karnevalepisode18_zpsebcb28d0.jpg
Look at me being mysterious.
Since this is episode one we didn't learn anything about Karoku. More that Nai might be channeling some Legal Drug up in here. Living off in the woods with only a few people by his side. Puddles of red? Yep that would be blood. I think it is safe to say that Karoku took care of Nai but might not be such a great person. Whether or not he himself was in Circus is up for grabs. He might have just stolen the bracelet. Or was on the run, trying to quit Circus. Karoku might have taken care of Nai but Nai is...a bit special. He might not have realized the true nature of Karoku.
 photo karnevalepisode115_zps2f424fc4.jpg
But since this is an anime series I will go with option 4 and open my heart to you!
Speaking of which....have you ever noticed in animes that a character seems very tough and set in their ways but OH NO look at this other main character. They have just met them but clearly they are worth changing their personality over. Gareki and his special name was just there to steal some expensive crap but saw Nai and was like okay I will break my own rules for this kid. Amazing how that always happens. XD But I guess we wouldn't have many anime stories if a chance meeting never happened correct?
 photo karnevalepisode110_zps552e8577.jpg
I am here to be hot DUH!
Again this is episode 1 so there isn't much we know about Gareki. He seems to be smart and slightly...harden. Like look at me I have been a criminal for many years. But deep down he must be a good person because look he rescued Nai when he didn't need to. Later on the train Gareki shows how very smart he is when dealing with the bomb that was not a bomb. He seems well versed in guns which is good since many bullets are flying around his head. Nai will be in good hands yes?
 photo karnevalepisode111_zpsd5394d6f.jpg
You kinda moving slow.....
Let's talk about the actual episode. We have two different events going on but both are very bizarre and help pain the picture of what kind of world the characters are living in. It appeared that Nai was going to be raped by a very wealthy woman but really he was going to be eaten by a horrible creature. Given Gareki's reaction to said creature I am going to say these things aren't well known to the public. Not like oh we know about this awful things, the police will be here soon. Yes they exist in the world but not many know about them. I am glad they explained that Ms. Monster needed to eat to move faster because I was like hot damn it took you a long time to transform.
 photo karnevalepisode14_zps1d659700.jpg
Unlike us because we are awesome.
The other event in this episode would be the train hijacking. It appears that a rich man and his granddaughter are totally innocent in this hijacking and are powerless to stop them. We see them drinking tea and smiling earlier in the episode so there isn't any reason to believe that they are actually going to be important characters. Just a rich man whose company wasn't doing so well and the common folk took their revenge too far.
 photo karnevalepisode17_zpsf141745e.jpg
I am thinking you really don't look like this.
At the end of the episode it is revealed that Grandfather might not be so innocent. Or human. Once he is saved and on his way to the “doctor” a handsome man looks him over and it is implied that Grandfather is not...well human. Perhaps that is why he didn't want to be question by Circus, because his disguise was falling apart, much like the woman earlier in the episode. So perhaps he is a business man who had to fire a few people. But the more likely scenario is he wanted to fire a few people so he could be kidnapped so he could test Circus.
 photo karnevalepisode15_zps02ec540f.jpg
Of course? Are you jealous of the sparkles?
What is Circus? Well I don't know yet. It appears to be a high level police force. We saw some of the normal security force and they didn't seem like much. Gareki didn't want to mess around with them but they looked very plain. Of course anyone would look plain after the spectacle that known Circus members put on. Tsukumo and Hirato reporting for duty. The general public seems to know about Circus, Gareki recognizing the bracelet and the name. Yet Tsukumo is a bit rarw that Hirato uses their powers in public. Oh yes the powers. Again not much is known but they seem to have super speed, can fly, and make objects appear out of nowhere. Sign me up for that police force. XD
 photo karnevalepisode16_zpscd5dedc7.jpg
So...what is Circus again?
There are going to be more members of Circus introduced, given that Tsukumo and Hirato are apart of “ship” two. But they were tracking down the woman who turned out to be a monster earlier. They needed her for something but someone else killed her. When the monster woman was killed she seemed to know the one doing the killing. So...this someone, they seem to be working against Circus yes? Is this connected to Grandfather wanting to “test” Circus?
 photo karnevalepisode1_zps66d651e8.jpg
But not quite Black Butler.
Hopefully this post hasn't been too confusing, with someone's and somethings and Circus being mysterious. Nai was able to help save the people on the train because he can hear things, Grandfather is looking really...suspicious. Gareki has made a new special friend. And this Karoku may or may not have something to do with Circus bit Tsukumo and Hirato aren't talking...yet. So basically a lot of flash is going on right now. Lets see if the rest of the series can add some substance to that. XD


Anonymous said...

About Nai, the hair part is not part of his costume. I don't want to spoil anything, but because what he is, his human vocabulary (as you can see)is quite limited, for now.

Agree w/ RandomC, "KARNEVAL is an anime that is exactly how it sounds. Like the name of this ep, a "Rainbow Fuse” INDEED (once it all collides, all hell breaks loose)! It’s new; it’s exciting; it’s colorful and fun and really brings to life what you would expect from an anime named after a “carnival”. Plus it adds on a ton of exciting and unexpected moments to really keep you interested and fairly amused. Quite frankly, I wouldn’t expect less from an anime like this and I’m only hoping that it lives up to the hype."

Also, just so you know, Hirato, is voiced by none other than Ono Daisuke, yes, the very voice actor who voice our lovable Sebby.

The music is awesome, I keep click "reply" for the ED ~ REASON by KAmiYU ~. Can't wait for the full version to come out. ^^

All in all, I am enjoy the 1st ep, can't wait for the next.

Christina said...

Anonymous- Well maybe Nai needs a hat them. His hair is just jarring. Like some kind of cat/fox thing.

I don't think that Hirato will be one hell of a butler but maybe he will dazzle me with some more magic. XD

I hope the newness and excitement lasts. With explanation too on certain things. I really wasn't expecting monsters given the synopsis of this show so that is a surprise to me. XD

Anonymous said...

Hey First Commenter,

Look at what you wrote in that first paragraph. You don't want to spoil anything but then you wrote a bunch of spoilers. Just write, "His hair is important" or something. I kind of guessed some stuff abut Nai just from the ep but that first comment, the one that doesn't want to spoil anything," the goes on to be a spoiler.

Anonymous said...

I don't want to spoil anything either, but Gareki's behavior is somewhat justified in in the manga. He isn't randomly taking some kid in that he just met. He wants Nai's bracelet. It's stated very early on that Circus bracelets are very valuable. Although, if he really wanted Nai's bracelet, he could have just TAKEN it (I don't think Nai would put up much of a fight), so this is likely just his self justification.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 2

I didn't think I spoil anything, the 1st ep shown (w/some hair movement) that Nai's hair is indeed NOT part of his costum. So, that part is not a spoiler. As for the rest of that paragraph, let me see..................nope, I did not see any spoilers, if you see any please let me know. ^^

Christina said...

Anonymous 2- Well if Nai isn't human that would make me feel better, if it is spoiler or not. He acts like he was a pet instead of a person. X__X So if he is a forgotten dog it would make me feel better about his one track mind and inability to take care of himself.

Anonymous 3- So basically Gareki is pretending to be hard and jaded but is nice deep down? Because he could just chop off Nai's arm and call it a day. But no he has to be nice.....